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When you are looking for a fire pit set with seating for a small space like a balcony, one of these propane Fire Pit With 2 Chairs might be a great choice. You can use them on any deck surface with out any heat protection for the floor.

I will give you different styles of the fire pit and seating in this article, this will give you the idea of what will work best for your outdoor seating and heating needs. From styles of fire pits to the comfort of your seating, you will see that you have a lot of choices in these sets.

To go directly to my information on an item, use the blue highlighted name of the product in the chart below.

Modern Depot chat set with fire pitModern DepotWicker swivelUnder wicker seat$722.15-$732.75
Ezequiel-chat-set-for-twoEzequielWicker fixed legsSeat only$710.55
Ove Decors Lambert chat set with fire pitOve Decors LambertWicker swivelSeat and back $1647.06
Mōd Furniture Montauk chat set with fire pitMod MontaukWicker fixed legsSeat and Lumbar pillow$619.40

Fire Pit with 2 Chairs

Fire pit with 2 chairs
Fire Pit with 2 Chairs-Modern Depot chat set with fire pit

Modern Depot Swivel Stool Chairs

This set will have chairs with a 360-degree swivel motion. The chairs will have a full woven resin wicker finish. A sponge cushion will be under the seat wicker for a softer seat.

The fire pit will be square in design with two finishes and looks, both will have the look of wood made out of a Magnesium Oxide material.

The driftwood look shown in the picture will have a flat top mantle, the barn wood look will have a slanted podium style of fire bowl surround. The fire bowl of both will be filled with lava rocks for media.

A control panel is on the top left of one side that will have an igniter and flame control. A door will open for access to the 20-pound propane tank (not included) for a power source.

The chairs will be 20.6 inches wide at the base and 19.8 inches wide at the seat. They will be 31.4 inches tall at the back. They will swivel a full 360-degrees and will have not arms for extra comfort.

The fire pit will be 20 inches across and 29 inches tall. No heat output is given for this set.


  • Faux wood look
  • Swivel chairs
  • Resin wicker look


  • No arms on chairs
  • Lava rocks in fire bowl
  • Cushion material not removable
Fire Pit with 2 Chairs-Ezequiel-chat-set-for-two

Ezequiel Wicker Club Chair Chat Set and Fire Pit

The chairs of this set will have a full wicker design that is molded not truly woven like some others. The chairs are boxier than the others with seat cushions for comfort.

The fire pit will have a square top design with a weathered wood grain look for the sides and mantel for around the fire bowl. The fire bowl will have a stainless round burner with lava rocks for media. The frame will be made from steel with the exterior made from a lightweight concrete material with a painted finish.

Assembly for this set will take no tools and less than 30 minutes for most people. The chairs will snap together and the fire pit will only take adding the lava rocks and propane tank (not included).

The chairs will be 26.5 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 30 inches tall. Each will have a seat cushion with a polyester cover. The seat will be 15 inches above the floor.

The fire pit will be 32.2 inches across and 23.8 inches tall.


  • Easy assembly
  • Weathered wood look on fire pit
  • Cushions for seats


  • Not woven resin wicker
  • Lava rocks in the fire bowl
  • cushions will need a storage solution when not in use
Fire Pit with 2 Chairs-Ove Decors Lambert chat set with fire pit

Ove Decors Lambert Fire Chat Set with 2 Swivel Chairs

Two swivel chairs will have a woven wicker finish with a full 360-degree swivel motion. Cushions for both seats and back will give this set a great deal of seating comfort. The chairs will have a boxed aluminum frame with resin wicker inserts for the sides and back.

The square top fire pit will have an aluminum frame with resin wicker side panels. A solid metal cover will covert this fire pit to a side table when no fire is needed. The cover will have a handle that will fold flat when not needed. 2 hooks on one side cover will provide a place for storage for the cover when not needed.

The door for the 20-pound propane tank (not included) will have rollers attached for easy removal of the tank when needed. A control panel on another side will provide access to the igniter and flame control. 50,000 BTUs of heat will be provided on high setting.

A round stainless fire ring will have lava rocks for media. All pieces will have adjustable feet for uneven floor surfaces.


  • Cover for fire bowl to make a side table
  • Swivel chairs
  • Roll out tank storage


  • Cushions will need storage when not in use
  • Lava rocks for fire bowl media
  • A bit pricy
Fire Pit with 2 Chairs-Mod Furniture Montauk chat set with fire pit

Mōd Furniture Montauk Woven Chat Set

If you like the clean lines of the modern look, this set may be the one for you. The frames will be steel with a black painted finish. The seats and backs will have a woven resin wicker finish. A seat cushion and lumbar pillow will be included for each chair.

The square top side table will have a steel frame and a glass insert for the top. The table could be used without the glass top if needed.

The fire pit will have a steel frame with a black painted finish. A door on one side will allow access to the 20-pound propane tank (not included).

A recessed control panel is set towards the top on another side panel, it will include an igniter and flame control knob. A round fire ring will have lava rocks for flame media.

The cushions and lumbar pillows will have Navy colored covers that are made from a polyester material. All pieces will have non skid feet to keep them in place.

The chairs will be 26.7 inches wide, 28.3 inches deep, and 33.4 inches tall. The side table will be 15.7 inches across and 13.7 inches tall. The fire pit will be 16 inches across and 28.5 inches tall.


  • Side table included
  • Resin wicker finish
  • Side table and fire pit


  • No movement in chairs
  • Cushions will need storage solution when not in use
  • Lava rocks for fire bowl medium

Use the following image to go to the website for the latest pricing and availability.

4 fire pits with 2 chairs

My final thoughts on fire pit with 2 chairs

Depending on your space, a smaller chat set with a propane fire pit will be a nice addition to any balcony or small deck. Each of these sets will have some details that might be better for some than others. I prefer the Ezekiel set over the others for my outdoor space.

I like the wicker finish and cushions for comfort. The only thing I would like to see is a cover for the fire pit to use it as a side table when no fire is needed and glass fire rocks for a better reflection on the flames. Each person will have to decide what works best for them.

For those looking for more seating for their fire pit chat sets, use this link to my other articles.

If you have any questions or comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.