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If you have a smaller outdoor space and want great-looking modern-designed patio furniture, the SmileMart Rattan Bistro Set will be a great addition to your outdoor seating.

With steel frames, hand-woven resin rattan wicker finish, black cushions for the seats, and a tempered glass top for the side table, this set will have a lot of features for the price. The squared-off look will give a great modern design for those looking for a contemporary look.

Use the table below for the quick details of this set. Use the table of contents below to go to specific information on the SmileMart patio bistro set.

Finish-Resin Rattan
Tabletop-Tempered Glass
Chair size22.6 inches wide
21.9 inches deep
30.1 inches tall
Table size15.7 inches wide
16.5 inches deep
15.2 inches tall
Weight capacity268.6 pounds per chair
My rating9.3 out of 10
SmileMart Bistro set

SmileMart Rattan Bistro Set

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

Rattan Bistro Set-SmileMart chair

Features and construction

This patio furniture set will have square tubing steel frames with a black powder-coated finish. The legs will have a bar running from the front to the back on each piece for extra strength. The table will have a bar running from side to side on the bottom bar.

Each piece will have screw-in adjustable feet to balance your furniture on uneven surfaces. The feet will have a non-slip finish on the bottom to keep your furniture in place. Woven resin rattan will cover the seats, backs, skirts of the chairs, and the top of the table.

The table will have a tempered glass top that sits on top of a loosely woven resin rattan finish. The glass will be held in place with suction cups at each corner. The tabletop is not quite square and the glass top will only fit in one direction. If your glass gets broken you can use this table without it, just make sure that your drink glasses are stable so they do not fall over.

The seat cushions will give an extra bit of comfort to this set. No information is given for them, I would recommend some kind of storage for them when not in use to get them to last more than a few years. See some of my storage solutions here.

This patio furniture will be great for those small outdoor spaces that need seating for two. The small table will not be good for a meal, this will be a great conversation set for a cool drink after a hard day and relax.

Rattan Bistro Set-SmileMart table

Size and special options

This set will fit nicely in most small patio areas like a balcony or builders grade decks (8 foot by 8 foot). The chairs will have no movement so you will not need room behind the chairs , this set can sit against a wall.

Each chair will be 22.6 inches wide, 21.9 inches deep, and 30.1 inches tall. Seat cushions will give you extra seating comfort. Handwoven rattan will cover the backs and about a 4-inch skirt under the seat.

Screw-in feet will offer some adjustability for the chairs on uneven surfaces. Cross bracing will support the woven rattan for the seats of the chairs. The chairs can be used without the cushions, they would not be very comfortable to sit for very long.

The table will be 15.7 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep, and 15.2 inches high. It will have a tick tack top type of frame for the top that is covered by woven rattan material. The tempered glass top will sit on four suction cups, one at each corner to hold it in place. Some customers noted that the table is lightweight and can be moved or turned over in strong winds. This could break the top if you are not careful during strong wind conditions.

Rattan Bistro Set-SmileMart under seat support

Assembly and care

The assembly will be easy for most using the tools supplied in the hardware kit. Most will have this set together in less than an hour.

The chairs will require the seat and back to be attached to each arm. Make sure that you have it sitting on a level surface before you do the final tightening of the hardware for the best results. Add the screw in feet for the last step of assembly. Just set in the cushions and you are ready for a cold one before you start on the table.

The table will require each set of legs to be attached to the top section, then the bottom brace attached to each leg section. Make sure it is sitting on a flat surface before the final tightening of the hardware for the best results. Then add the screw in feet and then the glass top. The top is not square so you will have to check the correct alignment before attaching to the suction cups.

Care of this patio furniture set will be with just a mild soap and water mixture for most spills or dirty spots. Do not use any harsh chemicals even glass cleaner for the tempered glass tabletop, this will damage the painted surfaces. The paint could start top fade or peel if damaged.

The cushions for this or any patio furniture set should be stored when not in use for the longest outdoor use. I have several articles on storage solutions here.

Rattan-Bistro-Set-SmileMart screw in feet adjusters

Pros and cons of the SmileMart Bistro set


  • Modern look
    • The square tubing frame and woven rattan finish will give this set a contemporary modern look. The clean lines will look very well on any patio or balcony.
  • Resin rattan finish
    • The finish on all of the rattan is handwoven. Seats, backs, and skirts are covered on the chairs. Just the top under the glass on the table will have the woven rattan finish.
  • Strength of the frame
    • The boxed steel frame has the legs connected front to back for extra stability. The table will have a bar running between each of the legs. The chairs will support 268 pounds of weight.


  • Table lightweight
    • Tempered glass top could be broken easily if the table is toppled during high wind conditions. I would maybe store this table on the side if you live in an area that has strong winds from time to time.
  • Cushions will need storage
    • Any outdoor cushions should be stored when not in use. This will prolong their outdoor life. I would recommend an indoor or outdoor storage solution.
  • Table is small
    • The table is only 15.1 inches tall, shorter than the average of 18 inches for a side table on bistro sets. This will be ok for drinks or snacks for most, some will find it a bit short.
Walnew wicker and metal bistro set
Walnew bistro set

Similar products to look at

There are plenty of resin wicker or resin rattan bistro sets on the market today. Noe are available at the price level of this set.

Below find a few of these sets that I have articles on with a link to that article.

  1. Walnew bistro set (very close in price)
  2. Cason Cove bistro set (a little more money)
  3. Azalea Ridge bistro set (the most expensive)

My choice would be the Walnew set if you are on a budget.

For the current information on this set, use the link below.

SmileMart bistro set

Final thoughts on the SmileMart Rattan bistro set

This is a great set for those with smaller spaces that do not need movement and like the clean contemporary lines. It is one of the lowest priced rattan bistro sets on the market today. Cusions will give you plent of long term sitting comfort.

There is plenty of bistro sets on the market today, many will not underprice this set or look as good. For more selections of bistro sets, see my information here.

Thanks for reading my information, if you have any questions or comments use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

SmileMart Rattan Bistro Set


Easy Assembly


Wicker finish


Modern design



  • Modern look
  • Resin rattan finish
  • Strong frame


  • Lightweight table
  • Cushions will need storage
  • Table is small