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In this article, I will look at the use of a Fire Pit Wind Guard. You can use this guide to help you decide if this is the correct fix for your gas fire pit and guests' comfort.

There are many sizes and shapes to choose from when looking at a wind guard for a gas fire pit. Your choice of fire pit design will dictate what size and shape you will need.

Now let us look at some of the details and see if this will help in your outdoor comfort.

Best Types of Fire Pit Wind Guards

RoundRound fire pit wind guard
RectangularRectangular gas fire pit wind guard
SquareSquare gas fire pit wind guard

Why You Should Get a Fire Pit Wind Guard

If you have your gas fire pit in an area that is moderately windy, a Wind Guard will be very handy. The small (most are about 4 to 6 inches tall) barrier that will surround your fire bowl will keep the wind from blowing out your flame.

Most will have some kind of feet to protect the finish on the fire pit mantel area and connectors to keep the glass in place when you have a fire.

The wind guard will keep the wind from blowing the flame and putting it out when you have windy conditions. A byproduct of this is that you can put drinks on the mantel and they will not get warm as fast without the wind guard.

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit Wind Guard

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a (keyword), I just wanted to offer you my advice on the most important things that the Fire Pit Wind Guard should have. 

Measuring your opening for your burn bowl is very important to get one that will fit the opening well. You do not want your wind guard to be too far from the burn bowl or fit over the opening.

The height of the wind guard will be up to each person. A taller wind guard will be needed in very windy conditions, it will also keep the amount of heat reaching your guests down a little. Choose wisely here, I would take the shorter (about 3 – 4 inches tall) route.

What makes up a Fire PIt Wind Guard

The major parts are made of four clear tempered glass. The parts are connected with two metal clips per end of each glass piece, there should be a total of eight metal clips. The bottom clip will have plastic or rubber feet to protect the surface of your fire pit.

The metal clips will hold to the glass with screws the should be carefully tightened to keep the clips in place.


  • Keeps most winds from blowing out flame
  • Can be purchased to fit your fire pit size and shape
  • Has feet to protect the fire pit finishes


  • Can get really hot when you have a fire
  • Have to find a place to store when not needed
  • May need cleaning to keep clear to see flame

FAQ's about using a fire pit wind guard

Here are some common questions and answers about a Fire Pit Wind Guard and answers to those questions.

Faq 1

Does the wind guard help keep a flame during windy conditions?

Most will see an improvement in the flame during windy conditions, each person may see different results.

Faq 2

Does the wind guard keep the heat from reaching the guest around the fire pit?

It will keep the heat back on the bottom of the tabletop surrounding the fire pit. For some this is an advantage as drinks put on the mantel portion will not get heated from the flames.

Faq 3

Is the wind guard dangerous for kids?

It can get very hot to the touch, you should not let kids close to a fire pit while it is burning for safety.



If you have a gs fire pit, do you need a wind guard? That will depend on the amount of wind you have in your gurn area. If you are in a windy area like Chicago, this will be a great addition to any gas fire pit.

The glass will keep the wind from getting down to the burner and your fire will bur the whole length of the burner. You will be able to sit drinks and snacks on the metal portion of the fire pit if your fire pit has one and the guard should keep your drink from getting too hot.

If you have any questions or comments let me know with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.