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After you have purchased your patio furniture, protecting your investment will be something you want to do. Several things that you will need to do will be answered below in this article.

I have seen resin wicker furniture that is over 10 years old and still looks good. The owners have taken care to not let the outdoor elements overtake the finish on their patio furniture.

Use the table below to go to a question that I have answered without reading the entire article.

Can you repair resin wicker furniture?

The simple answer is yes. There are several companies that will sell the resin wicker in several colors and styles. You will have to determine if your style and color are available.

If an animal chews on your wicker material, just clean up the ends of your material. Measure and determine the best color. Measurement needs to be on size and shape. Not all wicker material is round, some of it will be flat.

Walmart has a large selection of replacement materials.

Is resin wicker furniture good for the outdoors?

Most resin wicker is made from recycled material. It will be dyed in the process so the color will withstand most outdoor conditions.

The worst weather for the resin wicker is really hot sunshine. Some in the hot and not-so-humid dessert areas will find the resin wicker does dry out and start to fade after a few years. If you live in this environment, I would get a cover to protect your investment.

Areas that have high winds may not want to leave your furniture unprotected from the wind. This type of furniture is not very heavy and can be moved around in high winds. Moving the furniture together and putting a quality cover on it will help.

See my information on patio furniture covers here.

How to store resin wicker furniture in winter?

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks covers

If you live in an area that gets snow and freezing rain, finding a place to store your patio furniture out of the weather is the best choice. A cover for all of your patio furniture is the next best choice.

Although the resin wicker material will take the winter weather well, you just spent a ton of money on your patio furniture, so why not take care of it?

I store my dining chairs in the shed during the cold months, a cover could also protect your patio furniture. Each person's ability to keep their patio furniture looking good is different.

Is painting outdoor resin wicker furniture a good idea?

Sometimes your mood color or decor changes. Maybe you moved and the decor outside is different. Your resin wicker can be spray painted to change its color pallet.

Several types of paint for plastic patio furniture are available. Your furniture must be clean and dry for the best results. I would have the furniture pressure washed and let dry for a day or two.

Spray painting your resin wicker will take a little practice and you will want to make sure the old color does not show through or that all of the seams are covered. I would think that trying to paint with a brush would give less than spectacular results.

Will resin wicker furniture keep its value?

Cosco Malmo Conversation set Brown resin wicker

Depends on you. I have seen resin wicker patio furniture that is over 10 years old and still looks great. Keeping your furniture protected from lots of direct sunlight and constant freezing and thawing will help.

A cover or a storage solution will help. The resin wicker patio furniture is now one of the lowest entry costs into getting outdoor furniture for your home. Protect your investment and it will keep its value.

What about my patio furniture cushions?

Reversable lounger cushions

This is one area that most people do not understand. All patio cushions should be stored out of the weather and sun when not in use. Any fabric material will not last many years in the sun and moisture that is present in most outdoor environments.

I keep my cushions in a closet until I need to use them. Once used I try to get them back in storage before the next rain. Most of my cushions are under a cover and not in direct sunlight or rain. I have had the same cushions for my patio furniture for over 10 years and they still look like new.

Don't think that just because they are outdoor cushions they will withstand outdoor weather conditions. The number one complaint for people about their patio furniture is that the frames are in good shape and the cushions are toast.

Some generic cushions are available, if you have custom cushion sizes or colors, you may have to go to a local upholstery shop to get some made. The cost of this is sometimes more than you paid for your patio furniture set in the first place.

Take care of your cushions. See some of my storage solutions here.

My thoughts on resin wicker patio furniture

The resin wicker material that is sold today is very good for outdoor patio furniture. The color will last very well, most of the frames are either aluminum or steel with a powder-coated finish.

If your finish is damaged or you want to change colors, you can fix if with a little work on your part. Cushions are still the biggest issue that outdoor furniture has, just get a storage solution for when they are not in use.

If you have any questions or comments for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.