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If you are looking for seating for four that will last in most outdoor weather conditions, look at one of these Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets. Each will have some exciting features for your outdoor seating and gathering needs.

The resin wicker is one of the best finishes for outdoor furniture if you want something that does not need a lot of attention when not in use. The cushions will need most of your attention to make them last more than a few seasons outdoors.

Now let us look at the details and a few FAQ's.

Best Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets

Why You Should Get Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets

One of the advantages of Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets is the resin wicker construction. Most resin wicker will be made from recycled materials that are good for the environment.

The woven resin wicker can be repaired if it has some small damage. The style of the wicker material will allow it to match many outdoor decors as it comes in many styles and colors.

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets

When looking at resin wicker patio furniture, look for a style that fits your current decor to save some money.

I like aluminum or powder-coated steel frames to help your frames last a long time in outdoor weather conditions. Some will come with iron or plain steel frames that are prone to rust.

Adjustable feet are needed if you have uneven surfaces in your patio area. They are not needed if you have a smooth deck or concrete patio.

Cushions for long-term sitting are preferred to sitting on the wicker for an evening. They will need a cover or storage solution to make them last for as long as the resin wicker.

Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets

1. Mainstays Sanza Rattan Conversation Set-Best Overall

Mainstays Sanza 4-Piece Wicker Conversation Set

The Mainstays Sanza resin wicker patio set will have a loose woven resin wicker for all panels except for the chair fronts and table ends. The table top will also have a tighter weave to hold stuff from falling thru. The table-top will also have a resin sheet under the weave to make the table top able to handle some weight without sagging.

The seating will have a boxed cushion for the seats and a pillow type cushion for the seat backs. Polyester filling will have a polyester fabric cover for the cushions.

No weight capacity is given for this set. An Allen wrench is used for assembly, some customers stated it was hard to use the allen wrench vs the screwdriver for other sets.


  • The lower shelf on the coffee table for storing goods
  • Thick pillow-type back cushions
  • Open weave for the resin wicker


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • Some alignment issues during the assembly
  • No ties for the cushions

2. Costway Wicker Furniture set-Great for the larger people

Costway 4PCS Wicker Conversation Set

The Costway resin wicker conversation set will have full woven panels for the sides and backs of the seating and the ends of the coffee table. The coffee table will have a tempered glass insert for the top over a solid woven wicker panel.

The seating will have a thin boxed cushion for the seats. The cushions will have a sponge insert with a polyester fabric cover. The covers will have a zipper to remove them for cleaning.

Each of the feet will have a rubber foot to keep your patio furniture in place. Each seating position will hold up to 350 pounds of butt. This is the set to get if you have heavy guests.


  • Large weight capacity of seating
  • The cushions have a zipper for removal and cleaning
  • Tight resin wicker weave, looks solid


  • No storage under the coffee table
  • The cushions will need a storage solution
  • Glass table-top may be hard to replace if broken

3. FDW 4 Piece Wicker Conversation Set-Best for those on a budget

FDW 4-Piece Wicker Patio Set

A simple conversation set with black woven resin wicker panels. The wicker is tightly woven and each piece will have arched skirts under the seats and table-top. The coffee table will have a tempered glass insert to put your drinks and snacks on.

The seating will have seat cushions with foam filling and polyester covers. The covers will have zippers for cover removal and cleaning. Each seating position will support 200 pounds of weight.

It only takes a screwdriver to assemble, make sure final tightening is done when the furniture is sitting on a smooth level surface.


  • The cushions have a zipper for removal and cleaning
  • Tight resin wicker weave, looks solid
  • Easy assembly


  • The 200-pound weight limit for each sitting position
  • The cushions will need a storage solution
  • Glass table-top may be hard to replace if broken


Here are some commonly asked questions about Outdoor Wicker Conversation Sets

What is the advantage of resin wicker for outdoor patio furniture?

Most resin wicker is made from recycled material, it is good for the environment. It lasts very well in most outdoor weather conditions without much care.

Can you repair the woven resin wicker?

The resin wicker material is made to let you repair some places where an animal may have chewed on it. Matching the material may take a little work as the shape and color will have to be compared to have a repair look good.

What do you clean the resin wicker with to keep it looking new?

Most resin-wicker materials will only need to be wiped with a damp cloth to keep them clean. Do not use any cleaning materials as they may harm the color or surface of the resin wicker material.

How best to take care of your cushions?

Storage of your cushions in a location that does not have a lot of moisture or sunshine will make your cushions last a lot longer. My suggestion is to have a storage solution in a cabinet or shed that will keep your cushions safe when not in use.

If you look at my storage category, I have several solutions that will fit almost any outdoor decor. With one of these cabinets, your cushions can be stored near where you use them and keep them out of the weather.

The other solution would be to have weather covers for your patio furniture. See my information on the Covers&All company for more details.


The choice of these 3 resin wicker patio sets will come down to your choice of the wicker syle. All of these sets will be under $300 and will work well for most. If you are the heavy variety the weight capacity of the Costway set will be what you will look for.

I personal like the Mainstays Sanza set for its looks and bigger cushions.

If you have any questions or comments for me, let me know with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.