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If you have a small outdoor space, a railing for your balcony or deck, the Mainstays Sand Dune Bar Height Patio Furniture Set may be just what you need. Seating for two and a table that folds down when not needed, will give you extra space when needed.

This table will need a railing of a deck or balcony to attach to as it has no feet. It is adjustable for different sizes of railing, the design of your railing will be the determining factor on if this patio furniture set will work well for you. The table mounts do have some adjustment for different sizes and materials of rails.

I will give you the quick details of this set below in the table. If you think that the Mainstays Sand Dune will work for you, use this link for purchasing details.

MaterialSteel with Powder-coated finish
Sling seating material
Chair size20.4 inches deep
15.7 inches wide
32.8 inches tall
Table size40.1 inches long
20.4 inches deep
My rating8.6 out of 10

Bar Height Patio Furniture Set

Sand Dune Bar Height bistro set

Table of contents

  1. Features and construction
  2. Size and Special options
  3. Assembly and care
  4. Pros and cons
  5. Other bar height options
  6. My final thoughts
Bar Height Patio Furniture-Sand Dune folding table in down position

Features and construction

This bar height set will come with two chairs and a folding table. The steel frames will have a powder-coated finish for durability in most outdoor weather conditions.

The chairs will feature a short back, sling fabric seating material, and lower foot support that will also add to the structure of the chairs. A bar runs across the top of the back to give some support for your back. The sling seating material is very durable for patio furniture, I have several sets with this material that have been used on my patio for over 15 years with little or no wear showing.

The table will be able to fold down when not in use. A locking pin for each side will have to be moved to allow the table to fold down. Paying attention to the assembly instructions is very important as some customers stated the fold-down mechanism does not work, most of this is because of user error. An adjusting knob for each side will allow the leveling of the table front to back.

The mounting of the table will be to go over the top of the railing, then tighten the adjusting screws to attach firmly to the top railing. If you have a big top rail, you may need to narrow it where the hangers are or do some adjustments to the hanging hardware.

Bar Height Patio Furniture-Sand Dune folding table lock

Size and special options of this Bar Height Patio Furniture Set

The chairs of this set will sit higher than most at about 29 inches above the floor, for those that their feet do not touch the floor a bar is handy for a foot rest.

Each chair will be 20.4 inches deep, 15.7 inches wide, and 32.8 inches high. Each chair will support up to 250 pounds of weight and only weigh about 10 pounds.

The seat height will be about 29 inches above the floor, this measurement is very important as some customers complained about getting the chairs under the table after mounting on the railing while sitting in the chairs. You must have the thickness of your thighs added to the height of the chair seat to get to the bottom of the table height to be able to draw your chairs under the table while seating.

The table will be 40.1 inches wide and 24.2 inches deep. The height will depend on the mounting on the railing. Be sure to look at the caution above on table height. the top will be a tempered glass insert that is mounted in a metal frame. This could be hard to replace if broken.

A lock will keep your table in the upright position, a simple turn of two plastic handles will allow for proper storage of the table. A knob on each side will allow for adjustment of the front of the table height to level the table so drinks and snacks will not slide off.

The attachment to the top rail will have a hook type of metal brace with a bracket and screw to tighten it against the railing. Be sure to test the structure first to make sure it is secure and will handle the weight. The other thing to check in the width of the top rail to make sure the mounting hardware will fit.

This set will arrive in one box, it will be 31.89 inches long, 10.43 inches tall, and 16.93 inches wide. The entire set will weigh less than 25 pounds.

Bar Height Patio Furniture-Sand Dune folding table rail lock details

Assembly and care od your Bar Height Patio Furniture

Assembly should only take less than an hour for those with some mechanical skills. The biggest thing is to follow the instructions very close when putting the table parts together. Some customers stated that their table would not fold down after assembly, most of the time is that they did not get the parts in the correct order when putting it together.

I have included detailed pics in this post for the proper assembly of this patio furniture set. If yours did not come with instructions or you are having problems, please use the helpline at the following number or email address.

Our contact information is as follows: phone: (877) 539-7436 email:

Care of your patio furniture should be with a mild soap and water mixture. Do not use any harsh chemicals, even glass cleaner as they will damage the painted surfaces. Just a damp rag will take care of most spills or stains on this set.

Bar Height Patio Furniture-Sand Dune folding table details

Pros and cons of the Mainstays Sand Dune set


  • The table can be folded out of the way
    • The table has a locking bar that will allow for the top to drop down when not needed for storage, You can leave it attached to the railing.
  • Sling seating material
    • The chairs will have a single piece of sling material for seating. I have this material on several sets of outdoor chairs and it has lasted for over 15 years of outdoor use.
  • The table can be removed for storage.
    • Just a few turns of the mounting hardware and you can remove the table from the railing for storage.


  • Table hard to assemble
    • The lowering hardware for the table must be assembled in the proper order or the top will not fold down. A few customers have stated that their table does not fold. You must follow the instructions closely here.
  • Must have a stout railing for the table mount
    • Since the table will mount on the railing of your patio or balcony, the railing will support all of the weight that you put on the table. Make sure that it can handle the load you are giving it.
  • No backs to the chairs
    • If you are like me with a bad back, the extra support would be nice. It would be nice if this set was available with chair backs.

Similar products

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I have a detailed post on the Palmerton Landing bar height set here.

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To look at the current pricing and purchase your patio set today, use the following link.

Sand Dune bar height set

Final thoughts on the Mainstays Sand Dune patio set

This would be a great set for those with small outdoor areas with a railing system. If you do not have a rail on your deck or balcony, you should look for a regular bar height set or a regular bistro set.

The big advantage of this Bar Height Patio Furniture Set is that it folds down when it is not needed giving you room to do other things in your outdoor area. The chairs are very comfortable for short term sitting, the lack of upper back support may not be for everyone.

I do like the sling material for the seats and the fact that the table folds down. There will be very little work to keeping this set looking fresh and when it is not in use, all you have to do is fold the table down, there will be no cushions to store and get when you are ready to use this set.

If you have any questions or comments please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.