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Hanging Chaise Lounger

Having a chair with motion is very comfortable for long term sitting. The Dream Chair Hanging Chaise Lounger is no different. A lounger will hang from a stout chain from an arched frame that will be very stable with its four feet.

This lounger will have its own shade with the attached umbrella that attaches to the top of the frame. Remove the umbrella for a full tan. A small pillow is included in the top of the seat cushion to relaxe you head on while lounging.

This lounger will be great by the pool or just in some area of your backyard that you would like to relax after a long day at work.

Now let us look at some of the details to see if it is the best one for you. If you want to look at some of my other hanging swings, look at my post here.

Hanging Chaise Lounger-Hanging-dream-chair-lounger
Lounger size78 inches long
50 inches wide
85 inches tall
Cushion materialFoam filling
Polyester cover
Cushion/Umbrella colorsCherry Red
Price as of this article$399.99 plus $20 for shipping
My rating8 out of 10

Specifications of this hanging chair

Hanging Chaise Lounger-Attaching the cushion to the frame

A metal frame with four legs will give stability to this hanging lounger. A two-piece arched pedestal will attach to the four legs. It has a loop attached to the top and pointed down to attach the chair too. The chair will hang from a chain that has one large link, that is removable, that will attach to the chair loop and the frame loop to connect the two.

The lounge frame will be a two sided metal frame that is wide at the bottom and runs side by side on the top where it meets the hanging frame. A plate will be attached just above the pillow to keep the two sides of the lounge frame in place.

The cushion is attached to the lounge frame by weaving a cord like a parachute cord between the frame and the cushion. This will combine with the straps that are used on the very top and the lower third of the cushion to attach to the cushion to the frame.

The umbrella will attach to the top to keep you in the shade. It does not retract or adjust while on the top of the frame. the Umbrella can be removed if you want to work on your tan. No replacement fabric or metal ribs are available at this time from this vendor.

The cushion will have a 2 inch thick foam material that is covered with a polyester fabric material. This will be comfortable for laying on for several hours at a time. This type of fabric should have a place to store when not in use to last more than a few seasons. No direct replacement cushions are available at this time from this vendor.

Assembly and care of your lounger

Hanging Chaise Lounger-Showing hanging loop

Assembly will take some time even for those with some skills. The mounting of the cushions to the frame will take the most time. When upacking the umbrella take care as some customers stated that they damaged the ribs when putting the umbrella together.

The top and bottom of the frame post will connect with a screw and nut. The four legs will attach to the bottom of the frame with screws with knobs on them for easy removal. A hook will attach to the top of the frame to hang the swing from.

The umbrella will need the ribs attached to the middle and then the fabric will need to be streached across. Be careful with the ribs as they are the week point of this umbrella.

The seat frame will slide together at the bottom and have a support bar and net and bolt holding the top together. A loop hook will attach to the top of this assembly to connect to the floor frame with a locking link.

The cushions will connect to the frame with straps and the included rope. The rope will be woven between the frame and the cushion. The top and the bottom of the cushion will attach with the straps.

To take care of your swing, wipe it down with a damp cloth when needed. You should store your cushions and umbrella fabric out of the sun when possible to extend their useful outdoor life.

Pros and cons of the Dream Chair

Hanging Chaise Lounger-Red Umbrella


  • Quick assembly
    • The most difficult part of the assembly of this chair is securing the cushion to the frame. The rest will be some hardware to assemble the frame. Just be careful when putting the umbrella together as it is fragile.
  • 3 fabric colors
    • The fabric for the cushions and umbrella will come in three colors. The colors are Cherry Red, Turquoise, and Silver.
  • Lots of movement
    • The chair hangs from a heavy chain from the top of the frame. The chair can swing n any direction and swivel a short distance. The movement makes this chair very comfortable.


  • Direct replacement cushions not available
    • No replacement cushions or umbrella fabric is available from this vendor. Take care of your fabric by storing it when not in use.
  • Umbrella is flimsy
    • The umbrella does not fold up. When you remove it is can be easily damaged as the ribs are lightweight. Some customers complained the most about the umbrella not holding up very well.
  • Cushions will need storage
    • Any outdoor cushions should have a storage solution to make them last more than a few seasons outdoors. The sun, rain, and things with legs are very rough on cushions or fabric outdoors.

For current colors and selections of the Dream Chair, use the link below

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My final thoughts on this chair

When looking for hanging seating for your home, inside or out, this Dream Chair Hanging Chaise Lounger should be on your list. It will provide many hours of comfortable lounging around the pool or just in the garden. Assembly will take a little time and you need to protect your fabric from the sun, rain, and animals to make them last as with any outdoor cushions.

I like the fact that you can lay and relax in your own little area of shade with the umbrella, I just wish it was adjustable when the sun moved. The three colors of fabric will allow you to match a lot of decors without much sacrifice of style.

If you have any questions or comments about this or any other information on my site, send me a note with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Dream Chair Lounger

$399.99 Plus $20 shipping








  • Quick Assembly
  • 3 fabric colors
  • Lots of movement in the chair


  • Replacement fabric not available
  • Umbrella is flimsy
  • Cushions will need storage