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In this article, I will give you the details of 5 styles of Wood Burning Fire Pits that are very different for your backyard heating needs. Each will have a slightly different design and look, you should be able to find one for your backyard heating needs.

Not everyone likes a wood fire pit, some will need to have the heat on a composite or wooden surface. In these instances, you would likely want to look at a gas-powered fire pit. I have a propane-powered category for those people here.

To go directly to the information on an item, use the name in the chart below.

ImageProductSpecial Options
Owen Park 28-inch roundOwen ParkInexpensive low-cost round
Axxonn Malaga square fire pitAxxonSolid burn bowl cover to make a side table when no fire is needed
Mainstays Greyson 30” Square Wood Burning Fire PitGreyson Inexpensive low-cost square
Living Accents Wheeled 28 Wood-Burning Fire PitLiving AccentsWheels for easy movement
Zeny Hex Shaped Patio Fire PitZenyHexagon shape and semi-open sides
Wood Burning Fire Pits-Owen Park 28-inch round

Mainstays Owen Park Round Wood Burning Fire Pits

A simple wood-burning fire pit that is lightweight (only 11 pounds) you can take with you or move anywhere if it is cool. A round structure that will have four legs supported by a lower ring.

Included items are a mesh spark screen cover for the burn bowl, a grate to allow the wood to breathe easier, and a forked poke to stir or roll your firewood for a better burn.

The bowl will be 28 inches wide and 6 inches deep. The total height with the spark screen attached is 19.68 inches and it will weigh 10.58 pounds empty.

This fire pit would be a great choice for tailgating or parties at the beach. If it gets damaged it will not break the bank.

See more details in my article on the Owen Park fire pit here.


  • Poly cover for storage
  • Light-weight easy to move
  • Low price


  • May not hold much wood
  • Unless stored out of the weather, may rust quickly
  • Not a large firepit, plain looking
Wood Burning Fire Pits-Axxonn Malaga square fire pit

Axxonn Malaga Square Tile Top Fire Pit

A square fire pit that can convert to a coffee table (a little short for a side table) with the included tile top insert. The lower leg support will allow you to store the tile top or spark screen when not needed.

The fire bowl is not very deep at 4.5 inches, this fire pit will need tending to keep a good fire going. The included forked poker will allow you to remove the mesh cover and move around your burning firewood.

The fire pit will be 32 inches across and 22 inches to the top of the mesh screen when attached. The mantle will be 17 inches off the ground. The mantle is 6 inches wide, fire bowl cover is 20 inches across. The tile squares are all different sizes and may be hard to replace if broken.

The fire pit will weigh 42 pounds empty, the tiles will put on a lot of weight to this fire pit. It will not be as mobile as some of the others in this article.

Best looking fire pit when no fire is needed, can leave out on the patio area all year round and use as a coffee table when guests are over.


  • Converts to a coffee table with the included tile top
  • Can store the tile top or mesh screen on the bottom leg support
  • Bottom grate to help wood breath while burning


  • If a tile gets broken, it may be hard to replace
  • No poly cover for storage
  • Small size may not hold much wood
Wood Burning Fire Pits-Mainstays Greyson 30” Square Wood Burning Fire Pit

Mainstays Greyson Square Wood Burning Fire Pits

Another lightweight fire pit with a square design. The design will fit those with a square design for their outdoor space. You can take it anywhere as it will be easy to move as it will weigh only 18 pounds empty.

The top will be 30 inches across and 20.47 inches tall at the top of the spark screen. A metal grate will keep the wood off the bottom to promote better burning. A forked poker will allow you to take off the spark screen and move your wood around for a better fire.

This would be a great fire pit for taking camping or tailgating. When no fire is needed this fire pit would be easy to move and store, if you need to leave in the weather a poly cover is included.


  • Low cost
  • Light weight easy to move when cool
  • Poly cover is included


  • Does not hold very much wood
  • May rust quickly if not stored out of the weather
  • Shallow burn bowl
Wood Burning Fire Pits-Living Accents Wheeled 28 Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Living Accents Wheeled Wood-Burning Fire Pits

A little different is this fire pit with wheels for easy movement. This fire pit is taller than most and has a sliding door to add or adjust your firewood.

The middle screen will allow a 360-degree view of the fire. One panel will hang on an upper ring to slide out of the way to open the fire pit for adjusting the wood. A grate will allow the wood to breathe easier for a better fire.

The fire pit will be 28 inches across and 45 inches tall to the top of the chimney. On this fire pit, the top does not come off to adjust the firewood.

The wheels on one side will be complemented by a handle on the other side to help move this 33 pound (empty weight) fire pit. You can even move this fire pit when it is hot if you are careful and use the proper gloves for protection.

This is a great fire pit for those who need mobility.


  • Mobility with wheels
  • Higher fire bowl
  • Full 360-degree view of fire


  • May be easier to tip over
  • Harder to load wood while burning with sliding door
  • May not be able to take tailgating due to the size
Wood Burning Fire Pits-Zeny Hex Shaped Patio Fire Pit

Zeny Hex Shaped Patio Fire Pit

This is a great-looking fire pit that provides a great view of the fire in the bowl with the screen and lattice sides. The fire bowl will have

The hexagon shape will be a great addition to your outdoor decor. Included will be a forked poker and spark screen. No grill for cooking or poly cover is sold for this fire pit.

This is a smaller fire pit that will fit better in smaller outdoor spaces. It will be 24 inches across, 25 inches to the top of the spark screen. The spark screen will be 9 inches tall and the bowl is 6.5 inches tall. This fire pit will be only 14 inches to the top of the burn bowl.

The Zeny fire pit will weigh 15.75 pounds empty, it will be easy to move to any location while cool. It would make a great fire pit for tailgating at your favorite game.


  • See the fire to the bottom
  • Deepbowl for firewood
  • Lattice like design on sides


  • Small size-bowl is 24 inches by 6.5 inches tall
  • Metal is thin-may burn thru quickly if you have a lot of hot fires
  • No poly cover included-may rust easily
Wood Burning Fire Pits-Wood fire in round fire pit

My final thoughts on these Wood Burning Fire Pits

I like the price and mobility of the Owen Park model, this is the style that I have had for the last 15 years. You can take it anywhere when it is cool and it would be easy to store. For those who need a coffee table when no heat is needed, the Axxonn model will work well.

Each one of these fire pits will have its own niche, you will have to look at the details to see which one works best for your outdoor entertainment.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.