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Best Gas Fire Pits

When you are looking for the best gas fire pits for you deck or patio area, one of these will work well. Each will have different designs with the same end in mind.

Depending on the look you are looking for, we have a barn wood, wicker, cast aluminum, and plain black look in this article. Each will use a 20-pound propane tank (not included in any of these items) that fits under the burn bowl.

Now if you are ready to sit around a fire pit and not have to do a lot of cleanup, drag fire wood around, or keep poking the fire to keep it going, you are ready for a gas fire pit. Follow this article for more information, a short list of details of each item is in the chart below.

Hit on the highlighted name to go directly to that items full details.

ImageProductSizeBurn Bowl MediaBtu's of heatPrice
Tidewater squareTidewater30 inchesWhite Fire Glass50,000$439.95
Halifax-squareHalifax28 inchesLava Rocks50,000$249.95
Wicker-squareWicker30 inchesLava Rocks30,000$299.95
Round-Cast-AluminumRound Aluminum48 inchesClear fire rocks40,000$899.95
Best Gas Fire Pits-Tidewater square

Tidewater Propane Gas Fire Pit

Many people like the finish of barn wood, this metal fire pit has a gray weathered wood finish and a one-piece marble fire bowl surround.

A metal cover for the burn bowl is included to use this fire pit as a side table when no fire is needed.

Fire bowl is filled with white fire rocks for a great looking fire reflection. This will give you and your guests something to talk about while sitting around the fire and keeping warm.

A removable panel will give access to the flame control and igniter. It will also give access to the propane tank when it needs replacing. You can store the removable fire bowl cover inside behind the door when it is not needed.

The fire pit will be 30 inches across and 25.5 inches tall. It will weigh a heavy 72 pounds without a propane tank, with no handles for moving it. Poly cover is included to protect your fire pit when not in use after it has cooled.


  • Metal cover for burn bowl
  • Great looking barn wood look
  • White fire rocks


  • Mantle may be hard to replace if broken
  • Heavy-72 pounds may be hard to move
Best Gas Fire Pits-Halifax

Halifax Fire Pit

A cabinet base that is black with a brown square tile mantel, this fire pit will have clean looks. With lava rocks for the burn bowl you will get plenty complements on the looks.

The controls, fire igniter, and propane tank (not included) are hidden behind a door on one side.

The top will be 28 inches across and it will be 24 inches tall. It is the smallest in this article, if you are cramped for room this would be your choice.

The fire pit will produce 50,00 BTU's of heat on the high setting Lava rocks will fill the burn bowl radiating the heat from the fire.

A metal top is included for covering the fire bowl when no fire is needed. When you want to store the top, just open the door and slide it in.


  • Burn bowl cover when no fire is needed
  • Fire controls behind a door
  • Side finishes look like fine cabinets


  • Lava rocks for burn bowl
  • Mantel tiles may be hard to replace if broken
Best Gas Fire Pits-Wicker square

Wicker Propane Gas Fire Pit

If you have wicker patio furniture, this selection of fire pit may be for you. The base is metal with a faux wicker finish to match the design of wicker patio furniture.

A door on one side will hide the controls, flame igniter and, propane tank. A faux tile top will provide you a space to put your drinks for a short time.

The top will be 30 inches across and 24 off the ground. Lava rocks will fill the burn bowl to help radiate the 30,000 BTU's of heat.


  • Great wicker finish on the sides
  • Faux Tile mantel will not break
  • Controls and fire igniter behind door


  • Lava rocks in the burn bowl
  • No cover for burn bowl when no fire is needed
  • Only put out 30,000 BTU's of heat on high

Best Gas Fire Pits-Cast Aluminum

Round Cast Aluminum Propane Fire Pit

This is a big fire pit at 48 inches across, much bigger than others in this article. The gold-colored scroll design of the mantel will be an object of many comments from guests.

The round burn bowl will have a metal cover when no fire is needed to use this fire pit as a side table.

The fire pit will be 48 inches across and 22 inches tall, as big as some of the wood burners. It will weigh about 100 pounds without the propane tank, it will be a load to move if needed.

A door will allow access to the flame adjuster, igniter, and propane tank(not included). The clear glass in the burn bowl will help radiate the 40,000 BTU's of heat on the high setting.


  • Large table top
  • Metal cover for burn bowl
  • Clear glass rocks in burn bowl


  • Heavy weighs over 100 pounds without tank
  • Finish may be tough to keep looking new
  • Mantle will not be easy to replace if it gets broken

Classic Outdoor Furniture All-Weather Fire Pit Cover – Green

For those who want to protect their outdoor fire pit, a poly cover is most important.

I wanted to include a cover that is from the same vendor as the fire pits so that you can get one with your fire pit and protect it from rust or weather damage from day one.

This fire pit cover is made of a cloth-like polyester material that resists cracking and is made for all outdoor weather conditions. This material will resist fading, stains, or mildew with its UV protection. Protection from all types of weather conditions will be provided with this cover as long as you can keep it on in the wind.

The edges of this cove are sewn and the grommets are made of a rust resistant brass material for extra durability.

This cover will fit any fire pit that is less than 32 inches across and 18 inches tall.

Click the link below for more information on these fire pits

My final thoughts on these fire pits

My pick out of this choice of gas fire pits is the Tidewater with the barn wood look and tile top mantel. It has a metal cover for the burn bowl, white glass fire rocks, and an included poly cover for weather protection when not in use.

Each of these patio gas fire pits have their own good point to make them work well for their owners. I just prefer the looks of the Tidewater.

Any comments or questions on this or any other information on my site, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.