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Nothing beats sitting on the front porch or on your patio in a rocking chair.  When looking for the best Porch or Patio Rocking Chairs for your outdoor space, the Mainstays Asher Springs rocker should be on your list.  With a simple design and cushions for long-term sitting comfort, you will love these chairs.

Just add a smooth surface for these chairs to sit on, and you will enjoy hours of comfortable sitting chatting with others.  Add a side table or fire pit (the one shown in the picture is not included with this purchase) to enhance your outdoor experience.  For more side tables, see my post here.  For more ideas on simple fire pits, see my post here.

Now let us look at the details of this rocker and see what details will work best for you.  For more selections on an outdoor chair, follow this link for more of my information.


Patio Rocking Chairs



Product: Mainstays Asher Springs rocker

Price when this article was written: $174 for a pair

Where to get the best price online: Walmart



Mainstays Asher Springs Patio Rocking Chairs back viewWhat do you get in the box?



The Mainstays Asher Springs rocker will have metal frames that are powder-coated to last for a long time in most outdoor weather conditions.  The slat frame for seating and the X-shaped back will have thick cushions to give you comfort for extended seat time.

Each chair will be 27.5 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 29.4 inches tall.  The chair will support up to 250 pounds of weight.

A twin rubber rail is included on the bottom of each rocker to smooth out your chair as it moves.  You can use this chair on a surface that is not completely flat, unlike some other rocking chairs.  Stops are included on the end of each rocker to prevent the chair from going back too far and tipping over.

Cushions will have an Olefin fabric cover, this is a great material for outdoor furniture.  Fabric ties will keep your cushions secure while on your rocker.  I would suggest a storage solution for these or any other outdoor cushions to make them last for many seasons.

The simple design of these rocking chairs will get you to use them shortly after opening the box.  They should be used on a smooth or flat surface to avoid damage to the rockers.

Mainstays Asher Springs Patio Rocking Chairs bare frame

Assembly and care of your Patio Rocking Chairs



If you have any skills at all, these two chairs should be assembled in less than 1/2 hour.  All tools that are required are included in the hardware pack, just an Allen Wrench.  Find a surface that you can lay your assembly on, I use the shipping box, while putting these chairs together.

The seat and back are one piece that just requires them to be unfolded.  Place an arm on the box and lay the seat, back piece on it, and start the four screws.  Leave them a little loose until the other are is on.  Put the other arm on the box and install the four screws.  Put the chair upon its rocker for the final tightening of the screws for the best results.  Add cushions and secure the ties.  You are ready for a cool drink and a relaxing time.

The proper care of these chairs will be with mild soap and water for most stains and dirt.  Do not use any harsh chemicals as they will damage the powder-coated surface on the frames.  If your frame does get a scratch, make sure that you repair it with some touchup paint to keep it from starting to rust.

You should find a storage solution for your cushions when not in use, this will give you a longer-lasting set.  For some of my storage solutions for cushions and other outdoor things, follow this link.


Mainstays Asher Springs Patio Rocking Chairs front view


  • Great rocking motion
  • Cushions with ties for comfort
  • Rubber strips on the bottom of rockers for a smooth rocking motion


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • No side table included in this set
  • Needs a flat surface for best results


For more information and the best price on Patio Rocking Chairs, follow the link below

Mainstays Asher Springs rocking chairs

My final thoughts on this rocker



The simple design, easy assembly, and additional comfort from the inserts on the bottom of the rockers will give you hours of comfortable sitting from the Mainstays Asher Springs patio rocking chair.

The powder-coated frames will last very well in most outdoor weather conditions.  The Olefin fabric does well in outdoor weather conditions also.   With the ties to hold them in place, you will not have to worry about them in the wind.

I think adding a side table or firepit would be the greatest way to make this a great place to hang out after work with a cool drink and a friend.

For any comments or questions, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.