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When looking for a bistro set that has some protection from the sun and rain, look at some of these Bistro Sets with Umbrella Hole in Table for a solution.

None of these patio furniture sets will come with a market umbrella, all will have the capacity to add an umbrella for shade and rain protection.

I would like to start with the fact that most of these tables have a very small footprint and will not be very stable in moderate to heavy rain with an umbrella installed. If the umbrella is left open the chances of a problem are much higher.

The umbrella will be an item that will take a little more of your time that could be used to just relax in your outdoor time relaxing in my opinion. I would leave the umbrella for shade and water protection on larger tables that could hold up to 4 chairs.

This article is about patio bistro sets that have a table that will accept an umbrella. To go directly to that item in the images below, use the highlighted product name.

COBANA Bistro Table SetCOBANA Bistro Table Set Bronze
Polar Aurora Cast Aluminum Bistro SetPolar Aurora Cast Aluminum Bistro Set Bronze
LAZZO 61 Iron Frame Bistro SetLAZZO 61″ Patio Garden Bench
Soleil Jardin Bistro Table SetSoleil Jardin Bistro Table Set
MAGIC UNION Casts Aluminum Bistro SetMAGIC UNION Bistro Set

Bistro Sets with Umbrella Hole

COBANA Bistro Table Set

COBANA Bistro Table Set Bronze

This vintage-style of bistro set will be made from cast aluminum with a bronze finish. The seats, seatbacks, and tabletop will have a scrolled design.

The frames will be cast aluminum with a bronze finish. All feet will have level adjusters to help with uneven surfaces.

The table will have 3 curved legs with a small legs support. The tabletop and leg support will have a 2-inch hole to support an umbrella.

The chairs will have round seats and oval backs with similarly curved legs. No arms or cushions for these chairs. Each chair will support 250 pounds of weight.


  • Classic vintage style
  • 2-inch umbrella hole
  • Adjustable feet


  • Lightweight may not hold umbrella stable in wind
  • Metal seats may not be comfortable for long-term sitting
  • No arms on the chairs

Polar Aurora Cast Aluminum Bistro Set

Polar Aurora Cast Aluminum Bistro Set Bronze

The Polar Aurora bistro set will have a cast aluminum frame that will come in three different shades, Black, Bronze (shown in the Image), and Brown. The bronze color will be the only shade that includes the red cushions for the seat.

A squared lattice design will be used on the seats and tabletop. An arched design will give the back support.

The table will have a 24-inch wide top with a 2-inch hole in the middle for an umbrella. The 3 legs will have lower ring support with a matching umbrella hole to help hold the umbrella in place.

The chairs will have four legs and flat top arms for more comfortable sitting. The capacity of each chair is listed at 250 pounds in the information from the vendor.


  • Chairs have arms for added comfort
  • 2-inch umbrella hole in the table and lower support
  • Cast aluminum construction


  • The table is very lightweight and may have trouble holding an umbrella in windy conditions
  • The cushions will need a storage solution
  • Not all sets will come with cushions

LAZZO 61 Iron Frame Bistro Set
LAZZO 61 Iron Frame Bistro Set

LAZZO 61″ Patio Garden Bench

This is a little different set with the chairs attached to the table in the middle. You will not be able to move this set around like the others. It will be better to sit against a deck railing or wall.

The iron frames will have a mint green painted finish. Each chair will hold up to 220 pounds of weight.

The chairs will have a slatted design for the seats and for each shelf on the table. The backs will have an arched lattice design with a scrolled top finish.

The table will be 4 inches narrower in the front than the back to give this assembly a little arched effect from the top view. A 2.1-inch hole on each shelf will accept a patio umbrella.

This set is a little more specific in its design, not all people will like the fact that it is all one piece.


  • 2-inch umbrella hole
  • All one construction
  • Arched arms for extra comfort


  • Only holds 220 pounds for each seat
  • All one piece, cannot move chair independently
  • Only comes in mint green color

Soleil Jardin Bistro Table Set

Soleil Jardin Bistro Table Set

This is a premium-looking bistro set with a heavier look, cushions for seats, scrolled arms, and 4 legs on the table for more stability than other bistro tables in this article.

The cast aluminum frames with an antique bronze finish will look great with the beige cushions. The cushions will be made from a polyester fabric with ties to hold them in place.

Each chair will have an arched lattice design for the backs and arched arms for extra sitting comfort. 250 pounds is the weight capacity of each chair. The chairs will stack if needed for storage.

The round top table will have 4 curved legs with a lower support band. The tabletop has a 1.9-inch hole for an umbrella, Some patio umbrellas have a 2-inch pole, please check for size before using. The lower leg support is different than others as it does not offer any support for the umbrella pole.


  • Chairs stack for storage
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • Cast aluminum frames


  • 1.9-inch umbrella hole
  • The cushions will need a storage solution
  • Leg support does not hold an umbrella

MAGIC UNION Casts Aluminum Bistro Set


The Magic Union bistro set will have cast aluminum frames with a bronze finish and the option of included cushions. The cushions are available in 2 colors, beige (shown in the image) or red. Prices vary with the additional cushions.

The chairs will have a lattice design for the seats and backs. Flat arms will offer extra comfort while sitting. Each chair will support 350 pounds of weight.

The round top table with a 2-inch umbrella hole is larger than most at 35.5 inches across. This will be great if you are serving a small meal, but not so good if you have a small space. The curved legs will have boxed lower support that does not provide any support for the patio umbrella.

All legs will have adjustable feet that will help with minor problems in uneven floor surfaces. Cushions will have zippers for cover removal for cleaning.


  • 2-inch umbrella hole in the tabletop
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • Arms and cushions for long-term sitting comfort


  • No lower support for the umbrella
  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • Larger table than other sets

FAQs about Bistro sets

What size works best for a bistro table umbrella?

Because of the smaller size of the bistro tables, an umbrella that is less than 4 feet across on the smaller tables, less than 24 inches across, or less than 6 feet across for a larger table.

Just make sure that you have a good umbrella base to keep your umbrella and table stable. For those with smaller spaces, you could go for a half umbrella. To see what I mean, look at the article I have about half umbrellas here.

6 feet or less

What color works best for your umbrella to keep you cool?

Think of dark colors reflecting heat and light colors absorbing heat. The lighter colors will make for a hotter experience when the sunshine is heavy on your umbrella.

My take on this is that if your area for your bistro table with an umbrella gets a lot of sun, a darker color will give you the best results in keeping you cool.

Why choose a bistro set over a dining set?

The size of your space and the number of people will tell you what style of dining you will need. If you only need seating for two or have a space that is 8 feet across or smaller, you will want to choose the bistro sets.

A dining table will need an area that is at least bigger than 8 feet in each direction. For some dining sets that are available, use this link.

What size table works best for a bistro set?

Bistro tables will be either smaller 18 to 24 inches across or larger table tops that are 30 to 40 inches across. Your space size will tell you how much space you have for your table.

Keep in mind that the smaller table top will not have room to put your food on when you have a meal, you will need to fix your plate and then bring it to the table to eat.

I have a 36-inch table top at my lake property that is large enough to put an extra chair and have several bowls of food that we do not have to get up to get seconds.

Jordan three tiered blue market umbrella

To look at some of my market umbrellas that would work with these bistro sets, use this link

My final thoughts on these Bistro Sets with Umbrella Hole in Table

Although having a patio bistro set with a hole in the table for a market umbrella sounds like a great idea, I think that it is something that most people would not use often.

The smaller tables will not be as stable as the 48-inch or larger tables. A bigger umbrella stand would be in order. Several of these tables don't even have lower support for the umbrella pole to help with stability.

I would just get a bistro set that matches your needs and decor tastes, if it has an umbrella hole in the table that is ok.

If you want a marker umbrella for your bistro set, get one that is no bigger than 6 feet, preferably only 4 feet across. Purchase the biggest umbrella base that will fit between the table legs and make sure to take it down in moderate to high winds to keep it from hurting someone or damaging your patio furniture.

Any questions or comments about this or any other information on my site, leave me a comment with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.