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Firewood Rack with Cover

If you burn wood for heat or just for a social event, you will need a Firewood Rack with a Cover to keep your firewood organized and dry. In this post, I will give you information on a simple solution to your firewood storage.

There will be three sizes of storage racks in this article, you can store from a 1/2 of a cord of wood up to 1 1/2 cord of wood with the largest example. Each can be purchased with or without the vinyl cover.

Now let us look at the sizes of these racks and see which one works best for your wood storage needs. I have two of the medium wood storage racks so that I can have wood in two different locations when I need it. the following log racks with covers can be purchased at the Plow & Hearth website.

Firewood Rack with Cover-Fire Wood Storage racks and covers
ImageDescriptionSizeRick or Cord capacityPrice
Heavy Duty Large Log RackExtra Large96″L x 13″W x 60″H1 1/2 Cord$169.95
$99.95 No Cover
Heay Duty Extra Large Log RackLarge96″L x 13″W x 45″H1 Cord$119.95
$79.95 No Cover
Heavy Duty Medium Log RackMedium45″L x 13″W x 45″H1/2 Cord$89.95
$69.95 No Cover
Extra Large log rack coverExtra Large Cover99″L x 24″D x 60″HN/A$79.95
Large log rack coverLarge Cover98″L x 24″D x 36″HN/A$49.95
Medium log rack coverMedium Cover50″L x 24″W x 36″HN/A$29.95
Firewood Rack with Cover-fire wood stack in yard

What size log holder do I need

Each person will have to decide on their storage needs based on how much wood they use each year. I use a rank or 1/2 cord in my fireplace and about a 1/4 cord of wood in my fire pit each year. I have two of the medium-sized log racks, I keep one in the Garage to keep my wood dry and another one on a deck with a cover to keep the wood dry.

My dad uses his fireplace as a heating source in the winter months and burns about a Cord to a Cord and a half of wood each year. He stores his wood in an Extra Large rack in his carport area and covers it. He has a medium-sized wood rack on the back covered porch to take into the house.

Your needs will be determined by your use of firewood. Each person's need will vary by their need for heating in the cooler months. Most people purchase wood today in the rank-size as that is what is popular to sell in my area of the country, Midwest USA.

A lot of people could get by with the Medium-sized log rack if they do not burn a lot or live in a warmer area. I do not purchase firewood as I can cut my own, my woodpile out back can be very large at times. I will haul wood from the woodpile to one of my log racks before it gets cool so it can age and dry out.

You will have to examine the use of your burning to know what size of log rack will work for you.

Firewood Rack with Cover-Heavy Duty Medium Log Rack

Heavy duty log rack details

The heavy-duty log rack will have a tubular steel frame construction, with a black powder-coated finish. Each will an end frame with a looped top that attaches to the base.

The large and extra-large racks are just two medium bases connected together. They can be easily disassembled when not needed for easy storage.

The racks can be ordered with or with out the vinyl covers.

Rack cover details

The covers for each size of log rack will be made from a durable vinyl material. Each of the covers for the large and medium racks will be made to have a small gap in the bottom to keep unwanted moisture from getting in your wood. This 9-inch gap does not appear on the extra-large cover.

Firewood Rack with Cover-Log-rack-cover-opened-for-wood-removal

The cover will have brass grommets on the bottom to use rope or bungee cords to secure your cover on top of your woodpile on the rack.

Each cover will have an opening to get some wood out while not removing the cover. This opening will be secured with Velcro on each side.

Care should be taken in windy environments to make sure that no sharp edges will puncture the cover while in use. Many customers have noted that the cover did not last more than a couple of seasons, this could be from their firewood poking holes in the cover during windy conditions.

These covers will protect your wood from being too wet to burn it properly used, the good thing is that they are available to purchase separately if they are damaged by animals or extreme weather conditions.

Firewood Rack with Cover-Leg details of a wood rack

Assembly and care of my firewood rack

Most people can assemble any of these racks in about 15-20 minutes, depending on their mechanical skills. Only two screws and nuts will be needed on each leg. The medium rack will have four legs. The large and extra Large will have six legs. A bar will be attached to the top set of hardware on each set of legs for stability, mine are built-in and do not have to be added.

I do store my racks in my garage when not in use, they are easy to take apart. I just tape my screws and nuts one of the ends in a sandwich bag when I store them to make sure I have my hardware when I go to put them back together.

The Care of my wood rack is just to wipe it down with a clean cloth when I get it out of storage. The cover will need a little more attention, wiping with a damp cloth will get rid of a lot of debris. Making sure that it does not get punctured by firewood when installed is the best way to prolong its outdoor use.

Pros and cons of the Heavy Duty log rack from Plow and Hearth


  • Easy Assembly
    • Only two bolts and nuts per leg for assembly. The medium has four legs and the larger racks have six legs. Will only take the average person 15-20 minutes to put together and use.
  • Comes with a fitting cover
    • The cover will be a bit larger than the rack to allow for the wood to hangover and still be covered. The tighter the cover fits the less it will blow in the wind and be damaged.
  • Three sizes available
    • Each size will fit the rack it was made for. A small gap at the bottom will allow the firewood to breathe and not trap moisture inside and start mold.


  • Cover subject to damage from wind
    • If your wood has sharp edges or the tarp fits very loosely it can be easily damaged with excess winds. Making sure the little limbs are cut off and that your firewood is cut straight will be a great help.
  • When almost empty may be in the way
    • When you get to the bottom of your woodpile, you may think that this rack is just in the way. You can empty it and take it apart for storage until next year, this is what I do.
  • Velcro may wear out before cover
    • With the use of any Velcro strap, it will deteriorate over time. The Velcro will get dirty and not hold or it will start to come off of the fabric it is attached to. You will have to maintain the Velco to make it last as long as the rest of the cover.
Firewood Rack with Cover--Pneumatic-wheeled-log-caddy-1

Different ideas on firewood storage

I have several different storage solutions around my house for firewood. I have smaller wood storage closer to my burn areas, I have written a post recently about small wood storage with tools attached here.

When you have a large storage for your firewood that is not close to your burn area, you may need to transport your firewood somehow. My solution is a wheeled log cart. I have one for the past 8 years and it has worked out well for me as it will go over any surface, even upstairs, without losing any wood. It can carry enough wood for a couple of days of burning. See my post on wheeled log carts here and see what one I recommend.

Looking to find more information on one of these log racks, use the link below.

My final thoughts on this log rack with cover

If you burn wood you should look at a Firewood Rack with a Cover to organize and keep your wood ready to burn. I have two of the medium wood racks that I have used for at least 15 years. They still look new and hold the wood well. I have not purchased one of the covers for my racks as they are not out in heavy weather.

Your firewood storage needs will be determined by the amount of wood you use during the cooler months. I use well over a rank and not over a cord each season. I burn in a fire pit and fireplace during this time. Your needs may vary from mine.

If you have any questions or comments on this or any other information on my site, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.