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Outdoor Screen Rooms Gazebos

For those who are looking to use their outdoor space and do not like to share with bugs or want a shady spot, one of these Outdoor Screen Rooms Gazebos will work.  The Mainstays Gazebo will have a screen on all four sides and a top cover that will keep you in the shade.

At a little over 11 feet square you will have room to put in almost any conversation set or small dining set.  For a matching conversation set, see my information here.  For a four-seat dining set see my post here.

Now let us look at some of the details of this Gazebo here and see if it will work for you.


Price when the article was written: $247

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Outdoor Screen Rooms Gazebos-Mainstays Patio Screen Rooms GazebosWhat do you get in the box


You will get a rather large box that will need a pickup or trailer for moving.  The box will be about 8 feet long and weight over 150 pounds, extra hands will get it home in one piece.

The canvas top will give you shade and attach it to the sides to keep it in place.  Four corner legs will support the top with railing connecting and supporting the corner legs.  Each corner will have a shelf to place plants or other goods on.

Netting will hang from the side railing.  Each side will have a zipper to open the netting when no bugs are present.  If you zip this up after dark it will keep most flying bugs out.  Those that can crawl under it, including animals and reptiles, yikes snakes.  A bug zapper outside your gazebo will also help with insect control.

Outdoor Screen Rooms Gazebos-Gazebo screenThe gazebo will measure almost 12 feet square when fully assembled,  The doors will be about 6 foot 3 inches tall when the zipper is fully open.  The Gazebo is over 8 foot tall at the center inside and 6 foot 8 inches tall at the inside edges.  This will give it a bigger feel with the tall ceiling.

The base of each leg will have holes for connecting to the ground or solid surface that the gazebo sits on.  The big factor here is that if you leave the canopy and netting on your gazebo, it can be like a kite in high winds.  The legs are not made thick enough to support this gazebo in high winds with the canopy in place without damage.  Connecting to a solid surface will highlight this shortcoming of this gazebo.

This will be a great addition to any outdoor area that is flat and will need some shade or insect control.  Any outdoor patio set that will fit into a 10 by 10 space will work well.


Assembly of your Gazebos


Just follow this great video to see the assembly of a similar gazebo.  Although this guy put this together by himself, I would recommend having an extra pair of hands, it will make the process much easier.




Outdoor Screen Rooms Gazebos-Gazebo sideCare of you Gazebos


Care of your gazebo should be with a mild soap and water mixture.  Do not use any harsh chemicals as they will damage the painted surfaces.  Make sure that the canopy and sides are removed during high winds or if you are not going to use this gazebo any time soon.  This will protect the frame, canopy and screening against damage from any winds.


  • The screen will protect your guest from flying insects
  • Shelves on corners for flowers
  • Big enough for most outdoor furniture sets
  • Zipper opening on all four sides


  • Can be damaged by intermediate winds
  • Corner post are too lightweight for canopy and screen
  • Should have extra hands for assembly

For today's pricing and availability, use the following link

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Final thoughts on creating a room outside with a Gazebo


When you use your outdoor space and sit in the sun or are bothered by flying insects, the Mainstays Patio Screen Rooms Gazebos will be a great solution.  It will define a room in your patio area that you can put a conversation set or a small dining set.  This gazebo will be a great solution to most of your outdoor needs as a temporary shelter.

The big drawback to this or any gazebo is the weather.  High winds or heavy snow and ice will tear up your fabric.  The frames are not made to support much more weight than the canopy and screen.  You will have to take them both off when this gazebo is not going to be used to protect it from the outside elements.

Thanks for reading my information, if you have anything to add or have a question for me, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

For assembly instructions for this gazebo follow the link below.


Mainstays Easy Assemble Gazebo Instructions