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Fire Pit Conversation Sets


Patio spaces are being used more into the cooler months, having a choice of Fire Pit Conversation Sets for your patio will allow you to join this march.  The seating for four and a fire pit for warmth will get you outside until the snow falls or latter into the winter months if you are the more outdoorsy type.

I will look at two gas fire pits and one wood burning fire pit with four chairs with cushions.  Two of the sets will have motion in the chairs, each with a different style of motion.  Each person will make up their own design of their outdoor space, one of these fire pit chat sets make be the solution you are looking for.

Now let us look at the details of each set and see what features will work best for your patio furniture needs.


Brockton wood burning Fire Pit Conversation SetsBrockton fire pit chat set


Price when the article was written: $468

What do you get in the box


You will get four chairs with a rocking motion that is supplied by the coiled springs between the seat base and chair base.  The steel frames are powder coated for durability in most outdoor conditions.

Brockton fire pit with cover installedRound wood burning fire pit will have a mesh spark topper or you can use the flat top for a table.  This is one of the few wood-burning fire pits that I have seen that convert to a coffee table when no fire is needed.

Cushions for chairs will have Olefin fabric covers, this is one of the best materials for outdoor cushions on the market today.  I would still store them when not needed to extend their outdoor life.

If you like the aroma of the wood-burning when sitting outside around the fire with friends and family, this fire pit chat set will work well for you.  If you want to see more of my information on this fire pit conversation set, see my post here.


  • Olefin fabric for chair cushions
  • Rocking motion in the chair
  • Has flat cover to convert fire pit to a coffee table
  • The smell of wood-burning


  • Need to have wood storage nearby
  • Need storage for cushions when not in use
  • Have to clean up ashes when done

Better Homes and Gardens Everson Propane Fire Pit Conversation SetsEverson fire pit chat set


Price when the article was written: $549 


What do you get in the box


The four chairs in this set will have frames that are made to flex to give some forward and back motion, I have a set of chairs like this on my back yard patio and they are very comfortable for long term sitting.  The frames are powder coated for durability in most outdoor weather conditions.

The fire pit is rectangular with tile inserts surrounding the burn pit.  You can cut and replace tiles if one gets broken, may not be able to match the color.  Can replace all tiles to change color pallet for your patio area.  A steel cover is available for the burn pit when no fire is needed.  Burn bowl will have lava rocks for fill, could be replaced by glass rocks for a change in look.

Better homes and Gardens Everson Fire pit tablePower is supplied by a 20-pound propane tank (not included)  that will store under the table.  Electronic igniter and flame controller are located behind the door also.

The cushions are covered by polyester fabric, they should be stored when not in use to prolong their outdoor life.  If not stored out of the weather, they may not last more than a couple of years.  Snaps will hold your cushions in place.  Gray-colored cushions match the gray tiles on top of the fire pit.


  • Movement in chairs
  • The gas fire pit will not need cleaning after each use
  • Cover for the fire pit to make into a table when no fire is needed


  • Cushions will need storage solution when not in use
  • If propane tank goes out, a little trouble to change
  • If one tile gets broken, may have to replace all to match the color

Better Homes & Gardens Acadia Propane Fire Pit Conversation SetsAcadia fire pit chat set


Price when the article was written: $699


What do you get in the box


You will get four straight leg chairs that will have no motion, with a round gas fire pit.  The steel frames will have a matte carbon powder-coated finish for outdoor durability.  Gray cushions will provide long term sitting comfort.

Better Homes & Gardens Acadia gas fire pitRound gas burning fire pit will have lava rocks in the burn bowl.  A steel cover is included to cover the bowl when no fire is needed to convert this fire pit to a table.  Power comes from a 20-pound propane tank (not included) that will store on a rolling shelf under the fire pit.  Control knob and igniter is on the outside above this drawer, you do not have to open up the bottom to adjust the fire.

Chairs will have straight legs and polyester fabric gray cushions for seats and backs.  Cushions are reversible if you get a stain or they start to fade.  Velcro straps will hold cushions in place.  Make sure that you have a storage solution for the cushions when not in use, this will prolong their outdoor life.



  • Propane tank sites on a rolling shelf
  • Control panel on the outside of the fire pit
  • Metal cover for the fire pit to convert to table


  • Cushions will need storage when not in use
  • No motion in the chairs
  • Lava rocks not a good looking as glass rocks




For more information on fire pit conversation sets, use the following link

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What do I think about these patio furniture sets


If you are looking to use your outdoor patio area after the weather gets cooler, try one of these Outdoor Fire Pit Conversation Sets for your solution.  Each will have different styles and Motion abilities in the chairs.  You will have to decide if you want to cut and bother with the wood burner for the aroma or just settle for the propane power for a relaxing time around the fire.

I prefer the wood burning for the aroma and have the firewood for the indoor fireplace, so it is not a bother to get firewood.  For more of my ideas on a wood-burning fire pit chat set, see my post here.

If you like the light workload of a propane-powered gas pit, see some of my other examples here.

I have stated several times to have a storage solution for your cushions when not in use in this article, for more information on my storage solutions for your outdoor areas, see my series of post here.

If you have a thought on what type of fire pit chat set works best for you, or just have a question for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.