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Best American Made Fire pit

When looking for an American Made Fire Pit, several options are available. I will look at 5 of the best wood burning fire pits from Plow and Hearth.

Each of these fire pits will have an open design, no spark screen or tools are included. They will hold plenty of firewood, logs over 24 inches will be no problem for any of these fire pits. When no fire is needed, these fire pits can be used as a work of art for your outdoor spacees.

You will have to find big space for these fire pits as they are heavy and hard to move and will create a lot of heat that will radiate quite a distance. Do not place any wood burning fire pit on a wooden or composite deck or near siding or any other material that will melt or burn.

All of these fire pits in this article are hand made in America and have a brass plaque that the artist has numbered each one. This will make the fire pit very personal to you.

If you have a wooden or composite deck that you are looking to place a heat source on, please choose an electric or gas heat source. Look at some of my Electric or Propane heat sources in my categories.

To go directly to each item, use the item name below.

Asia fire pitAsia95 pounds$990.95
Manta Ray fire pitManta Ray110 pounds$890.95
Seashells-and-Starfish-fire-pitShells and Starfish110 pounds$1090.95
Saturn fire pitSaturn125 pounds$990.95
Scallops fire pitScallops110 pounds$890.95
American Made Fire pit-Asia fire pit

Handcrafted Asia Fire Pit

A flat open bowl design will allow the heat to disperse to your guest with ease. The welded 1/4 inch thick carbon steel will last well in outdoor conditions with its iron oxide patina finish on the outside and black paint made for high heat on the inside.

The bowl will be 36 inches wide and 12 inches tall with a 6-inch tall base. The bottom of the burn bowl will have a hole to allow water to drain. The fire pit will weigh 95 pounds.

This simple design will have a 19 inch round base for stability that will be welded to the fire bowl. Rick Wittrig designed this unique fire pit.

American Made Fire pit-Manta Ray fire pit

Manta Ray Fire Pit

With its scooped-up edges, this fire pit will give you a distinct design for your outdoor space.

Made from 1/4 inch carbon steel, the outside will weather to a patina finish. The inside will be covered with a hand-rolled black finish that will be heat-proof.

The fire pit will be 36 inches wide and 24 inches tall on its 6-inch tall base. The base will be 19 inches across for great stability and is welded to the bowl. It will weigh 110 pounds when empty.

You can use this handcrafted fire pit for a yard display when not in use. A hole in the bottom will allow water to drain out to keep the bowl from standing water damage.

American Made Fire pit-Seashells-and-Starfish-fire-pit

Barefoot Beach Seashells And Starfish Fire Pit

The six Sea Shells will have a Star between them at the bottom of this design. The sea shells will have an open design to let you view the flame from any direction.

The Carbon Steel construction will make sure that you have many years of outdoor use. The outside will turn a patina color and the inside is hand-painted with a heat resistant black paint.

The fire pit is 36 inches wide and 22 inches tall with a 6-inch tall base. The base is 19 inches across and is welded to the bowl. A hole in the bottom of the bowl will allow moisture drainage.

The fire pit will weigh 110 pounds and will look great even if you do not have a fire.

American Made Fire pit-Saturn fire pit

Saturn Fire Pit

The Saturn fire pit looks like half of the planet with its rings. A round bowl with a ledge will mimic the rings.

Made from 1/4 inch carbon steel, this fire pit will last well in outdoor conditions. The outer surfaces will turn a patina color and the inside hand-painted with a black heatproof pain will look good after several seasons.

The fire pit is 40 inches wide with a 28-inch wide fire bowl, it will be 14 inches tall with a 6-inch tall base that is 19 inches wide.

This is a Rick Wittig design that will look very good in your outdoor space even without a fire. You can use the ledge as a footrest when not fire is present.

Scallops fire pit

Scallops Fire Pit

This deep bowl fire pit will give you plenty of places to put a lot of wood for your fire. The top of the bowl will have an upside-down arched design.

Made from a 1/4 inch carbon steel material that will age to a patina finish on the outside and inside that will be painted in black with a heat resistant paint for durability.

The fire pit will be 63 inches across and 22 inches tall. It will have a 6-inch tall and 19 inches wide base that is welded to the bowl for durability. It will weigh 110 pounds. A 1 1/2 inch drain hole in the bottom of the bowl will help keep the bowl dry when not in use.

The Scallop design is from artist Rick Wittrig. This fire pit is made by craftsmen from Tennessee. You will get many comments on this fire pit whether you are having a fire or not.

Care of your American Made Fire Pit

Two things will make your fire pit last longer in outdoor conditions. One is to make sure your fire pit is clean and the other is to cover it with a quality cover when not in use.

After you have a fire you will need to clean out the fire bowl for a longer-lasting outdoor fire pit. The ashes will collect moisture and start rust to develop on the bottom of your bowl. This is the biggest problem for outdoor fire pits is that the bowl will rust out.

It is true that cleanliness is the best thing to keep your new product looking like new. Even though these fire pits have a hole in the burn bowl to help in the draining of moisture, cleaning the bowl will be the best prevention from rust.

Having a good quality cover for your fire pit will be the second-best protection if you do not have a way to store your fire pit out of the weather. My outdoor fire pit has lasted over 15 years, I do store it in a shed when not in use to keep it from rusting.

For more of my information on patio furniture covers, see my articles here.

My final thoughts on these patio fire pits

I like my patio fire pit that is a wood burner. I have an indoor fireplace so I always have wood available to burn. One of these American Made Fire Pits will be a great thing to have a fire or just a yard ornament in warmer weather.

I do have many supplies to help with my wood fireplace like wood storage, wood movers, Ashe shod, poker, and Hot dog sticks. For more of my information on these items that make having a wood-burning fire pit a pleasure, see my post here.

Ir you have any questions or comments on my information, send me a note with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.