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When you have a small outdoor space and only need seating for two, one of these wooden Folding Patio Sets will give you the ability to store your set easily when not in use. Each of these five sets will have some special features to make them fit some areas better than others.

All of these sets will be made of hardwoods, either Acacia wood or Eucalyptus wood. This style of wood does very well in most outdoor weather conditions with little care. Just a cleaning during the year and a coat of the proper oil once a year, some will outlast their owners.

Now let us look at the quick details of these folding patio furniture sets in the chart below. To go directly to that item, use the blue highlighted name of the product.

ImageItem nameType of woodWeight capacityPrice
Jude half round folding table with chairsJudeAcaciaNot given$174.99
Goplus bistro set with cushionsGoplusAcacia350 pounds$319.72
Mainstays wood bistro setMainstaysAcacia250 pounds$98
Safavieh self storing folding bistro setSafaviehAcacia275 pounds$201.87
Eucalyptus bistro setEucalyptusEucalyptus200 pounds$175.03

Folding Patio Sets

Folding Patio Sets-Jude half round folding table with chairs

Jude with half round table

For those with smaller spaces with a wall, this set with a half round table will fit perfectly. The smaller table top will fit the smallest blaconies with ease and store out of the way when not needed.

The slatted design will let the water drain off quickly after rain. The seats of the chairs will have a slight curve to match your bottom.

Each chair is 15.75 inches wide, 20.5 inches deep, and 33.75 inches tall. The seat is 15.75 inches wide and 12.25 inches deep if you want to add cushions. The seat is17.5 inches off the floor and will support 250 pounds of weight.

The table will be 30.75 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. The middle leg will rotate to let the tabletop fold down for storage.

Some assembly will be required for this set. This set looks better with the flat side of the table against the wall of the house.

Folding Patio Sets-Goplus bistro set with cushions

Goplus with seat cushions

If you are looking for the comfort of included cushions this is your set. With the blue cushions with white windlace will fit a lot of outdoor decors.

The slatted design will allow for fast drying after a rain, just keep the cushions stored when not in use.

Each piece will fold easily via the cross leg design. Each of the chairs will hold an impressive 360 pounds of weight.

The chairs will be 22.5 inches wide 17.5 deep, and 36 inches tall. The square table will be 24 inches across and 28.5 inches tall.

The cushions will have a sponge filling with removable covers for cleaning. Velcro straps will hold the cushions in place when sitting or in windy conditions.

Minor assembly required before adding cushions for use. This is a great set for those looking for the comfort of included cushions.

Folding Patio Sets-Mainstays wood bistro set

Mainstays with square table

If you are looking to spend less than a hundred bucks on your patio furniture, this would be your set of choice. The simple design will let you fold it to store it out of the way with ease.

The slated design will allow for quick drying after a rain. The seats of these chairs will be a flat design, not as comfy as some of the others.

Each chair will be 15.1 inches wide, 22.2 inches deep, and 34.25 inches tall. Each will support 250 pounds of weight.

The square top table will be 24 inches across and 29.1 inches tall. This set will require no assembly, it is ready to use out of the box. This set is great for those looking to spend less than $100.

Folding Patio Sets-Safavieh self storing folding bistro set

Safavieh with square table

For a self storing unit this set from the Safavieh collection will be very compact when it is folded and stored. The front side table legs will fold back to let half of the table top to fold down. The chairs will fold and slide into the bottom of the back of the table for storage.

The chairs will have flat slats for seating and will be 15.5 inches wide, 18.8 inches deep, and 30.3 inches tall. The seat will be 14.45 inches wide and 12.59 inches deep, big butts need not apply here. The seat will be 17.71 inches above the ground. Each chair will support 275 pounds of weight.

The table top when opened will be 23.6 inches wide, 25.8 inches deep and 28.7 inches tall. The table will support 50 pounds of weight when opened.

Some assembly is required with this set. A latch will keep the front legs from folding while using the table. The self storing option for this set will be a great factor when you go to store your patio furniture.

Folding Patio Sets-Eucalyptus bistro set

Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Bistro Set

I have a very similar set of chairs to this set without the table. It is very comfortable for short term sitting and stores very well. My set is over 20 years old and still looks good.

This set will be made from eucalyptus wood, a hardwood that will last a long time in outdoor conditions. It will resist wet weather, insects and most rodents will find it does not taste good.

The chairs will be 24 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 36 inches high. Each chair will support 200 pounds. The chairs will come fully assembled.

The square table will be 24 inches across and 27 inches tall. It will require some assembly and will have a slated wood tabletop.

This set is made from wood that is harvested from a wood farm in Brazil, this is a planned renewable forest that will not deplete our rainforest.

To see the current options in wooden folding patio furniture, use the link below.

Wooden Folding Patio Sets

My final thoughts on these folding patio sets

For those who do not have a lot of patio space or just want the ability to easily store their bistro set, one of these wooden folding patio sets will work well. I have a set of folding wood chairs that have been around for a long time.

With the several styles of tables and chairs in this article, you should be able to find one that is very appealing to you and your family. I like the Safavieh because it stores inside of itself, it cost a little more and looks better against the wall.

For other bistro patio sets see my post here.

If you have any questions of comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.