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Patio Fire Pit Ideas

First of all most people do not have a fire pit in their yard, for those who do or want to, this post will help with your patio fire pit ideas.  I will look at some of the ideas I have seen or used in my many years of outdoor living.

Having an idea where you want to place your fire pit will be the first step in this process.  The style and size of your fire pit can be adjusted to your space.  some fire pits like the wood burner cannot be used on a wooden or composite deck, try a gas fire pit for these areas.

If you are just looking to upgrade an existing fire pit or starting from scratch, hopefully you will find some useful information in this post.  Now lets look at some ideas and see if this information helps in your decision.

Fire Pit at Scout CampGround Burn Area


The simple idea is just to clear off a spot in the grass and throw some wood in it and start a fire.  A little caution on this method, make sure that the flames can be controlled and not burn anything over head, I have seen some people start a fire in a tree because their ground fire was too close.

We use this method when camping sometimes, we use some fire wood or rocks to surround the burn area to control where the fire does burn.  You can block it off with a box shape of fire wood and only the inside of each log will get burned.

This type of pit can be easily cleaned up and all you will be left with is a burned area in your grass that will grow back in time.  Just pick up the boarder logs and dump the ashes in a proper spot, I use my garden area, it helps with getting the soil ready for spring planting.



Rock fire pitRock Fire Pit


At  the lake we have a fire pit that has rocks around the edge to keep the fire in place.  I have put an old grate from a fire place in it to keep the logs from rolling out.  We use it to burn limbs when we trim trees also.

When the weather turns cooler we snuggle around the fire at dusk with hot dogs and marshmallows.

I have never had to clean the ashes from this pit, it is easy to maintain if you do not mind the looks of it.  It does not cost any thing to build or maintain.


Paver fire pitStone Paver Fire Pit


If you can put a fire pit in your yard that you do not have to move and want something that is good looking, a stone paver fire pit could work for you.  Paver kits are available or you can just pick up the pavers and add a grill top for cooking if you are fixing more than hotdogs or Smore's.

You can have square or round design, depends of what style works best for your outdoor space.  Use a proper outdoor caulk to glue the pavers together and this will last a lifetime of burns.

Choosing the look of the stone and the shape of your will be the hardest part of this journey.  Adding some accessories like a steel fire ring or a removable grill.


Endless Summer Uniflame gas fire pitGas Fire Pit


This is the ideal solution for those who want to have a fire pit on a wooden or composite deck.  does not produce much heat downwards and you just have to keep a good clearance from the sides and top.  It does produce some heat for comfort, mostly just a much desired flame.

This is a perfect solution to having a fire pit on a wood or composite deck.  No extra protection for your surface is needed.

Many styles and sets are available for your choosing in a gas fire pit.  I have written many articles on just the fire pits or complete sets with seating and tops for the pits to make them a table to use during none fire pit gatherings.

You will only need a gas tank for your regular accessories for your gas fire pit, I have more information on gas fire pit accessories in a post here.

For more information on gas fire pits, see my post here.  For more information on matching sets that are available today, see my post here.


Landmann big sky fire pitWood Burning Fire Pit


A wood burning fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor space.  Cooking hot dogs with your favorite adult beverage will be great with the smell of the wood burning.

The biggest caution on a wood burning fire pit is the surface that you place it on.  Do not use on a wooden or composite deck without some kind of protection, I have looked into a solution here in this post.

There are many styles to choose from in the wood burners, from light weight portable models to the heavy never to be moved ones.

You sill have to plan on what style and how big of a fire pit that you want.  For more information on styles of wood burning fire pits, look at my post here.

If your wood pile is not close to your burn area or your are looking for storage solutions to your fire wood, look at some of my solutions here in this article.

Wood fire in round fire pit

Can you smell the wood burning

My conclusion on Fire Pits


Having a place to go outside during the cooler months and enjoy the company of your friends and family, one of these patio fire pit ideas should work for you.   I have used all of these ideas at one time or another, I prefer to have a wood burner for the smell and being able to cook hot dogs or dinner.

Follow the links for more of my information on each style of fire pit, I have some information on almost any kind of outdoor fire place.

Any questions or comments, please use the form below and I will get back to you shortly.