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Hardtop Gazebos for Decks


When looking for shade for your outdoor space, One of these Better Homes and Gardens Hardtop Gazebos for Decks will work well if you have a 10-foot square area for it.  With polycarbonate panels that have a smoked finish to let a little light in, but keep the sun out, this hardtop will last longer than the traditional cloth tops.  High winds will still have an effect on this gazebo.

The netting will keep out most flying bugs when completely closed.  You can have three sides closed and one open for easy entrance.  A sectional sofa or a four-piece conversation set will fit well inside this gazebo.  For more information on the Brookbury sectional set shown in the photo below, see my post here.

Now let us look at the details of this gazebo and see if it will work for your patio needs.



Product: Better Homes and Gardens Hardtop Gazebo

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Better Homes and Gardens Hardtop Gazebos for Decks

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What do you get in the box


You will get a gazebo with four corner legs, solid metal framed top with polycarbonate panel inserts, and netting for all four sides.  A top vent will give you some air circulation and will have netting on all four sides to protect you from flying insects.

The four legs will have pre-drilled holes in the feet for solid mounting on a flat surface.  This will help in windy conditions, no gazebo will withstand real heavy winds without damage.  I would not recommend this or any other gazebo for those who live in windy areas, look for other shade solutions like a solid awning or retractable shade.

The screen will Velcro mount to each corner leg.  A zipper for the middle of each opening will give you the feeling of a small room when all four sides are closed.  Netting will slide on the top rail on each side via cloth rings.  Tiebacks will keep your screen out of the way if you do not need it.

The 10 foot by 10-foot floor will allow you to place a lot of furniture for sitting, I would not recommend putting a BBQ grill under this gazebo.  The polycarbonate panels will not do well with the heat.  Panels are held in place with weather-sealed screws, replacing them if they get damaged is not that hard.  Finding exact replacements may be the hard part, you may have to replace the entire roof if one panel gets damaged.  The sound of rain will be close to that of a tin roof, some find this very soothing, some will find it very annoying.


Hardtop gazebo foot baseAssembly of your gazebo


Having extra hands when assembling this gazebo will take a lot of pressure off of you, having four people will make this task so much easier, just purchase a few more adult beverages to enjoy after your gazebo is put together.  Most tools that are needed are included in the hardware pack.

Hardtop 10 by 10 leg measurementIf you want to sit your gazebo on a solid surface by just putting in pads where the feet hit the ground, the legs will be about 119 inches apart on the outside, this may differ if your legs are not straight up and down.

Roof panels will be attached with weather-resistant screws, each will have a rubber gasket to keep out moisture.  A drill with a nut driver attachment will be needed to attach the top panels.  I have installed this type of panels before, a ladder will make it much easier than trying to lift the assembled top onto the legs.  Anyone have experience in this, let me know in the comments below.

The four-screen panels will attach to the top side rails with Velcro straps and each panel will also attach in the middle to each leg.  A Zipper that goes from the top to the bottom will close each side.  A Velcro strap will tie back each panel at the corner poles when not in use, this will give you an open feel with some protection from sun or a light rain.

Mounting your gazebo to a solid surface will give it extra support.  Several holes are pre-drilled in the base plate for mounting.  A piece of trim like a skirt will go over the base to cover hardware when finished.

For instructions for a similar hardtop gazebo follow this link Sullivan Hardtop gazebo instructions.

Care of your gazebo


Inside top of hardtop gazeboThe top of your gazebo should just be washed off with water from the hose if it gets dirty.  Netting can be removed and put in the washer on a mild setting, I would recommend just washing with a hose if you get a bird stain.  Metal parts should only be washed with mild soap and water, most chemicals will damage the painted surfaces.

If you have high wind warnings, you may want to secure your gazebo the best you can.  The top panels cannot be removed with ease, you may want to secure each top corner with a rope or other method.  If you live in a windy place, this gazebo will not work well for you, mild winds will be OK.

This gazebo should handle most moderate snow falls during the winter months, you may want to remove the netting and put it in storage during the winter months.

Outside top of hardtop gazebo


  • Netting will keep out most flying bugs
  • Can mount legs to a solid surface
  • Roof panels can be replaced if damaged by hail


  • Top not as easy to remove as the cloth when bad weather approaches
  • Can be subject to more wind damage if mounted to a solid surface
  • Netting should be stored when not needed


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What I think about this gazebo


For those who have an outdoor space that is flat and in the sun a lot, the Better Homes and Gardens Hardtop Gazebos for Decks will be a great solution.  With four solid legs, polycarbonate panels on the roof, Netting for insect control, and a 10 foot square floor this gazebo will be a big addition to any outdoor space.

The big pluses are the protection from the elements and insects.  The big drawbacks are that you will need a big flat surface and protection from heavy winds.

Any comments on your experience with this gazebo or if you just have a question, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.