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Having a spot to eat a meal outside will make your patio area a great place to hang out during the warmer months around where you live. The Better Homes & Gardens Elmdale Dining Patio Furniture with Cushions will be a good choice for those looking for a solution with seating for four.

The set will have four chairs that swivel, a slight rocking motion, and cushions for additional comfort. The large table will have a tile top with the provision for a patio umbrella for shade.

For quick details look at the chart below, for the current availability of the Elmdale dining patio furniture, use this link. Use the blue links in the table of contents below to go directly to that information.

MaterialFrame-Steel with powder-coated finish
Chair size24.02 inches wide
27.36 inches deep
35.43 inches high
Table size40.9 inches across
28.15 inches tall
Weight capacity225 pounds per chair
My rating9 out of 10

Elmdale Dining Patio Furniture with Cushions

Elmdale dining for four

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and special options
  3. Assembly and care
  4. Pros and cons
  5. Other dining set options
  6. My final thoughts

Features and Construction

You will get a lot of value for under $500 in this patio dining set. The frames will be made from steel with a black powder-coated finish to protect them from most outdoor weather conditions.

The chairs will have a swivel base with a small plate connecting the seat portion to the base. This plate will give these chairs a little rocking motion. I have a set of chairs like this and they are very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

The seats of the chairs will have straps to support the seat cushion. The backs of the chairs will have a woven resin wicker finish that is finished on both the front and back. You could use these chairs without the back cushion, you will have to have the seat cushions to sit.

The table will have four curved legs with lower leg support for stability. Four ceramic tiles will fit into slots for your finished tabletop. A hole in the middle of the tabletop and a support ring on the leg support will give your patio umbrella (not included with this set) some stability. For some of my patio umbrellas or umbrella stands follow this link.

Chair cushions will have a polyester fiberfill with polyester fabric covers. The covers will have a dyed gray color. Each of the cushions will have ties to keep them in place during high winds or use. The lower cushions will have Velcro straps and the back cushions will have ties to keep them in place.

Elmdale swivel dining chair

Size and special options of this patio furniture

This patio dining set will comfortably sit four for a full meal. The four chairs will give plenty of seating comfort and the large dining table will give you room to sit for your entire meal and drinks.

Each chair will be 24.02 inches wide, 27.36 inches deep, and 35.43 inches tall. They will weigh under 30 pounds each and support up to 225 pounds of weight. The chairs will both swivel and have a small rocking motion.

The square-top dining table will be 40.9 inches across and 28.15 inches tall. The tabletop frame will fit four ceramic tiles that are included. The table will weigh about 80 pounds with the tiles installed, if you want to move the table, I would remove the tiles first.

If one of the tiles gets broken you may have to replace all four so that the color matches, this also allows you to change the tabletop color easily by replacing the tiles.

Elmdale dining table tile details

Assembly and care of your patio dining set

This patio furniture will have some minor assembly, with all tools needed to be included. You will get two boxes for this set, one with the table in it and the other with the two chairs. we will start with the chairs for this set.

After unloading the box you will place the seat frame upside down on a flat soft surface, so as not to damage the painted surfaces. Attach the rocking plate with the swivel post to the bottom of the chair frame. The next step is to place the post into the seat base. This is all of the assembly for the chairs, just add cushions and you are ready to sit and relax before you start on the table.

The table will need the top laid upside down on a level soft surface not to damage the paint. Attach each of the legs with the included hardware and ratchet wrench, do not tighten all the way yet. Add the lower leg support, before final tightening have someone help you place the table on its legs on a smooth level surface. Now you are ready for the final tightening of all of the hardware.

Adding the included tiles will be the final step in the assembly process, I would suggest moving the table to its final location before installing the tiles. Add the plastic inserts for the umbrella hole, there are three including the plug to cover the hole when no umbrella is used.

Care of your patio furniture will be done with mild soap and water mixture. Most stains on the metal finishes will wipe off easily. The cushions will have an Enviroguard protective coating to prevent most stains from penetrating the fabric surface.

Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals, even window cleaners, as they can damage the painted and fabric surfaces.

Pros and Cons of the Elmdale Dining Patio Furniture

Elmdale cushion ties and resin wicker details


  • Tile top table
    • The tile top will be a great look for your table. The color can be changed easily by replacing all of the tiles. They just pop out, this could be a problem if the table gets tipped over with high winds.
  • Swivel chairs with a rocking motion
    • The chairs will swivel on a rotating base and can turn all the way around if needed. The metal plate between the seat base and the chair base will give a slight rocking motion.
  • Hole for umbrella
    • Two plastic rings that go in the umbrella hole in the tabletop will allow you to install most patio umbrellas. A plastic plug is included if you do not want to use an umbrella. An umbrella base is recommended for an umbrella installation.


  • Cushions will need storage
    • Any patio furniture cushions should be stored when not needed to prolong their outdoor usefulness. The sun will fade the material over time and the rain will start the seams to rot after just a couple of years.
  • May have to replace all tiles if one is broken
    • Matching the color of this tile may be very difficult. Changing the color of the tiles will not break the bank as some tiles can be purchased for under a few dollars each.
  • Umbrella not included
    • Some sets at this price will include a patio umbrella. This will be an extra cost to get shade if it is needed.

Similar patio dining for four sets

For more information on other patio sets for four that have similar options, see my post here.

Some FAQs about the Elmdale Dining Patio Furniture

Elmdale Dining Set Tabletop Tile Details

Can you replace the tiles for the tabletop?

The 4 ceramic tiles for the tabletop are inserts, so if 1 gets damaged it can be replaced. Size and color match will be a concern.

The sun and outdoor weather conditions may alter the color and texture of the tiles. The tiles are 17.5 inches across and this is not a standard size that you will find in many stores.

To replace the tabletop tiles correctly, you will need to purchase 4 new tiles at the proper size so they match. Some 18 inch tiles could be trimmed to fit, this would take a proper tile saw.

Final thoughts on the Elmdale Dining Patio Furniture

This patio dining set will have great looks and long-term sitting comfort with the cushions and tile top table. I have similar chairs on my front porch for sitting after a long day at the office. They are very comfortable and the swivel feature allows for full movement without much effort.

The only drawbacks are that you need to find a storage solution for the cushions and the tiles can be hard to match if one is broken.

If you have any questions or comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Elmdale dining patio set for four


Easy Assembly




Motion chairs



  • Tile Table Top
  • Motion Chairs
  • Hole for umbrella


  • Cushion will need storage solution
  • May have to replace all tiles if one is broken
  • Umbrella not included