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When you need shade for your patio area, most people will opt for a patio umbrella. The second thing to look at is a Patio Umbrella Stand Base, or how to hold the umbrella in place when it is in use.

When you put up an umbrella in the rain, you hold in in your hand because you are moving, most patio umbrellas are much larger and need their own support system. We will look at different styles of stands and when they are used so that you can make the best choice for your patio space.

Look at the chart below for the quick details, use the blue highlighted title to go directly to the expanded information on that type of stand. For those just looking to purchase an umbrella stand, use this link.

ImageType of standMaterialBest use
Water filled resin umbrella baseMedia filled plasticPlastic shell
Water or sand filler
With dining table
Sunjoy black steel umbrella standMetalCast Iron or
With dining table
Cement with resin cover umbrella standConcretePlastic shell with
Concrete filler
With dining table
Hanover Outdoor Traditions Cast-Top Side Table_Umbrella StandSide TablesMetal Frames
Different finishes
Stand alone
Ziggy decorative umbrella baseDecorativeResin finish over
Stand alone
Cantilever or Offset umbrella baseLarge Off Set WeightsPlastic finish
media or concrete filled
Off set umbrellas
Mainstays Bronze Half-round umbrella baseHalf roundVariesHalf round umbrellas

Patio Umbrella Stand Base

Media filled plastic

Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Fillable umbrella base

This is a very popular design as it can be filled with various materials and is lightweight when no media is filled. They are made of a very thick resin material that will resist breaking under the pressure of the media.

Most will have a fill hole on the top to add the media, some will be on the side. The resin material will make it easy to form different designs or colors that can match or change your patio decor.

This type of stand is mainly used under patio tables. Bigger designs may be used as stand alone if filled fully. If filled with water, you will have to move inside or drain during freezing temperatures to avoid damage to the stand.


  • Can come in many styles
  • Light weight to get home from store
  • Can adjust the weight


  • Must empty water in colder climates
  • The resin material may crack after time in outdoor conditions
  • It May be hard to move when filled


Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Metal umbrella base

Most will come in Steel or Cast Iron. The advantage is that you will not have to find a filler or worry about the freezing temps damaging your stand. They will come in many decorative styles.

This style of umbrella base can have an open design and be more decorative than some of the others. Matching wrought iron patio furniture, this style may be your choice.

No media to add and no plastic to worry about breaking, I prefer this style over the other when putting under a patio dining table. I have two of this style in my patio area.


  • Styles can match wrought iron or metal patio furniture
  • No media to add
  • Easy setup


  • Most will need table support also
  • Can rust and stain floor material
  • Always heavy to move


Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Concrete umbrella base

Concrete or cement can be formed in many ways to make an umbrella stand. The amount of weight can be enough to have a stand alone umbrella base. This will allow use without a table if needed.

Add a layer of resin over the top, you can add color and more intricate designs. This also makes the stand a little more durable and less likely to crack and break.

If your concrete stand does not have a resin cover, you could damage your floor surface if it is pushed into place. The rough surface of concrete would be rough on a composite or wooden deck.


  • No filler needed for weight
  • Many designs and colors available
  • Can be left outside in any weather conditions


  • Can be heavy to move
  • Can scratch floor surface if not moved properly
  • Should not be used on a composite or wooden deck, may scratch the surface if not moved properly

Side Tables Patio Umbrella Stand Base

Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Side Table umbrella base

This is a decorative way to stabilize a patio umbrella without a dining table. Using a side table will let you match your present furniture with a finish type. From resin wicker to a wood plank look, you will have many styles to look at.

Many side tables will give you the added benefit of storage and a tabletop for drinks or snacks. They will come in square or round top designs.

Most will have steel frames and a resin finish. This style of the stand will not be able to support umbrellas larger than 7 feet. A 9-foot umbrella may still be unstable in high winds.


  • Extra storage for patio area
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Can be used as a stand alone shade solution


  • Cannot use bigger umbrellas
  • Cannot be used against a wall
  • Must be used as a stand-alone solution


Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Decorative umbrella base

If you want a little style in your umbrella stand, a decorative one will be in your future. They are made from a lightweight concrete with a resin finish. Some will have a painted finish on the resin, the frog will be green for example.

At around 70 to 80 pounds each, you can use these as stand alone stands without a dining table or other extra way to stabilize your umbrella.

They can be purchased in these designs at this time-elephant, frog, white rabbit, pineapple, bear, and brown rabbit. Each can give you the ability to add some style to your patio area.


  • Many styles to choose from
  • Can be used as stand alone umbrella base
  • Can be left outside in any weather conditions


  • Hard to use under most dining tables, should be used as stand-alone
  • Cannot be used against a wall
  • Color could fade in the sunlight over time

Large Off Set Weights

Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Offset umbrella base

Used mainly for the offset umbrellas, this umbrella base type normally comes in several pieces and is very heavy. The bottom of most offset umbrellas have a frame to attach this type of weights to.

Three main styles of off set weights are available, concrete, metal, and resin that can be filled with a medium like water or sand. Most can be attached to the frame of the umbrella.

This type of umbrella base takes up a great deal of floor space as the weight is spread out over a big footprint. This makes it a great solution for the offset umbrellas to make them stable.

See some of my off set umbrellas in my articles here.


  • Enough weight to keep off set umbrella stable
  • Smaller pieces to make it movable
  • Some pieces lock together and to the base of umbrella


  • Only for offset umbrellas
  • Very large footprint
  • Can be hard to move if needed

Half round

Patio Umbrella Stand Base-Half round umbrella base

This is more of a specialty stand like the offset style. You should only use the half-round umbrella stand with a half umbrella, not all half umbrellas are round. See some of my half umbrellas in my article here.

This type of stand can be placed against any wall that is needed. Most people use this type of umbrella and stand on a small balcony or very small deck.

This type of umbrella stand should not be used on a regular umbrella. Most half umbrellas will require the post to be attached to a wall of some kind for upper support.


  • A great solution for small outdoor spaces
  • Can be placed against any wall
  • Several styles to choose from


  • Cannot be used with a regular umbrella
  • The Umbrella pole may need an upper support bracket
  • Not made to use under a table

To look at the present umbrella stands available today, use the following link

Umbrella stands

My final thoughts on these umbrella stands

When you are looking for a shade solution for your outdoor space, an umbrella would be a great choice. Most will not come with any way to support them. A heavyweight that attaches to the bottom of the umbrella to keep it stable in light to medium winds will be a great solution.

The many styles of Patio Umbrella Stand Base in this article will fit many outdoor spaces. You will have to look at your style and needs to find the proper umbrella stand for you. I have two steel bases and one that has a concrete fill with a poly cover on the outside. They all fit the needs and style of the area they are in.

Your umbrella, support, and space will dictate what style of base you will need. Just look at the information in this and my other shade articles for a little help in your decision.

If you have any questions or comments let me know with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.