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Folding Patio Furniture Dining Sets


Don't like the idea of having a patio dining set sitting on your deck and not using it.  I find that one of the Mainstays Greyson Square Folding Patio Furniture Dining Sets will be a great alternative.  Just pack it up and store it when not needed and then in less than 10 minutes you can have a dining set for four that is ready for diner in almost any area in your patio area.

The table is big enough for most meals, has a hole for patio umbrella, and will fold for easy storage.  Chairs will also fold for easy storage, you will just need a small closet or spot against a  wall to store out of the weather.

I have a very similar set with a smaller table and it works fine down at my lake property, I just get it out when needed and I can have an outdoor dining room in minutes.  I also have an area rug that I put under my dining set for extra comfort.

Now let us look at some of the details of this set.  If you would like to look at some of my other dining ideas for four, see my post here.


Mainstays Greyson Square Folding Patio Furniture Dining Sets


Product: Mainstays Greyson Square Patio Dining set

Price when this article was written: $167

Where to get for the best price online:


Mainstays Greyson Square Folding Patio Furniture Dining Sets Folded for storageWhat do you get in the box

Four folding dining chairs and a large table will come in the box.  The frames are steel with a black powder-coated finish for durability in most outdoor weather conditions.  The chairs will have a sling fabric material for both seats and backs.

The table will have a slatted top design so it will not hold water after a rain, a center hole for umbrella, and folding leg design to allow it to fold flat when needed for storage.  The table will be 48 inches long, 30 inches wide and, 28 inches tall, the standard size for most patio dining tables.

Each chair will have a latch on the back leg to lock them in place, I have pinched my finger a few times getting them unlocked to fold the chairs. The chairs will be 19 inches wide, 15.75 inches deep, and 40.75 inches tall.  Seat height will be 17.5 inches off the ground and arms will be 24 inches off the ground.

I have found they will hold an average adult comfortably, the seat could be a little larger for some bottoms as the inside of the arms is quite tight at only 16 inches.  The sling material for seating dries very quickly if it gets wet, you can use this set in a short time after a rain.

The big advantage for this patio dining set is the ability to fold, you can pack it up for tailgating at your favorite game, take it to the beach, or just set up in any outdoor space and be ready for food in minutes.


Mainstays Greyson Square Folding Patio Furniture Dining Sets chairAssembly and Care of your Folding Patio Furniture


This is a perfect patio dining set for those who are mechanically challenged,  no assembly is required and all you have to do is get the one box home, unpack and unfold your set.  The locks on the chairs are the biggest problem that I faced with this style of patio furniture as if you do not watch your fingers you can get pinched when trying to lock and unlock the tab on the back legs.

Taking care of your patio furniture should not take a lot of work, just use mild soap and water to remove any stains on the chairs or table.  Do not use any harsh chemicals as they will damage the painted surfaces and the sling fabric material.  I have several sets of patio chairs with this type of fabric that have been outside for almost 10 years and the fabric still looks fresh.

Storing your patio dining set out of outdoor weather conditions when not in use should be a priority.  I have had a similar set (my table does not fold) for almost 5 years with little or no work, I do store it in a shed when not in use to keep it looking new.

Accessories for your dining table

To make your dining an extra pleasure, you should look at some accessories that will not cost a lot and be easy to set up each time you use your patio furniture.  I have a few ideas below that I use that can make your area look more like an inside area and not make you feel like you are in a jungle.

Trademark Innovations 10 foot umbrella with solar lightsUmbrella and stand


This is for those who have a sunny spot to set up in.  A regular patio market umbrella and stand will cost under $75 even for the most colorful designs.  For some of my ideas on patio umbrellas, see my post here.  Depending on the size of your patio area, you will need to size the umbrella to match.

Reversible outdoor rugArea Rug

An area rug will give your space some definition, also if you are barefoot it will protect the bottom of your feet.  I use an area rug at the lake when I set up my table to give me a good surface under my table, as sometimes I will put it in the grass or on concrete.

For several ideas on the colors and styles of rugs available, see my post here.

Aleko umbrella with solar lightsLighting

This is a broad subject as you can put up string lights, have a lighted umbrella or just some solar lights around your outdoor area.  I have string lights and have had a lighted umbrella for lighting, your outdoor area will give you some ideas of what you can use because of power sources.

If you are at the beach after dark, a solar-powered umbrella will work great to keep your food and drinks in the light.  You will just have to make sure that your rechargeable batteries have gotten some sun before it gets dark.  For patio umbrellas with solar lights, see my post here.

For more solar or line voltage lighting ideas for your patio dining, see some of my ideas here.




  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Umbrella hole for shade
  • Slatted design of tabletop


  • Can pinch fingers when trying to fold
  • No lower support for the umbrella
  • Seats are not very big for your bottom


Follow the link below for more information on this folding dining furniture


Mainstasy Greyson Square

Mainstays Greyson Square Folding Patio Furniture Dining Sets tableWhat do I think of this patio furniture


I have a similar Folding patio dining set, mine has a glass top table that does not fold.  When looking for patio furniture dining sets that are easy to store and have seating for four, this Mainstays Greyson Square set should be on your shortlist.

The sling material will dry quickly if it gets wet, this set will fold flat for easy storage, and you can take your dining set to the beach, back yard, camping or tailgate party with little effort.  Your family and friends will thank you and enjoy the meals on this dining set.

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