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There are hundreds of designs for Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits. We will look at three very different models in this article. This may give you the information to make the right choice the first time.

From cooking, a cooler in the summer, to a chimenea that will take up very little floor space and give great looks of the burning wood without the problem of smoke in the eyes.

Here is my list of the Best Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits

Best 3 Styles of Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits (updated list)

Yardom 34 inch Fire PitYardom firepit tableBest for dual purpose
Kingso 30 Inch Fire PitKingso with cooking grateBest for cooking
Gymax Chimenea fire pitGymax ChimeneaGreat for getting close to the fire

Why You Should Get a Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pit

A fire pit that burns wood will give you that aroma when your guests are sitting around the open flame. Settling down with friends and family with snacks and a few cold ones will give you a recreation space outside the walls of your house.

On those cool nights when you just want to hang out, the fire pit will give you the heat and ambiance of a wood burning fire that you cannot get from a gas fire.

What to Look for When Buying Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pit, I just wanted to offer you my advice on some of the different directions you can go with your choices.

Each of these examples will have little different ideas on use. I will give you the details, you will have to choose what works best for you. Now for the details.

Yardom 34 inch Square Wood Burning Firepit

We will start with a square fire pit that is great for just enjoying the flames during the cooler months.

The fire bowl will be smaller and the absence of a grill for cooking will make this a fire pit just for enjoying the flame and heat. You can use this fire pit for a cooler during the warmer months.

The fire pit will be 34 inches across and 14.3 inches tall. The burn bowl will be 24 inches across and 7 inches deep. A mesh screen will fit over the burn area to keep sparks under control. This fire pit is made of all metal with a painted finish.

I like the simple construction and poly cover for when the fire pit is not needed for a while.


  • Poly cover for storage
  • Can be used as a cooler in the warmer months
  • Large burn bowl


  • No cooking grate
  • Burn bowl not very deap
  • Customer complained about paint peeling in the burn bowlv when burning

Kingso 30 Inch Fire Pit

If you like to cook when you are outside enjoying a fire, this would be a great choice for you. The cooking grate will be mounted on a pedestal that attaches to one side of the burn bowl. This system will allow you to adjust the height and rotate the grill out of the flame when needed to control the cooking of your food.

The deeper fire bowl (11 inches) will allow for a lot of wood and may not require a refill while you are cooking. A mesh screen can be used to control the sparks when you are not cooking.

The firepit will be 30 inches across on the outside of the ring, the fire bowl will be 25 inches across. A poker is included to adjust the firewood while you have a fire burning. A heat shield will keep ashes from burning your grass, this will not be enough protection to use this fire pit on a wood or composite deck.


  • Adjustable cooking grate
  • Deep bowl for fire wood
  • Heat sheild for gound protection


  • No included poly cover for storage
  • Firebowl only 23 inches across
  • Ligth weight metal, may warp in high heat or rust quickly if not protected

Gymax Fire Pit Chimenea

A little different style of the standup Chimenea style of the fire pit. This style of the fire pit will have a lot smaller footprint and the smoke will exit a lot higher than others.

A hinged door will allow for taking care of the firewood as you burn with the included poker. Although the Gymax fire pit comes with a grate, it is much too close to the fire to be able to cook something on it without burning it.

This chimenea is 20 inches across at the widest point and 43.5 inches tall. A heat plate on the base will keep ashes from falling on the ground. A drawer will let you take ashes to a place to dump without having a shovel or hod. to move them.

The chimney style will allow the smoke to go over most of your guests' heads and not get in the eyes. An included cap will keep the weather out when the fire pit is not in use.


  • Smoke above eye level
  • Smaller footprint
  • Heat sheild for ground


  • Hard to cook with
  • Not traditional fire pit design
  • No protective cover included

Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits FAQ's

Here are some common questions and answers about Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits

Can I use my fire pit on my wood or composite deck

The recommendation is for no wood-burning fire pits to be used on a combustible surface like wood or composite decking. They do make a protective shield for wood-burning fire pits, it is an extra expense that may or may not protect you from damage to your deck surface.

Will my firepit rust out quickly

Depends on the care that is given to the fire pit. I clean the ashes out after each burn to keep moisture from gathering in the burn bowl. Storing the fire pit out of the weather when it is not going to be used frequently helps.

Can I cook on my fire pit

Some fire pits are made for cooking with a grate, the fire bowl is much deeper to keep the food further away from the flames to let it cook slower. Those without cooking grates can be used to cook suspended foods like hot dogs and marshmallows.


Depending on the style of entertainment, you are looking for, each of the fire pits can be of use to you. I would choose the Kngso for my use, as I do like to cook outside and this gives me the best of cooking and heat for my use.

For those who need to look at more woodburning fire pit choices, please see some of my post on this here.

Have more questions or just want to leave a comment, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Backyard Wood Burning Fire Pits