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Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor

I will take a look at the Vesuvius Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor use for your patio or any outdoor space.  The big advantage is that you can use this fire pit on any surface, even wood or composite materials.  The stone look will give you a great look for your outdoor space.

Easy to use with the 20-pound propane tank hidden behind a door on the side, you will want to use this fire pit even if you do not have any guest over for the evening.

Follow along for the details of this fire pit and you make the choice if it fits your outdoor decor and needs. If you want to look at other examples of gas fire pits, look at my post here. 


Vesuvius Square Gas Fire pits for outdoor useProduct: Vesuvius gas fire pit

Price when the article was written: $380.79

Where to get online for the best price:



What do you get in the box?


The stone look on the sides of this fire pit is made from a Magnesium Oxide composite material that has a painted Multicolored surface.  The stacked stone look of the sides goes great with the solid look of the one-piece top.  The top uses the same material to look like a wooden table.

The fire pit top is 30 inches across and 24 inches tall.  It will weigh over 90 pounds, the handle holes in the sides will help with movement when needed, make sure the burner is off and the tank is removed for easier moving.  Controls are on one side, if you have kids this may not be the best location.  For those who like to change the settings or like the ease of lighting this location is great.

Vesuvius burn bowl and topThe 20-pound propane tank (not included) will fit under the fire bowl.  You can access the tank via the side door that can be lifted off.  A handle hole will allow the door to be removed easily.  Additional handle holes on each side will allow you and a friend to move this heavy fire pit to another location if needed.

40,000 BTUs of heat will be produced by this fire pit on the high setting.  With the medium or low setting, you can use the wood surround for a table for your drinks and snacks.

At this time no conversion kit is available to convert to natural gas.  This fire pit will look great next to a brick or stone wall.  You can use this or any other gas fire pits on composite or wooden decks without and problems or extra materials.  The ease of the use of a gas fire pit over the mess and cleanup that is needed for a wood burner will allow you to just turn off your fire pit and tank when done with your burn.

Vesuvius gas fire pit control panelAssembly, use, and care of your fire pit


Assembly of your fire pit should only take a few minutes, the hardest part is to pick up the packing materials when you have your fire pit unpacked.  Carefully unpack your fire pit and add the lava rocks to the burn bowl, make sure that you leave the burner open to not block the fire.  Add the battery to the igniter.  Open the door and add your 20-pound propane tank (not included in purchase).

Lighting the burner will only take turning the knob to the highest setting and pushing the igniter button.  After the burner is going you can adjust the flame level to the desired setting.

Taking care of your fire pit will only take a solution of mild soap and water.  Do not use harsh chemicals as the finishes are just painted surfaces and will be damaged easily over time.  Keep the burner and igniter area clean, it will be hard to light if dust from the lava rocks gets in the holes or on the igniter.


Vesuvius side access doorPros


  • Easy assembly and lighting
  • Can replace lava rocks with glass rocks
  • Handles for moving when needed


  • Outer surfaces are not rock
  • Controls on the outside
  • No cover for burn  bowl to make a table when not fire is needed


Click this link for current information on this stacked stone-looking gas fire pit.

What are the advantages of this Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor


When looking at different models of gas or woodburning fire pits, your choices are many.  The Vesuvius Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor use have great looks and are easy to use.  It comes fully assembled, just add lava rocks and a propane tank.  Easy lighting with the controls on the side is another advantage over other models.

If you like the look of the gas fire pits for wooden or composite decks and just want to look at more examples, see my post on more types of gas fire pits here.

Let me know about your experience with a gas fire pit or if you have a question use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.