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When looking at the options for Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets, the Modern Depo chat set will have some that others do not. The swivel chairs with cushions under the resin wicker seat will be a feature that you will not find anywhere else.

With two swivel chairs and a square top gas fire pit that will fit in a very small space, this set will fit well on even the smallest patio area like balconies and builders grade decks (less than 8 feet across).

The fire pit will hide the propane tank and give out plenty of heat for most cool nights.

For the quick details of this set, use the table below. For the expanded information use the blue highlights in the table of contents below to quickly find the information you are looking for.

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MaterialsAluminum frames
Resin Wicker chair cover
Magnesium Oxide fire pit panels
Media in the fire bowlLava Rocks
Chair size20 inches wide
31.4 inches tall
Firepit size19.7 inches wide
29 inches tall
Price at the time of the article$722.15
My rating8.8 Out of 10
Modern Depo Gas fir pit with 2 swivel chairs

Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

 Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets-Modern Depo swivel chairs

Features and construction

This patio chat set with a gas fire pit will include two swivel chairs and a square top fire pit. The chairs will have aluminum frames with a woven resin wicker finish. A foam cushion will help with seating comfort, it is located under the seat wicker. This location may hold moisture longer than the average chair cushion.

The chairs will have a round base with a post-type swivel that will allow for 360-degrees of motion. The chairs will not have any arms, this will make them easier to get out of in tight spaces. A cured high back will keep you sitting in the middle of the chair.

The fire pit will have an aluminum frame with Magnesium Oxide panels that will look like wood on the sides. An access door on one side will allow for access to the 20-pound propane tank (not included) for fuel. Another side will have the control panel for starting your fire and flame control.

The square fire bowl will have a round stainless burner and be filled with lava rocks. No cover for the fire bowl is included in this fire pit for side table conversion.

 Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets-Modern Depo fire pit burn bowl

Size and special options

The chairs are 20.6 inches across at the round base, 19.8 inches across at the round seat, and 31.4 inches tall to the seatback. The seat is 16.3 inches from the floor.

Each chair will hold up to 300 pounds of butt, this is large as most will only support up to 250 pounds.

The fire pit will be 19.7 inches across the square bottom and 29 inches tall. With the control panel on the high setting, this fire pit will put out 40,000 BTUs of heat.

The description of this product states that it comes with a PVC cover for the set, it does not state if it covers the whole set or just the fire pit. Any reader has an answer to this, use the comment section below.

 Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets-Modern Depo fire pit burner

Assembly and care

No assembly instructions were found online for this patio furniture set. The chairs appear to be in two parts connected by the swivel base and post seat.

The fire pit will require a little more work as the sides will have to be attached to the frame, the control panel will have to be installed along with the burn bowl. Lava rocks need to be added to the fire bowl and then the propane tank will need to be added.

Care of this or any other patio furniture will be with a damp cloth for most stains. A mixture of mild soap and water should be used for the worst stains. Do not use any harsh chemicals as they will damage the painted surfaces.

The chairs should be stored out of the weather to make the foam under the seats last for more than a few seasons. The foam may be really hard to replace if it goes bad.

Pros cons of the Modern Depo Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets


  • Swivel chairs
    • The post base for these chairs will give them a full 360-degree swivel motion.
  • No cushions to store
    • You will not have to take the cushions inside or store them when this set is not in use. I would recommend storing these chairs out of the weather when not in use for the long term.
  • Large weight capacity of chairs
    • This set will have chairs that will support 300 pounds each, this is above the average of 250 for most patio furniture chairs.
 Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets-Modern Depo fire pit control panel


  • No arms on chairs
    • Most patio chairs will have arms to rest your arm on while sitting, these chairs do not have any arms. The backs do curve around to support you from side to side.
  • Lava Rocks
    • I just like the look of the glass rocks when you have a patio fire, this would be an extra cost for this set.
  • The seat may take a while to dry
    • Because of the foam cushion under the resin wicker seat, it may take longer to dry after rain than some others. It is harder to keep out of the rain as you cannot remove the cushion for storage.

Similar chat sets with fire pits to look at

Fire pit with 2 chairs

All of the sets below will have a gas fire pit and two chairs and be suitable for smaller spaces. If you are looking for a warm chat set for your balcony or small deck, one of these will work.

  1. Ove Decor Lambert
  2. Ezequiel
  3. Mod Montauk

Final thoughts on the Modern Depo Patio Fire Pit Chat Sets

This set will work for those with small outdoor spaces that still want comfortable seating for two with the ability to have a fire to keep warm. The swivel chairs and foam cushions will allow for long-term sitting comfort. The 40,000 BTUs of heat will keep most warm if they are not too far away from the flame.

The big downside is the under-seat foam and no arms of the chairs. This could turn some people off from this set. The fact that it will fit in a space that most people will just have room for two chairs is a great advantage to this patio furniture set.

If you have any questions or comments for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Modern Depo fire pit chat set


Easy Assembly


Wicker finish


Seat cushions



  • Swivel Chairs
  • No cushions to store
  • Large weight capacity of chairs


  • No arms on chairs
  • Lava rocks
  • The seat may take a while to dry