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When your fire pit sits outside when not in use, the weather can destroy any piece of patio furniture if you leave it sitting outdoors unprotected. Any Gas Fire Pit Covers will help protect your investment.

Some products will come with a poly cover that will work for a couple of years. Most of them will be thin and the seams will start to separate after a couple of years.

Getting a premium cover when your factory cover fails will keep your fire pit looking like new.

fire pit cover blue

How tight should the cover fit over your fire pit?

Your cover should fit tight enough to not flap in the wind during heavy winds. It should be loose enough to be able to be put on and removed easily.

If you are getting a custom cover, you should get the measurements of your fire pit before calling customer service and they will help you get the best fit.

What keeps your Gas Fire Pit Cover on?

Most covers will either have a drawstring around the bottom or elastic that is embedded into the bottom of the cover. I would prefer to have the drawstring type, as the string could be replaced without much work.

Does the material make a difference?

The material does make a big difference. A thin poly cover will only last a few years before it gets hard and the seams will start to separate. The thicker poly covers will have a double-stitched seam and be a little more flexible after being in the outdoor environment.

The old adage that you get what you pay for works here. If you purchase one of the all-purpose covers, you will get something that will only last a couple of years.

The patio furniture covers that are made at Covers&All will last for many years and keep your fire pit looking like new.

My final thoughts on getting the Best Gas Fire Pit Covers

If your fire pit or any other patio furniture sits out in the weather when not in use, a premium furniture cover will keep it looking like new for many years.

I have had the factory covers for a couple of fire pits and they only lasted 2 years at most. I did replace one with another generic cover and it lasted only 2 years also.

Get a premium cover for the best results, the extra money that they cost will be returned with good-looking furniture when the cover is removed.

If you have any questions or comments for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.