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When looking for a way to give a little heat and not have to store your heat source when not in use, look at the Fire Sense Wagner Aluminum Fire Pit Table. It stores its fuel underneath and has a cover for the burn bowl to convert to a side table when no fire is needed.

This propane fire pit can be left in your patio sitting area all year round without being out of place. If you just want to store it for a time you do not use your outdoor space for a while, it will come with a poly cover for storage out of the weather.

For the quick details of this fire pit, use the table below. To go to a more detailed description of each of the facts of this fire pit use the blue highlighted names in the table of contents below.

Use the following link if you are wanting to look at the current pricing and availability of the Fire Sense Wagner gas fire pit to get one for your outdoor heating and patio furniture needs.

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Material and colorAluminum construction
Antique Bronze color
Fire bowl mediaClear glass rocks
Size of fire pit33 inches across
24 inches tall
Power source20-pound propane tank
Not included in the purchase price
Price at time of the article$592
My rating9.3 out of 10

Fire Sense Wagner round fire pit

Aluminum Fire Pit Table

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

Fire Sense Wagner fire pit with flames going

Features and construction

The body and frame are made from aluminum material. The sides will have a closed lattice design and have a door for removing or replacing a 20-pound propane tank (not included in purchase price). The round top will have an open lattice ring around the edge.

The round fire bowl will have a round stainless steel burner with clear glass fire rocks for media. The rocks will radiate the heat and give a glow when you have a fire.

The control panel is above the access door for the gas tank. It can be used without opening the door if you have small hands as the top two inches on each side panel is open.

A solid aluminum panel will cover the fire pit when no fire is needed. It will have a round handle that lifts up to help remove and place the lid. The top will have a closed lattice design in a ring around it.

Fire Sense Wagner fire pit with fire bowl cover installed

Size and special options

The round top will be 33 inches across and 24 inches tall. The fire will put out about 25,000BTYs of heat on the high setting. It will have both open and closed lattice designs in each of the panels.

The propane tank and control panel is hidden behind a door on one side. A solid cover for the fire bowl will convert this fire pit to a side table when needed.

A poly cover is included for when you want to store your fire pit out of weather conditions without finding an indoor storage option.

Fire Sense Wagner Fire bowl burner

Assembly and/or care

The assembly of this patio fire pit will take most around 1/2 to a full hour with the tools supplied in the hardware kit. Some customers stated that the small tools would be better replaced with your own from your toolbox.

Two people for assembly will make the process go easier. The parts may seem a little flimsy until everything is tightened. make sure that the top hardware is started before the final tightening of all of the hardware for the best level results in this assembly.

When adding the fire rocks make sure that you leave the electrode from the igniter uncovered for the best lighting results. Don't forget the battery for the igniter.

Lighting the fire should only take turning on the tank, turning on the control knob and pressing the igniter button.

Cleaning your fire pit will take only a moist cloth for most problems. For messes that need more work, use mild soap and water mixture with a rag. Any harsh chemicals even glass cleaner will damage the finished surfaces.

Fire Sense Wagner clear glass fire rocks

Pros cons of the Fire Sense Wagner fire pit


  • Cover for fire bowl
    • When no fire is needed you can install the included aluminum cover. Make sure that the glass fire rocks are cool to the touch before installation of the cover to keep from discoloring the finish.
  • Lattice design
    • All panels will have a lattice design. The side panels and fire bowl cover will have a closed design and the round top will have an open lattice design running around all of the round top.
  • Poly cover for storage
    • This fire pit will include a poly cover that covers the entire pit for protection from outdoor weather conditions. Great for storage on your patio or deck.
Fire Sense Wagner propane tank installed


  • Control panel open
    • Although the control panel is inset, it is still open to little hands that can turn on or adjust this fire pit without opening the door.
  • Lower heat output
    • This fire pit only puts out 25,000 BTUs of heat on the high setting. Most of the gas fire pits will put out between 40,000 and 50,000 BTUs of heat from the same 20-pound tank.
  • Tools for assembly not the best
    • Some found during assembly that using the included tools made the assembly a little tougher. They used their own tools that are made a little better.

Colebrook round gas fire
Colebrook gas fire pit

Similar products to look at

The most popular round gas fire pit is the Colebrook model. It has some of the very same qualities of the Fire Sense Wagner model in this article. Use the links below to see more information on these similar fire pit examples.

Fire Sense Wagner control panel

Final thoughts on the Fire Sense Wagner Round Aluminum Fire Pit Table

For those who are looking for a great-looking gas fire pit that can be used all year round, this Fire Sense Wagner fire pit would be a great choice. With a cover for the fire bowl and glass fire rocks when you have a fire.

The big drawback to this fire pit would be the open area below the top that you can see the top of the tank and the control panel. If you can overlook these two things, this will be a great choice.

If you have any questions or comments for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Fire Sense Wagner fire pit


Aluminum construction


Glass fire rocks


Easy assembly



  • Fire bowl cover
  • Lattice design
  • Poly cover for storage


  • Open control panel
  • Lower heat output
  • Tools for assembly not the best