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Looking for a dual-purpose square fire pit that will not break the bank, the Axxonn Malaga Tile Top Fire Pit will fit the bill. The tile top fire bowl surround will be complemented with a fire bowl cover of the same design when no fire is needed.

A simple design that can give you that heat and aroma of wood-burning for you and your guest to sit around and share some of your favorite adult beverages or just toast some marshmallows and hotdogs.

In the table below I will give the quick details of the Axxonn Malaga tile top fire pit. You can use the highlighted words in the table of contents below to go directly to each section of the expanded details.

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MaterialsMetal frames with a fire-resistant powder-coated finish, multi-sized ceramic tiles for the top
Overall Size32 inches across and 22 inches tall
Fire bowl size20 inches across and 4.5 inches deep
My rating
Axxonn Malaga square wood burning fire pit

Axxonn Malaga Square Tile Top Fire Pit

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

Axxonn Malaga fire pit with and without tile top insert

Features and construction

The big feature of this fire pit is the ceramic tile top design. The frame will be made of steel with a black painted surface to resist rust. A steel grate will go on the bottom of the burn bowl to let the wood have a little air on the bottom to burn better.

Multi-sized tiles will be featured, 5-inch wide tiles for the mantle surround and bigger tiles for the fire bowl cover. The tiles may be hard to replace if just one gets broken, as the color may be hard to match. Each tile would have to be cut as they are not a standard size.

A spark screen will cover the burn bowl when you have a fire. The legs will have a lower support bracket that is built to store whatever burn bowl cover that you are not using. Just be aware that if you have just had a fire that the item stored below will be very hot.

A forked poker will be included to take the spark screen off with the loop on the top when you have a fire/ You can also use it to still or rearrange your firewood for a better burn.

The tile top fire bowl cover will have a handle in the middle that will almost disappear when not needed. When the bowl cover is installed over the fire bowl, you can use this fire pit as a short table, more like a coffee table because of its shorter height.

Axxonn tile top fire pit with fire bowl cover installed

Size and special options

The size of this fire pit is 32 inches across with a 6-inch wide mantle surround. It will be 22 inches tall to the top of the spark screen when attached or 17 inches tall to the top of the mantle without the spark screen.

With the tile top, this fire pit will be a little heavier than most of this size at 42 pounds empty. This would not be the ideal fire pit for taking tailgating or camping.

Assembly and/or care

Assembly will take a short time for most as you only have to attach the legs to the top frame and then the bottom leg support to the legs. Make sure that you do not tighten the hardware until all of them are attached and the fire pit is sitting on its legs on a smooth surface for the best results.

The tiles will just insert in the mantle and top frames. Replacing the tiles when one gets broken may be hard as the color may be hard to match and each tile will have to be cut to fit its frame.

Taking care of your fire pit will only take a damp rag to clean any spills. The ashes should be cleaned out after each burn as they will collect moisture and start the rusting process. I like to keep my fire pits clean and covered to keep the rust away.

Pros cons of the Axxonn Malaga Square Tile Top Fire Pit


  • Cover for burn bowl to make into table
  • Storage for tops not in use on lower leg support
  • Metal grate to give your firewood air to burn better


  • No cooking grate
  • No poly cover for storage
  • Small burn bowl
Owen Park 28-inch round

Similar products to look at

The following is a list of similar wood-burning fire pits that will not break the bank. Use the highlighted name to go directly to an expanded review of that fire pit.

To purchase your own Axxonn Malaga fire pit, use this link

Final thoughts on the Axxonn Malaga Square Tile Top Fire Pit

My personal wood-burning fire pit is very similar to the Owen Park model. The Axxonn Malaga model is for those who need to leave their fire out all year and can use the extra table space when no fire is needed.

The big advantages of the Axxonn Malaga fire pit will outway the shortcomings of the hard-to-replace tiles. I like the coffee table used for year-round use.

If you have any questions or comments for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.