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Small Patio Sets for Balconies


There are several solutions to finding the right Small Patio Sets for Balconies that will fit your needs.   Most balconies are less than 8-foot square and require a smaller set than a builders deck.  If you want to dine, use a bistro dining set if you want to sit and relax with one other friend, a chat set will work, If you want to relax and have space for four people, a conversation set will work best.

Only you and your space needs will be able to completely solve what works best for you.  I have a bistro set with a bench on my small deck at the lake, I have a chat set on the front porch.  On my side deck, I have two chairs that I have cushions for when we use them.  All this information below will give you some insight into what is available and how it is used.

Now let us look at the different styles and see what works best for you.

small patio sets for balconies-Woodland Hills conversation set

Conversation sets


When you are needing seating for four, several small conversation sets will fit the bill. With two chairs, a love seat, and a coffee table this will seat four and give you a place for drinks and snacks.

Several styles are out there to choose from in chairs and finishes.  Straight leg seating will be the most inexpensive, with the motion chairs being the most expensive and taking the most floor space for the same seating.

Finishes range from a simple wood set to metal and a woven resin wicker look.  The metal will be the best value, with wood next, then wicker finishes are normally the highest priced sets.

Sets with cushions will have the most comfort, followed by the polyester sling fabric.  Wood furniture will normally need cushions added for long term sitting.

For more information on my conversation set choices, see my post here.


  • Seating for four
  • Bigger table
  • Has the most options


  • Needs a bigger space than other sets
  • May need storage for cushions

small patio sets for balconies-Willow Valley chat setChat sets


A chat set will be two chairs with a small table.  Some will come with ottomans for extra seating or leg comfort.  With seating for two in most sets, the ottomans will be a welcome addition when you have guests over.  Some of the ottomans will store under the chairs when not needed.

Styles will be the same as the conversations sets, wood, metal or resin wicker finishes are available.  Cushions will also be an add on for most sets, only available in the higher-priced options.

Tables for this style will be on the smaller size, about 18 to 20 inches across and 18 to 22 inches tall.  Not big enough for a meal, just big enough for a couple of drinks and a few snacks.

The chat sets Will work best for small spaces or balconies that just need seating for two most of the time.  For my detailed information on chat sets that are available today, use this link.


  • Best for small spaces that just need seating
  • Some ottomans store under chairs


  • Table too small for a small meal
  • Cushions may need a storage solution


small patio sets for balconies-Tulip bistro setBistro dining sets


For those just looking for a small dining solution for their balcony, a bistro set will be the solution.  Most sets will have two chairs and a small dining table.

The table will be about 24 to 28 inches across and 28 inches tall, you can fit the chairs under the table for storage when needed.  Some of the tables will have a hole in the top and lower support for a market umbrella.

The chairs for most sets will be small and without cushions, I did add cushions to my wrought iron bistro set at the lake for more long term seating comfort, I am a slow drinker of my coffee in the morning.

Some higher-priced sets will include cushions and motion chairs for longer-term sitting comfort, this type of sets will take a larger space to be comfortable.

The bistro set will be for those with smaller spaces that only need seating for two and a place for a meal.  I do use mine at the lake for small sandwich meals, so I do not have to carry a lot of stuff to the table.

For more details on balcony bistro sets, see my post here.


  • Can eat full meals on this set
  • Some table will have provisions for umbrella
  • Can fit in very small spaces


  • Only seating for two
  • If you add cushions they will have to be stored when not in use


small patio sets for balconies-Eucalyptus Chaise Lounge With CushionLoungers


Loungers normally do not come in sets, they will offer a relaxing place on a balcony for one person to read a book or just take a nap.

I would look for a  lighter one if on a balcony so it is easy to move.  Most have wheels, if you do not have large patio doors they will not be easy to move out of the weather.

For some of my lounger ideas, look at my post here.

small patio sets for balconies-Half umbrella on balconyShade ideas


If your balcony is on the sunny side during the afternoon and evening hours, you may need a shade solution. Depending on the space available and type of table you have, your choices will be narrowed down a little.

A half umbrella will be a great solution for those with little space or do not have a table to support a market umbrella.  Add a half umbrella stand and you can have a shade solution that you can move as the sun moves, get one with solar lights and you can even use it after dark.

For those with a bigger balcony, an offset umbrella will work.  With a base filled with a media or paver stones for ballast, the offset umbrella will cover a big area and be very adjustable to changes in the sun angle.  I have a friend that uses one by the pool that works very well for her shade solution.

I have several posts on shade solutions for outdoor spaces, see half umbrella solutions here or go to offset umbrella solutions here.

small patio sets for balconies-Wrought iron bistro set at the lakeMy final thoughts on balcony patio furniture


I have a couple of solutions for Small Patio Sets for a Balcony in my outdoor spaces, I have given you several choices to use for your personal outdoor space.

Follow the links in each style to get more information on different styles of patio furniture to make a decision for your own solution.  What is most important to you comfort, style or price, you will find all this information on my other post on this site.

Thanks for reading, what is your solution to your balcony or small outdoor space, leave a line below and I may add it to this article.  Any questions or other comments use the form and I will get back to you shortly.