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When looking for a dual purpose piece of furniture that will be really useful for your patio area, the River Oaks Square Propane Fire Pit Table will fit a lot of decors.

With a propane burner for heat and a metal cover to convert to a side table, you will enjoy this fire pit table all year round. The ceramic tile top will give you a pleasant finish to sit your drinks and snacks while enjoying the company of friends and family.

For the quick information n this fire pit, use the table below. If you want to just look at some of my information, use the blue table of contents to go directly to that information.

The Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks fire pit will look and be a great dual-purpose unit that you can use all year round. To look at the current information and pricing, use this link.

MaterialSteel Frames
Woven resin wicker finish on chairs
Table all steel with wood grain painted finish
Sectional size25.5 inches wide without arm
29.5 inches wide with arm
29.5 inches deep
25 inches tall to the top of the wicker
The seat height is 16.5 inches
Ottoman size29.5 inches across and
25.5 inches across
16.5 inches tall with cushions
12.5 inches tall without cushions
Square Propane Fire Pit Table-River Oaks gas fire pit

Square Propane Fire Pit Table

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

Features and construction

The box will be made from steel with a black powder-coated finish. The top of the table will have a ceramic tile surrounding the fire bowl. The fire bowl will be made from stainless steel with a round stainless steel burner.

The fire bowl will have a steel cover when you do not have a fire to convert this fire pit to a side table. One side panel will slide out so that the propane tank (not included in purchase) can be installed, a knob on this panel will help you slide out this drawer.

The Control panel will be on the top of one side. It will have an igniter button and a knob to adjust the flame and heat. Black glass rocks will fill the stainless steel burn bowl with a round stainless steel burner.

A poly cover will be included for when you want to keep your fire pit out of the weather without moving to a storage area. You can store the cover under the fire pit if you are careful not to get it too close to the burner area.

Square Propane Fire Pit Table-River Oaks fire pit with poly cover

Size and special options

This square fire pit will be 30 inches across the top from side to side. It will be 25.6 inches tall. It will weigh hefty 95 pounds without a propane tank.

The side panels will have a raised stamped design. The steel burner cover will have a smooth design with a pull-up ring for easy removal, this will leave the top flat when using as a table.

The propane tank drawer is mounted on slides that make it easy to slide in and out as needed. The tank will sit in a ring at the bottom of the slide and has a securing screw that is on the backside of the slide. The propane hose is long enough for the drawer to fully slide out while still attached.

The control panel will be easy to use and understand. Need to keep little hands away for the burner control as it is in plain sight.

Square Propane Fire Pit Table-River Oaks control panel

Assembly and/or care

Most found this fire pit easier to assemble if you had an extra pair of hands to hold pieces in place while you installed the hardware. Tools needed are a Phillips screwdriver and a 6mm wrench, they are not included in the hardware pack.

Start your assembly with the tabletop face down, I like to use the cardboard box broken down for my patio furniture assembly as it is handy and works well to protect your finish. Attach the four legs to each corner of the top.

Install the two plain panels, one of the backside from the drawer and the other opposite of the control panel. Install the panel with the control panel cutout and install the control panel to the outer panel.

Install the slide facing out to the remaining open side. The knob will attach to the drawer panel with one screw, then the panel will attach to the bottom of the drawer slide. Two braces will support the upper part of the panel, it is easier to install these braces with the fire pit sitting on its feet.

The last step of assembly will be to add the fire rock to the burn bowl, make sure that you do not cover the igniter in the bowl to make your fire easy to start. Add the battery to the igniter by removing the screw-on knob.

Square Propane Fire Pit Table-River Oaks propane tank drawer

Adding your propane tank will be pulling the slide out and sitting it in the drawer. Make sure that the tank is turned so that your hose will be easy to connect, then tighten screw at the back of the drawer base to hold tank in place. Tighten hose connecting to tank and turn on the gas.

Put the control knob on low and push the igniter button to start your fire. Adjust the knob to the required flame height. The higher the flame the shorter your tank life will be.

For proper care of your fire pit, make sure that you only use a damp cloth or mild soap and water mixture to clean all of the surfaces. Any harsh chemicals can damage the painted surfaces, the paint may fade or start to fade if not taken care of properly.

The burn bowl will need to be checked after storage or the metal top has been on for any length of time as some pest like to build in the quiet dark space provided. Wasp and Spiders can stop your burner from working with their work, be careful taking the cover off.

For long-term storage, the included poly cover will keep your fire pit dry and out of any extreme weather conditions without finding an inside storage solution.

Pros cons of the River Oaks fire pit

Square Propane Fire Pit Table-River Oaks fire bowl with black glass rocks


  • Cover for burn bowl
    • The metal cover for the burn bowl will easily convert the fire pit to a side table. The removal ring in the middle of the top folds down flat to give a flat surface.
  • Tile top finish
    • The tile top surround of the fire bowl will give a great expensive look for this fire pit. The two-layer design will give a nice pattern.
  • Drawer for propane tank
    • The propane tank will be easy to install or replace with the drawer slide. It will slide out and you can use the locking screw on the back to keep your tank in place while installed.
Square Propane Fire Pit Table-River Oaks tile top details


  • Tile top can be difficult to replace if they get damaged
    • Some customers had tile or grout damage when opening the box. Finding the correct color and cutting tiles can be challenging.
  • Assembly can be tough for one person
    • The side panels will need to be held in place while getting the hardware started. This is difficult for one person but can be done.
  • Heavy hard to move
    • At 95 pounds you may want to find a place for this fire pit and leave it. It will take two sought people to move.
Tidewater square

Similar Square Propane Fire Pit Tables to look at

I like the Tidewater with the barn-wood finish. This is a timeless look and will go with most outdoor decors.

  1. Halifax with lava rocks
  2. Tidewater with barn-wood look
  3. Ford Magnesium Oxide stacked stone look

To go to the current information on the River Oaks fire pit, use the link below

River Oaks gas fire pit

Final thoughts on the River Oaks Square Propane Fire Pit Table

For the look of a tile tabletop and the ability to convert it to a side table, this will be a piece of patio furniture that you will use all year round. The price of under $250 will be easy on your budget also. Easy to use with just a push of the button to get a fire started and enjoy the heat on those cool nights.

The River Oaks conversation set would be a great addition to this fire pit. I would recommend this set as it has been a great seller for the last two years.

If you have any questions or comments about this or any other post on my site, leave me a comment with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

B H and G River Oaks gas fire pit


Coverts to side table


Tile top surround


Tank sliding shelf



  • Cover for burn bowl
  • Tile top finish
  • Drawer for tank storage


  • Top can be hard to replace if damaged
  • Need extra hands for assembly
  • Heavy hard to move