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Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Sets


Looking for patio furniture that is easy to take care of and does not cost a lot, try one of these Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Sets.  The wrought iron sets will have steel frames and a steel mesh material for seats, backs, and tabletops.  Each set will fit some patio furniture needs.

I have several pieces of wrought iron furniture and it requires little upkeep and lasts very well in outdoor conditions.  My bistro set at the lake has been outside for almost 15 years and I have only touched up a couple of spots of black paint.  I did make some cushions for long term sitting.

Now let us look at what sets are available today and see if one will work for you.

Mainstays Jefferson 7 piece dining Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Sets

Mainstays Jefferson Wrought Iron Patio Dining Set



Looking for a simple dining set that will require little work and can be left outside all year, this dining set from the Mainstays Jefferson wrought iron collection will work well.

The large dining table will be 66 inches long and 38 inches wide, big enough for all family meals.  A hole in the top for umbrella and lower support for leg and umbrella support.

The six straight leg chairs will give your guest plenty of seating around the table.  No cushions are included for long term sitting comfort.

This set will work well for those looking for a dining set for their patio area.

Jefferson Bistro Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Sets

Mainstays Jefferson Wrought Iron Bistro Set


This simple set will have steel mesh for the seats, seatbacks, and tabletops.  Curved seats will give extra leg comfort.  Leafy design in the top of the chairs will give a great look.

Roundtop table will have a mesh top, curved legs to allow chairs to sit close to the tabletop with lower round leg support.  The table will be 24 inches across.

Chairs will have straight legs and arms with wide arm support.  No cushions are included in this set.

This set will work well for those looking for a simple set, my set at the lake is very similar.

Mainstays Bistro Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Sets with cushions

Mainstays Wrought Iron Bistro Set


A simple set with included striped cushions for extra comfort.  Simple straight legs on the chairs and slightly curved legs on the table will give this set a smooth design.

Roundtop table is 24 inches across.  Mesh top will have a steel outer rim.  Small round leg support will keep legs in place.

Chairs will hold up to 225 pounds of weight.  Seat and back is a steel mesh, you can sit in this chair without the cushion without undue discomfort.

Cushions will have Olefin fabric covers with a polyester fill.  The Olefin fabric is very good for outdoor use, I would still recommend storage when not in use to prolong their outdoor life.

This set will work best for those looking for the little extra comfort of the cushions.

For more information on wrought iron furniture, see my other post here.

What I think about wrought iron furniture


I have several pieces of wrought iron furniture in my patio furniture choices.  When looking for Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Sets the choices are broad.  Form simple straight legs sets to those with motion and cushions.  My bistro set has round seats and a larger table, I made cushions for the seats for more comfort.

Your choice of patio furniture will be based on your needs, do you need a dining set, a simple bistro set or something with cushions and motion.  One of these sets may work well for your patio furniture needs.

Do you have a patio furniture set that you would like to share with others?  If you have a question or comment for me and my readers, use the forms below and I will get back to your shortly.