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Wicker Conversation Sets

When looking for that patio set that will fit in their medium sized outdoor area, the Baner Garden resin wicker conversation sets should be on your list.  There are several styles and sizes for you to choose from.  In this article I will give you the details so that you can make a qualified decision.

The first choice that you have is size or number of butts you need to sit.  I will look at a two seat option and a four seat option, both will have a table included.

All of these items will have powder coated steel frames with a woven resin wicker finish.  The seating will be made more comfortable with each position having a cushion for your butt.

Now lets look at the details of these sets, if you want to just go to get the current price and availability of these items use the link below.


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Baner Garden Wicker Rattan 4 piece conversation set

Price when article was written: $507.45 (black) or $392.99 (brown)

Where to get for the best price online:

Baner Garden Conversation set full wicker sides


Details on this set


This four seat conversation set will have a closed design, with a brown or black resin wicker finish.  The sides of the seating will go almost all the way to the floor.  The arms are squared off on top, good for your arm to rest just not big enough for your drink.  The table will have a tempered glass top and a shelf for storage.

The coffee table is 35 inches long, 19.5 inches wide and 13.75 inches tall.  The ends will match the design of the chair arms and is solid so that you cannot put any thing in from the ends.  The glass top will be supported with a frame that is covered with resin wicker.  A bottom shelf of resin wicker will be a couple on inches off the floor.

The seating will be two chairs and a love seat.  The chairs are 30.75 inches wide outside the arms, 27.5 inches deep and 32 inches tall.  The love seat will have the same size, just 51.25 inches wide outside the arms.

Cushions will resist fading and are weather resistant.  Pillows in picture are not included in this set.  I still like to store my cushions and fabric products out of the weather when not in use, this will prolong the life and color.  To see some of my storage solutions use this link.


Glass top can be replaced if broken

Seating for four

Easy to clean


Coffee table could be taller

Cushions are quite thin


Baner Garden 3 piece Wicker Rattan sitting set

Price when article was written: $200

Where to get the price online:

Baner Garden resin wicker chairs and table set

Details on this 3 piece set

Available in black and chocolate, this three piece set has two chairs and a side table.  Takes up a little more space than a bistro set, it will fit well on most small outdoor spaces.  The classic arched design of the bottom chair panels will both look good and give a

Side table will have a glass top insert, four legs and a storage shelf about 6 inches off the floor.  The table top is 24.5 inches square and about 18 inches tall.  All websites list it as 34 inches tall, it is just not that high as it would be as tall as the back of the chairs.  Bottom shelf has a steel frame and resin wicker shelf, it will not take a lot of weight without sagging.

Each chair will be 24.75 inches wide, 22.75 inches deep and 34.25 inches tall.  All sides will have a wicker panel that has a arched design on the bottom.  No big arms on this set, no place to rest arms or drinks on chairs.  Each chair will support 300 pounds.

Cushions are made from a fade and weather resistant material.  Still will have to store when not in use.


Great design and look for small outdoor spaces

Inexpensive price for the resin wicker look


Thin cushions for long term sitting

Baner Garden 4-Piece resin wicker conversation set

Price when article was written: $219.99

Where to get for the best price online:


Baner Garden black conversation set

Details on this conversation set

This four seat set will have open front and back panels with closed panels for each end of the seating parts. The coffee table has a tempered glass top with a shelf for storage.

The table is 32 inches long, 19 inches wide and 15.75 inches tall.  The glass top will be supported by a steel frame covered by resin wicker.  The bottom shelf has a steel outside frame and wicker covering, it will not support a great deal of weight without sagging.


Each chair will be 24.75 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 30.5 inches tall.  Love seat will be 46 inches wide with the other measurements the same.Each sitting position will support 350 pounds.  Top of arms are arched and have a little width to them for resting your arm.

Cushions are made from a UV and weather resistant material, will still need to be stored when not in use.


Can be used inside or outside

Great for small outdoor areas


Cushions are thin for long term sitting

For current pricing and availability click on the following link.

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My final thoughts on these sets

If you have a small outdoor space and looking for some seating, one of these two or four seat wicker conversation sets will work.  The steel frames and resin wicker design of each set will last a long time in most outdoor environments.  The cushions are the weak point of this set, upgrading to a better fabric and keeping them stored when not needed will prolong your enjoyment of one of these sets.

If you like the look of these sets. follow these links to at my post on Baner Garden dining sets and Baner Garden sofa sets.

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