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Hanover Gramercy wicker conversation set


Not wanting to spend several thousand dollars on a wicker conversation set, the Hanover Gramercy conversation set will be a great choice. It has the look and design of the more expensive sets.

The curved design of the arms, backs and table will get you away from the boxy designs of other sets. Seating for 5 is a big advantage of this set also, most sets only have seating for four. You will need a bigger area for this set as the sofa is long at 80 inches.

I will give you the details of this set and let you decide if its best for your outdoor space. Now lets see what is included in this conversation set.

Price when article was written: $1146.39


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Hanover Gramercy Resin Wicker Conversation Set


What do you get in the box


You will get two over sized chairs, a three seat sofa, four pillows and a barrel shaped coffee table. Thick steel frame's will be covered with woven resin wicker material. The brown resin wicker is made of recycled material that is died to keep the color fast in the sun. If you live in a very sunny area you may want to get a cover for your set when not in use, to prolong its outdoor life.

Thick 4 inch tan cushions will give you hours of sitting comfort, they fit snugly in the frame's no straps to hold in place. The Olefin fabric is treated for UV rays and does very well in outdoor conditions. No zippers are included in the cushions to remove the covers for cleaning. One central button in the back cushions will give you the look of fine upscale furniture.

Hanover Gramercy ChairFour throw pillows are included in this set as well.

I will still have a storage solution for the cushion and pillows to make them last for a long time. Sun and weather will eventually kill most outdoor cushions, replacements are not available anywhere, you would have to have them made.

Oval Coffee table has a tempered glass top built into a metal frame. Four curved legs will be supported by two bow shaped pieces that have a curved design as well. This table will set you apart from all the square cornered tables of other sets. Outside measurements are 23 inches wide, 46 inches long and 18 inches tall. Thick top glass will add some weight to this table, it will weight 24 pounds.

Sofa and chairs will have wicker skirts to the floor, curved arms for comfort and woven resin wicker base for seats and backs.  It would not be very comfortable to sit on without cushions, it would sit very low and the sicker material is very hard to sit on.

Three seat Sofa is 80 inches long, 32 inches high and 35 inches deep. It will stay in place very well at 76 pounds and will support 450 pounds of people. Chairs are 32 inches wide with the same other measurements and will weight 32 pounds when you have to move them. Each chair will support 250 pounds of butt.


Hanover Gramercy Coffee TableAssembly of your conversation set


One heavy box will contain all of your parts, a big truck will be needed to transport this set from the store. Keep the person who helped you lift the big box to help with assembly as the sofa back is one big piece to hold while trying to mount the base.  All hardware and tools are included for assembly.

Leg bases are one piece that attache to the arm and back pieces for assembly of the seating pieces.

Table will need legs and support attached with included hardware and tools.

Make sure all hardware is installed before you tighten them, this will make it easier to get them installed.


Hanover Gramercy SofaCare of your patio furniture


Simple soap and water will be all that is needed. If you do get a stain on the fabric a simple spot remover should work. Don't use any harsh chemicals or glass cleaner on this set, they will damage the powder coated finish.

If you live in a very sunny and hot area, some kind of cover should be used for long term storage. I have some poly covers that are available in a post here.

Cushions and pillows will fade if left in the sun and weather for long periods of time. Because of the shape and thickness, replacements are not available on the shelf. Sometime purchasing replacement cushions are close to the same price as an entire set, I have several posts for storage solutions for the pillows and cushions in my category here.


  • Great wicker look at a reasonable price
  • Simple care, just soap and water cleanup
  • Seating for five


  • No zipper on cushions for washing fabric
  • Will need storage for cushions when not needed
  • Comes in one large box


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What are my final thoughts on this set


Having a larger outdoor area for this set is the first thing to look at. A ten foot by ten foot area would be the smallest area for this set. The details will give you a premium resin wicker conversation set for the price of a metal conversation set. Seating for five and thick cushions for long term sitting. A oval glass top table will added to the great design.

What is not to like about this set, storage will be needed for all the cushions for longer outdoor life. For storage solutions see my post here.

For those who still have questions or would like to share their experiences with this set, use the form below and I will get back to you shortly.