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Backyard Fire Pit Accessories

When having a fire in your fire pit, you made need to look at Backyard Fire Pit Accessories to make your job easier. A small amount of wood storage, tools to keep the fire going and help with cleanup, and a great looking accessory for your patio area that can be used by the fireplace in the house also.

These 8 examples will give you the ability to keep wood close to your fire and keep the logs turning to keep the fire going. The brooms and shovels will help with cleanup when the fire is over. Cleaning out the ashes in the burn bowl will lengthen the life of your fire pit dramatically as moisture will not settle in the ashes and start the rust cycle.

Each of these log racks with tools will work, you will have to decide the look you are after and what kind of storage is best for your home.

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Wood rack with toolsBlack RackShovel
Black Wrought Iron wood rackWrought IronShovel
Front Loading log rackFront LoadingShovel
All in One wood rackAll In OneShovel
Kindling RackKindling RackShovel
Allegheny Raised box wood rackAllegheny RaisedShovel
Hammered Country Home log rackCountry HomeShovel
Hammered Steel Curved log rackCompactShovel

Fire tools with wood storage for by the fire pit or fireplace

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories-Wood rack with tools

Wood Rack With Fireplace Tools – Black

For a small footprint, this wood storage rack will work well. It will have a square base and curved bar on the front and back to support firewood. A lower shelf will allow the storage of starter wood or newspapers.

Four tools will be included with rings on the ends for hanging on the hooks at each end. It is lightweight at only 17.5 pounds without wood.

The broom, poker, shovel and, grabber are all made with the same Powder-Coated black finish as the rack.

The base of the rack is 13.25 inches square and it will be 16.5 inches tall. This will holds an evening's amount of wood and fit in a very small space.

This wood rack and tools is imported.

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories-Black Wrought Iron wood rack

Black Wrought Iron Log Rack With Tools

All the tools on one side and wood on the other. Two small strips of metal will make a small shelf for kindling wood on the top. Firewood will store in the arched lower basket.

The four tools will have Shepard's hook style to the handle for hanging on the four hooks of this rack.

The rack will be 31 inches long and 16 inches wide. No extra support for the fire wood except the two outside rails.

The wrought iron will have a black finish. It is Imported.

Backyard Fire Pit AccessoriesFront Loading log rack

Steel Front-Loading Log Rack

This American made handcrafted log rack will have three places to hold different burning materials. This rack will be handcrafted by blacksmiths. The open front for the logs will be handy when logs are needed.

You can store firewood, kindling, and starter papers all in separate areas. The lower shelf will be ideal for starter papers and the middle rack will hold enough wood for a few hours of burn.

The three tools have Shepards hook handles that will fit on the top rod extension. A small rack on the top will hold plenty of kindling wood.

The broom will be hand made as well with hand tied sorghum straw. Frame is hand-hammered steel made in the USA.

The rack will be 22 inches long, 23 inches wide (with the rod for hanging tools), and 33 inches tall.

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories-All in One wood rack

All In One wood rack with tools

This is a large rack for those with lots of room. It will have three flat storage areas for your newspaper, starter wood, or gloves. A larger area will be for your firewood, enough for a whole evening's fire.

This rack is made with a steel frame with a black powder-coated finish. The three tools will hang on hooks on the end, each will have Shepard's hook at the ends. The other end will have three smaller hooks on the ends of the top two shelves.

This log rack is large at 40 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 34 inches tall. The three smaller shelves will be 12 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 11 inches apart.

Each shelf will have bands to keep stuff from falling through. The bottom shelf for the firewood has no barrier to keep wood or debris from falling through, just a front and back rail. This rack will have an impressive amount of storage.

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories-Kindling Rack

Kindling Rack With Fireplace Tools – Black

Very similar to the first rack in this article, It seems like it is an antique bronze color although the description states that it is black. The frames will be made from square steel tubing, this will be very rigged.

This rack will come fully assembled and all you have to do is unpack it to use it. The tools will have a ring on the handle to hang from the four hooks provided.

A lower shelf has a solid floor to keep debris off your floor, great for storing kindling wood. An upper cradle will hold your firewood, enough for an evening of burning.

For those with small spaces, this rack will work well at only 13 inches square at the base and 32 inches tall.

The broom will be made with corn stalks and this set comes with tongs for picking up small logs while they are in the fire.

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories-Allegheny Raised box wood rack

Allegheny Raised Wood Storage Box

For those who like the wood look near their burn area, this log holder with the raised wooden box will look great. The reclaimed wood look will go well with the black powder-coated metal frames.

The tools will have Shepard's hook handle to help store them on the three hooks on the side of the wooden storage box. You could store kindling or newspaper on the bottom shelf.

The rack will be 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 28 inches tall. The design will keep most people from having to bend over to get firewood to add to the fire.

The box appears to be about 8 inches deep and will hold a few hours of wood, it will not hold big logs or long wood very well.

If you are like me, old, you will like the idea of not having to bend over to get a log to put on the fire after sitting in front of it a few hours.

Backyard Fire Pit AccessoriesHammered Country Home log rack

Hammered Steel Country Home Log Rack

This log rack will only have a single storage area, mainly built for logs. The rack is made from hand-hammered steel with a black finish. It is made by blacksmiths in the USA.

The three tools will hand from three hooks with a type of Shepard's hook design. The broom will have Sorghum straw that is hand-tied on the shaft.

This log rack is 16 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 27 inches tall. It will hold enough logs for a night's fire, The front tines will be 12 inches off the floor. Just no place to store kindling or newspaper.

The tools sold with this log rack are available separately also. Look up item 90931 on the Plow & Hearth website.

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories-Hammered Steel Curved log rack

Hammered Steel Compact Curved Log Rack

For smaller areas, this hand-crafted log rack will work well. Made by American Blacksmiths from steel with a black finish. The tools will hang from hooks on the top of one end, these hooks can be placed on either side.

The lower rack will hold kindling or newspaper for your fire, only a front and back rail will be provided. You may have to add a mesh shelf or some other barrier to keep small items from falling through.

The upper shelf is big enough to hold a night's worth of firewood, so you will not have to go to the big woodpile in the middle of the fire.

The three tools will hang from Shepard's hook at the end of the handle on sliding hooks. The broom will be hand-tied with sorghum straw bristles.

The rack will be 15 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 24.5 inches tall. It will be great for those smaller spaces by your fire pit or fire places. Made in the USA.

For more information and availability on these log holder with tool set, use the link below

My final thoughts on these firewood rack with tools

Whether you are looking for a solution by the fire pit or fireplace, one of these Backyard fire pit accessories ideas will be of some help. I have a ring-type one that has hooks on both sides and it will hold up to four tools and has a small area for kindling on the top. I don't remember where it came from, it is no longer available.

Having a way to keep a small amount of wood by your fire is a great asset, you will not have to leave your friends and family to go gather wood and all of your tools are close by. Your style and size of space will dictate to you what type of firewood storage you should be looking at.

I have larger storage ideas for firewood on a post here. For moving your wood from the bulk pile to a small storage area by your burn area, try one of these log movers here.

I have given you 8 ideas in this post. If you have any questions or comments on this or any other information on my site, leave me a note in the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.