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Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs

Have a balcony, porch, deck or garden area that could use a seating solution, try one of these 10 styles of Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs.  Each will have its own style and seating position.  If you are looking for chairs with motion or one that will recline so that you can take a nap, one of these chairs may work for your outdoor space.

When looking to match the decor color of outdoor spaces, some of these seating solutions will come in several colors.  Each person will have their own idea of what works for them, this post will give you some examples to help you with your choice.

I did not sort them in any order if you have an idea of what you are looking for, look at the pictures at the right to help you find information on the style that you like.  Now let us look at these 10 styles and see what works best for your seating solution.


To see this information in a video format click the picture below

Flash Furniture Steel Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsFlash Furniture Arm Chair


A  metal frame with a painted surface will be very lightweight and stackable.  The back and seat will be an open rain flowered pattern,   Finish paint is available in several colors, Black, Red Gray, Sky Blue, and White.

Will come assembled, ready to use out of the box.  This chair has a simple design, easy to move and can be used for adding seating in most locations.  Plastic feet will protect your flooring when used on a wooden or soft surface.





  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Stackable, up to 8 high
  • No assembly needed


  • Can start rusting if the finish is scratched
  • Strong winds may move or toss these lightweight chairs
  • May need cushions for long term sitting


Mainstays Adirondack Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs in colorsMainstays Wood Adirondack Chair


Nothing beats the classic look of an Adirondack Chair for by the pool or around the fire pit.  Made from all solid wood, the Mainstays Adirondack chair has that style in many colors.  If they don't have your color available, just put a fresh coat of paint and you can match any decor.

Slated seats and backs will give you a great deal of comfort, add some cushions for long term sitting. Wide arms will give you a place to relax your arms while sitting.  Each chair will support 250 pounds and weigh just under 25 pounds.

I have written an article on this Adirondack chair, check the article for current information and colors available.



  • Painted wood will last very well in outdoor conditions
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Traditional Adirondack design


  • The heavier chair may be hard to move
  • No motion
  •  May require cushions for long term sitting

Backyard Expressions Anti-Gravity Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsBackyard Expressions Anti Gravity Chair


Not your regular patio chair, this zero gravity chair can be used anywhere.  If you want just one chair to use any place an be able to take it to a tailgate party, this is the chair to purchase.  Folds flat for easy storage or putting in the trunk.

Sling fabric will be woven into the steel frame.  Sling material will be available in five colors to match most decors, Black, Blue, Gray, Red, and Seafoam Blue.

A plastic cup holder can be placed on the frame to hold your phone or drink to let you have you hands-free to talk, I need to talk with my hands.

The zero gravity chair will allow you to have limitless angles of reclining for your seating comfort.  The one thing I know about people that have this kind of chair is that they nap most of the time they are in it.




  • Removable cup holder
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Lots of positions for seating comfort


  • Not a traditional patio chair
  • Lightweight may blow in high winds
  • Not as easy to sit down as it looks


Flowerhouse Hanging Egg Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs With StandFlowerhouse Hanging Egg Chair With Stand


Want a full-motion seating solution for your garden, this Egg Chair with stand will give you a standalone solution.  With a steel stand with four legs and an arm to hang the chair from, just unhook the chair and one person can move this chair to any location with ease.

Three colors of fabric are available for this chair, Red (shown), Tan and Blue.  Weight capacity is 250 pounds, although some customers have stated that 300 pounds did not hurt their chairs.

This is a newer and very popular style of chair for patios or just in your study.  For more of my information on Hanging Chairs, see my post here.



  • Easy to move to other locations
  • Full motion
  • Can be used indoors or out


  • May take a larger footprint
  • Need a storage solution for cushion
  • Tall 66-inch height


Better Homes & Gardens Colebrook Glider Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsBetter Homes & Gardens Davenport Wicker Glider Chair


The rich look of wicker with motion will give you a chair with several options.  A steel frame will be covered with woven resin wicker.  Thick cushions will cover the seat and give you back support.

A metal base will support the chair with four arms to give you the forward and back movement.  No swivel or rocking motion in this chair.

Each chair will support 225 pounds of weight.  Many other pieces of patio furniture are available in the Davenport collection, see some examples here in a post on this site.


  • Chair with forward and back motion
  • Rich resin wicker look
  • Other pieces available in this collection


  • Need a storage solution for cushions
  • The chair does not swivel
  • Only supports 225 pounds of weight

Better Homes & Gardens Davenport Wicker Rocking Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsBetter Homes & Gardens Davenport Wicker Rocking Chair


Want motion and the rich look of resin wicker, the Davenport rocking chair will work well for you.  Steel frames will have brown resin wicker powder-coated finish.  Upperparts will have woven brown resin wicker covering.

Thick off white cushions will have Olefin fabric covers, very good for outdoor cushions.  Cushions can be reversed if needed.  You should still have a storage solution when they are not in use.

Rockers attached to each bottom of the legs will allow a rocking motion for a relaxing time in your chair.  The chair is 37 pounds and will be a little heavier than most in this article.



  • Rocking motion
  • Cushions for long term sitting
  • The rich look of resin wicker


  • Cushions may need a storage solution when not in use
  • Has to sit on a smoother surface for the bottom of the rockers to last a long time
  • May need a larger floor area than other patio chairs


Brown Wooden Porch Rocker Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsMainstays Rocking Chair


For those looking for that old-time porch rocker, this is your choice.  With the classic looks and a forward and back motion to keep you relaxed, this rocker is great to line up on the front porch for your guest to come over for an afternoon tea and conversation.

With a full slated design for the seat and back, this chair is designed for comfortable sitting without cushions.  Add some cushions and you will be able to spend hours in this chair with no trouble.

Available in many colors, see my detailed article on this porch rocker for more details.  Each chair will support 250 pounds of weight and will weigh 23 pounds.

Solid hardwood materials are used for construction.  This will make the rockers last a very long time.  For those with a big front porch, this is the rocker that can fill that space and give you hours at a time and years of enjoyment with little or no maintenance.


  • Traditional rocking chair style
  • Available in many colors.
  • Solid wood construction


  • May need cushions for long term sitting
  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Has to sit on a solid surface for best results


Baner Garden Chaise Lounge Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsBaner Garden Chaise Lounge Chair


If you have a larger area for seating, like by the pool, this Chaise lounger from the Baner Garden collection will work well.

Six legs will support a long bed that can convert to a chair with a reclined back.  A two-piece cushion set will adjust when the back is put in one of the 5 positions.

This chair is part of the large Baner Garden patio furniture collection.  For more information on the different items available in this collection, see my post here.



  • Adjustable back
  • Straps to hold cushions in place
  • Rattan Wicker look


  • May need a storage solution for cushions when not in use
  • No wheels for easy movement
  • No motion


PatioPost Sling Glider Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsPatioPost Sling Glider

With a powder-coated aluminum frame and sling fabric for seating, this chair will last very well in outdoor conditions.  Four bars will connect the chair base to the chair seat to give you the gliding motion.  Will take up more floor space than other chairs in this article.

Seat and backs will have a very durable sling material in a tan color.  I have this on several sets of patio chairs and they have lasted more than ten years in outdoor conditions with little or no care.

Lightweight at 17 pounds because of the aluminum material, this chair should be easy to move.  The size will be more of a problem than the weight of the chair.  Some people may still need an extra hand to move.



  • Forward and back motion
  • Sling fabric last very well in outdoor conditions
  • Very comfortable for long term sitting without cushions


  • Will be larger than most chairs in this article
  • Bulky hard to move
  • May need to lube moving parts to keep chair quiet


Adams Mfg Corp Big Easy Adirondack Outdoor Patio Furniture ChairsAdams Mfg Corp Adirondack Chair

Looking for the Adirondack style in a non-wood chair, this wether resistant resin will work well.  At the time of this writing, it is available in many colors.

A cup holder below the right arm can rotate back under the arm out of the way when not needed.  Just a simple flip back out and you do not need to take a table with you when selecting a place to relax after a tough day.

Chairs will stack when not needed for seating, This will help when keeping them out of the sun for long periods of time.  Each chair will support up to 350 pounds of weight, this is one of the highest of any chair in the market today.



  • Will not rot or rust
  • Many colors available
  • Built-in cup holder


  • Too much sun may make plastic break down
  • The plastic material may look cheap
  • Cup holder could be deeper to hold tall glasses or drinks

Table and Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs

Swivel Rocking chairs with a small table

My final thoughts on patio chairs

I have several sets of Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs for seating in my outdoor space.  My favorite set on the front porch both swivel and rock.  They have the sling material for easy maintenance and lightweight to be moved easily.

Your seating needs may be different than mine, that is why I give you a choice of 10 different examples in this article.  Let me know what works best for you and why.

Any questions or comments, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.