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3-Person Futon Patio Swing

Looking for a versatile piece of furniture for one of your outside areas, the Mainstays Belden Park 3-person Garden Furniture Swings Hammocks can be used as a swing or a bed in your outdoor area. Just grab a pillow and a good book and relax. Just a few minutes of work can change this swing into a solid hammock.

Many people have an area in their outdoor space that is just big enough for a loveseat or small sofa. These areas can be used to put a swing for a better time outside. Having a swing that can convert into a flat surface will help if you like to relax after a long day at work.

Now let us look at the details of this swing and see what works for you.

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Product: Mainstays Belden Park 3-person swing

Price when the article was written: $298

Where to get the best price online:

3 Person Futon Patio Swing-Belden Park blue Garden Furniture Swings Hammocks

What do you get in the box?

You will get a powder-coated steel frame in a carbon finish. The fabric for the seat and canopy is made of Olefin fabric. The fabric will come in 4 colors at this time, green, red, blue, or tan.  This swing is part of a large collection, so if you need to match more furniture for your outdoor space it would be a good choice.

A bar on each side connects the top back of the swing seat to the swing seat base. Each bar has a locking connector on the base. When unlocked the back can be lowered into the bed position.

The canopy can be adjusted into several positions with locks on each side to let you follow the shade during the day. The canopy can be removed if needed.

The swing will be 48 inches deep from front foot to back foot, 79 inches wide on the outside (seat is 64 inches wide), and 70.5 inches tall.  The seat will be 19 inches off the ground, with room for legs to swing for most people.

Cushions will be in three separate parts. A Velcro strap on the top will keep them in place. I always recommend storage for any outdoor cushions when not in use, to look at some of my storage solutions use this link.

3 Person Futon Patio Swing-Beldon Park Seat with back up and red cushions


Grab a friend and some of your favorite beverages as the assembly will take a little time. All the tools that you should need are included in the hardware package.

The frame will be the first thing on your long list. Attach the legs to the long top bar with the enclosed bolts and nuts. Then attach the lower leg cross braces with a bolt and nut, making sure the brace is on the outside of the leg. Add back leg support, it is also to be assembled on the outside of the legs. Place plastic feet on the end of each leg.

Next is the canopy, attach the connectors to each side brace with two screws. Insert the front and rear canopy brace into slots. Insert these braces into each of the side braces and Velcro the canopy to the side brace. Now your best friend will come in handy as you place the canopy on top of the frame and insert the plastic locking screw in each end.

Next comes the seat portion, the seat, and arms are marked with the label of back on each piece so that they go together properly. Make sure you read the label. Next, the seat frame will attach to the seat base, making sure that it is properly aligned. The two support braces are attached to the upper portion of the seat frame, once they are snapped into the seat frame you are ready to add the hanging springs and hang the swing from the top rail of the frame.

Add your cushions, snap the Velcro to the top rail and you are ready to enjoy your swing. To lower your swing into the bed position, unclip the plastic clips on the lower seat frame and lower the back of the swing seat. There are only two positions for the seat, up or down.

Care of your swing

A simple solution of mild soap and water is all that should be used to clean your swing. Any harsh chemicals will damage the powder-coated surface and the fabric.

Any time you are not going to use your swing for a long time or when you have extra windy conditions, you should store the cushions and canopy. The canopy will be harder to store, unless you disassemble it you will need a shed or room in the garage. It is very important that you store these items when not in use, to prolong the life of your swing.

Pros and Cons of a patio swing


  • Two-position seat
  • The canopy can be adjusted to follow the shade
  • Come in four colors for matching decor


  • Can be tricky to unlock the bars to lower the seatback
  • cushions should be stored to improve their longevity outside
  • The canopy can be destroyed in high winds
  • The bed is short for anyone over 5′ 4″

FAQs about stand-alone swings.

Can your swing be left outside all year long?

The real answer is no. Most will have a canopy that will be easily damaged in heavy winds. The rain and sun will damage the fabric in short order. Having a storage option for these pieces will greatly extend the life of your swing.

How do I keep my porch swing in place during heavy wind?

Many swings will have a damaged canopy from the wind. The best way to fight the wind is to remove the canopy to a storage area when not in use or when a heavy storm is on the way. It is normally just a screw-type knob at each end of the canopy to remove the canopy. Make sure to replace the knob on the canopy as they are hard to replace.

This is the most damaged item of a big porch swing. Most fabric in the canopy can be replaced, but at the cost of over $100, I would spend my time storing my canopy when not in use for any length of time to save on wear and tear.

3 Person Futon Patio Swing-Beldon Park with tan cushions and with back up for seating

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What do I think of these Garden Furniture Swings and Hammocks?

This is a very versatile 3-Person Futon Patio Swing, you can use it for a 3-person swing or a flat hammock like a bed. The biggest drawback that I see is the 64-inch length of the bed when folded down, I am six feet and it would be way too short for me. My son and Aunt could use it with no problem.

The four colors of this swing will give it a great chance to fit your color decor without any changes. This collection has many sets and individual pieces to round out your outdoor furniture needs. To see all the sets available click this link, to see all the individual pieces available click this link.

Any questions or comments use the comment box below and I will get back to you shortly.