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Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Sets


The rich look of Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Sets should not be just for the people who want to spend a lot of money on their patio furniture.  The Baner Garden selection of patio furniture from Walmart will give the rich look and not cost a fortune. Many color combinations and styles are available.

The best furniture for any outdoor area is what you need to fulfill your seating and dining needs.  Only each homeowner will know what their furniture needs are.  Smaller spaces will only be big enough for a bistro type of a set, larger areas can have the room for a sectional and table.

Each piece will have powder-coated steel frames covered with a woven resin wicker finish.  The resin wicker is made from recycled materials to help with environmental needs.  The recycled material is dyed with the color so it will not peel off or chip off.

Tables and ottomans will have tempered glass tops, this will add to the richness of each piece.  Ottomans will also come with a cushion to be used as a seating solution in your patio area.  Most tables in this collection will have a lower shelf of woven wicker for extra storage of reading material or snacks, dining tables will not have this shelf.

Sectional pieces will be held in place with plastic clips to keep your guests from falling if the furniture moves, this will allow you to place your sectional pieces in any design that fits your patio area.

Now let us look at the different styles of seating available in Bane Garden Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Sets.


Baner Garden patio bistro set3 piece seating sets


Two different styles of 3 piece sets are available, one with two chairs and a side table and the other with two love seats and a dining table.  So those who want seating for four can get something other than the regular four-piece conversation set.

The set with two chairs will have a smaller table at 24 inches across and 24 inches tall.  Each seating position is rated for 300 pounds.

Love seat set will have a full dining table, might be a little high for sitting and relaxing at  28.5 inches, most coffee tables are only 18 inches tall.  Each love seat will be 49-1/2 inches long 28 inches deep and 29 inches tall.  Each seating position will hold 300 pounds.

For more information on resin wicker bistro or three pice seating sets, see my post here.


Baner Garden black conversation set4 piece seating sets


The four-piece seating sets will come with two chairs, a love seat and a coffee table.  A couple of styles and color of resin wicker will be available.  Arm styles will be the biggest difference as the one shown at right has horizontal arms that are flatter than the other arm style that sharply angles down toward the front feet.

Baner Garden Conversation set full wicker sidesResin wicker colors will vary from a black to a multicolored brown.   Cushions will also vary in color from black to tan.  Resin wicker design on the arms and backs can be purchased in a single layer or thick squared-off look.

The coffee table will come in three styles, Glass top with resin wicker lower shelf and four straight legs, Resin wicker top with resin wicker side panels and no shelf or a glass top with resin wicker panels that match the arms of the seating pieces and a lower shelf.

For more information on resin wicker conversation sets, see my post here.


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Baner Garden chairs as sofa with ottomanSofa seating sets


Sofa seating sets will be varied from individual chairs to larger 3 seat pieces.  Depending on the size of your patio area you can fill it with seating for as many people as will fit.

Ottomans will be a feature of all of these sofa sets, some will have storage under the seat via a door that raises up on the side.  They will have glass tops that can be covered with the included cushion for extra seating.

For those with larger patios or just need seating by the pool, the choices in the sofa sets should fill your seating needs.  For more of my information on the Baner Gardens sofa sets, see my article here.


Baner Garden dining setsDining furniture sets


The dining table has a glass top and comes in two sizes for patio areas, a square top or traditional rectangular top.

The square top dining table is for the smaller areas and comes with two or four chairs. It is 31.5 inches across and 28 inches tall, it can be purchased with or without a hole in the glass top for an umbrella.

The rectangular top model can be purchased with four or six chairs and the two love seats in the seating selections above.  The glass top is in two parts with no provision for umbrella mounting.

Seating pieces can be purchased in the boxed type of resin wicker, open looking side panels or the smaller smooth resin wicker as shown in the picture above.

Other resin wicker dining sets are available, follow this link for my details.


Baner Garden Chaise LoungeOther selections from this collection


The greatest advantage of purchasing patio furniture from this collection is the ability to purchase individual pieces and matching pieces of other types of patio furniture.

Loungers, chairs, tables with or without storage, heaters, canopies, pet tents, plant caddies or serving carts are just some of the pieces that can be purchased in matching resin wicker colors and cushion colors.


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Baner Garden Resin Wicker Coversation set

Why would I purchase from this collection

The biggest reason to purchase one of these Baner Garden Resin Wicker  Patio Furniture Sets is to have the choices of pieces or sets that match.  The woven resin wicker will last very well in most outdoor conditions.

If you need simple seating for your balcony or a lot of seating by the pool, a selection from this collection will fill your seating needs.

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