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Glider for Patio Furniture


When I look for seating with some motion for a porch or deck, a Glider for Patio Furniture will allow hours of comfortable seating without making your butt tired.  The PatioPost Glider will have an aluminum frame and sling fabric for great durability in most outdoor weather conditions.

The long-lasting sling fabric will give you patio furniture that will not require cushions or a storage solution.  The forward and back motion will be supplied by two bars on each side that connects the seat to the base of this chair.  This style of glider patio furniture will require little work to keep looking like new, just clean up where the birds and small animals leave their mark before it stains the chair.

Now let us look at the details of this chair and see if it works for you.  If you would like to see some other chair designs for your patio, see my post here.

Product: PatioPost Porch Glider

Price when this article was written: $103.99

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PatioPost Single Seat Glider for Patio FurnitureWhat do you get in the box


This glider chair will have an aluminum frame and sling material for seating.  The sling material is available in two colors at this time, Mocha or Tan.  The frame will have a dark brown powder-coated finish.

Arms on each side will support the seat from the base frame.   A seat with sling fabric will be 19.7 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep.  Back section with sling material will have a little pillow-like top to rest your head on.  It will be the same width 19.7 inches and 28.3 inches tall.  This seating material and design will give you plenty of comfort will seating.

The seat of the chair will be 16.9 inches off the floor and will support up to 350 pounds of weight.  Front to back the base is 32.3 inches, the top of the chair will go beyond the back feet while gliding so give yourself enough room for this chair.

The chair will weigh less than 20 pounds,  This may seem light, you still will have to juggle the base that will try to move when the chair is off the ground.  This may make the chair difficult to move for one person even though it is lightweight.


PatioPost Sling Glider for Patio Furniture Swing ArmsAssembly and care fo your patio chair


There are two main pieces to this chair, the seat, and the base. They are connected by four bars that are on swivels, this gives the forward and back motion.

Crossbars will give the base its stability.  The seat portion will also have several crossbars and the fabric frames to keep it stable. Attaching the proper hardware for each piece is the hardest part of the assembly of this chair.  Pay attention to the part numbers and size of the connecting hardware, as some of the hardware is very similar.

Four bars connect the base and seat sections.  Make sure that they are placed in the proper location so that the motion will happen.  putting the bars in the wrong location and the chair may not move at all.

PatioPost Glider for Patio Furniture Sling FabricProper care of this set will be with a damp cloth.  Just wipe it down when it gets dirty and you will have a chair that will give you years of enjoyment.  Do not use any chemicals of any kind on this or any other patio furniture.  Most will have a powder-coated finish that can easily be damaged by most cleaning chemicals, even glass cleaners, this chair is no different.  If your finish starts to peel or discolor, chemicals are the probable cause.

Having a cover for your chair in the most severe weather will help keep it looking like new if you cannot store it out of the weather.  For some furniture cover options, see my post here.


  • Motion to keep you from getting stiff
  • Sling fabric will require no storage solution
  • The aluminum frame will not rust


  • Takes up more floor space than a regular chair
  • May be hard to move when neede-bottom will move when picked up
  • Assembly directions may be hard to understand

PatioPost Sling Glider for Patio Furniture BackWhy do I think this is a great purchase


I really like the sling material for patio furniture, the fabric will last very well in most outdoor weather conditions.  This Glider for patio furniture from the PatioPost collection is a great choice for a motion chair.  The forward and back motion, aluminum frames, and sling seating material are all items that work very well for the best in patio seating furniture.

If you have any similar patio furniture that you really like or just have a question for me, send me a not with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.



PatioPost glider chair