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If you do not like the square designs of some of the furniture available for outdoor use, look at the flowing lines of the arms of the Amazonia Cahais patio furniture set for 4. The top of the arms is arched with the seats having a big slope from front to back.

The set will come with gray cushions to match the natural wood look of the frames. The wood frames are made from a very durable eucalyptus wood that lasts very well in most outdoor weather conditions with the proper care. This set will come with a care kit for the wood to help you keep it looking new.

To look at the quick details of this patio furniture set, use the chart below. For my expanded details, use the table of contents below the image of the Amazonia Cahais conversation set.

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MaterialsFrames-Eucalyptus wood
Cushions-High density foam covered with polyester fabric covers
Seating sizeChair-28 inches wide, 31.6 inches deep, and 29.2 inches tall
Loveseat-50 inches wide, 31.7 inches deep, and 29.2 inches tall
Coffee table size38 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 13 inches tall
Price when the article was written$981.51
Amazonia Cahais conversation set

Patio Furniture Set for 4

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

Features and construction

The seating will have a gentle slope from front to back to keep you sitting in comfort on the cushions. Arched arms of the seating will give you a comfortable place to let your limbs relax.

The frames will be made from eucalyptus wood and have galvanized hardware to keep them securely together. Thick cushions will keep you comfortable for hours sitting talking and having a cool drink with your friends and family.

Cushions will have a foam insert with a gray polyester cover. The cover will have a zipper for removal to clean when needed. They should be stored when not in use for the best results. See some of my storage solutions here.

Amazonia Cahais eucalyptus wood chair details

Size and special options

The seating will have a gentle slope from front to back to keep you sitting in comfort on the cushions. Arched arms of the seating will give you a comfortable place to let your limbs relax.

The straight legged table will have a slatted top that runs from side to side on the tabletop. The table will be 38.3 inches long, 19.4 inches wide, and 16 inches tall. Although the tabletop is average size, the table is a little shorter than most at 16 inches compared to average height being 18 inches.

The seating is 31.6 inches deep and 29.2 inches tall. The chairs are 28 inches wide and the love seat is 50 inches wide outside the arms and 22.1 inches wide and 46.6 inches wide inside the arms.

The seats are 11.7 inches off the floor at the front to the wood frame and will be 14.7 inches with the cushions attached. It will be 7.5 inches from floor to the top of the wood at the back of the seat. This will give about a 4 inche slope from the front to the back of the seats. Some older akults may find it hard to get out of the lower seats.

Each seating position will hold about 175 pounds of weight. This is lighter than most that will hold about 250 pounds per seating position.

Amazonia Cahais wood care kit

Assembly and/or care

The assembly should only take the average person less than an hour if they have some skills. Having a smooth surface to work on will make this job go faster.

The seating will need the seta and backs put together. Then add the arms to stabilize the structure. Do the final tightening of the hardware with the seating sitting on the legs on a smooth level surface for the best results.

The table will need the four legs attached, one on each corner and sit it up on the legs for the final tightening.

Taking care of this patio furniture will be a little easier with the included maintenance kit. It will include a emery paper for small scratches in the wood, wood cleaner to get rid of stains, a paint brush to aply the cleaner, a brush to remove loose debris, a pair of gloves, cotton cloth to aply the wood sealer oil.

The cushions have covers with zippers that will make them easy to clean. As with any outdoor cushions they should be stored in a dry location out of the sun when not in use to make them last more than a few years.

Amazonia Cahais coffee table

Pros cons of the Amazonia Cahais Patio furniture set for 4


  • Wood protection kit
  • Zippers on cushions covers for easy cleaning
  • Eucalyptus wood frames


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • LIght weight cpacity of seating
  • Samller than average size of coffee table
Amazonia Brooklyn conversation set

Similar products to look at

I will give you six other wooden patio furniture sets to look at below, just click on the highlighted name to go to my information on that set.

I still like the Amazonia Brooklyn set with its sling fabric seating material. This material lasts very well in outdoor weather conditions without having a storage solution.

Final thoughts on the Amazonia Cahais Patio furniture set for 4

This is a great set that includes a kit to help with hte upkeep of the eucalyptus wood. The two things that cannot be overlooked are the lower seat back tha may be hard to get out and the shorter table height.

If you like this style of wooden furniture and want white cushions, look at the Amazonia Kingsboro 4-Piece Eucalyptus Patio Conversation Set. This set is the same with white cushions

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