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When looking for a patio set for smaller spaces the Vineego All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture will work well on bigger balconies and medium-sized patios. By the pool or just a stand-alone set in the back yard, this set will look well and give seating for four with comfort.

All of the pieces will have a wicker finish in a squared-off design. The boxy design will give it a contemporary look that many are looking for.

With four cushion colors to choose from and an easily removed glass tabletop, people can change or order this set to fit several different outdoor decor needs.

Use the table below for the quick details of this set and the table of contents to go directly to the information you are looking for. If you are looking for the current pricing and availability of this or other patio furniture, use this link.

Quick Details

MaterialSteel Frames
Woven resin wicker finish on chairs
Table all steel with wood grain painted finish
Sectional size25.5 inches wide without arm
29.5 inches wide with arm
29.5 inches deep
25 inches tall to the top of the wicker
The seat height is 16.5 inches
Ottoman size29.5 inches across and
25.5 inches across
16.5 inches tall with cushions
12.5 inches tall without cushions
All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture-Vineego conversation set

All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture-Vineego love seat and coffee table

Features and construction

This four-piece conversation set will have all steel frames with a woven resin wicker finish. The wicker will come in three colors and the cushions for each wicker color is slightly different.

Each piece will have a squared-off design with almost a full wicker skirt that will go to about 3 inches from the floor. The seating pieces will have a boxed steel design for the seat bases to provide extra support for the cushions.

The seating pieces will have cushions for both seats and backs. The chairs will have two cushions each and the love seat will have a single seat cushion and two back cushions.

Each piece will have no-slip pads on the feet to hold them in place, they are not adjustable in height to make up for uneven surfaces.

The table will have a tempered glass top that just sits on several suction cups on the top of the wicker top. The coffee table can be used without the glass top as it will have a flat top made of woven wicker.

All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture-Vineego chair details

Size and special options

This set will have a love seat, two chairs, and a coffee table with a tempered glass tabletop. The frame is made of steel with a woven resin wicker finish.

The chairs will be 27.4 inches wide, 27.1 inches deep, and 31.7 inches tall. The love seat will be 51 inches wide with the same other measurements. The seat will be 24 inches wide on the chairs and 44.5 inches wide on the love seat. Each seating position will support up to 330 pounds of weight.

The coffee table will be 35.2 inches long, 20.3 inches wide, and 15.5 inches tall. It will have a complete resin wicker finish even on the top. The tempered glass top will sit on suction cups on the tabletop to secure it in place.

The cushions will sponge-filling with polyester covers. The covers can be removed for cleaning if needed. The cushions are available in three colors at this time, off-white, beige, and blue.

All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture-Vineego non slip feet

Assembly and care

Your patio furniture will take a little bit to put together. Most will be using their furniture in under two hours. I have not put this set together myself, looks like a lot of pieces could be very similar from side to side and may not interchange.

The care of this patio furniture should be with a damp cloth or just a mixture of mild soap and water. No harsh chemicals should be used as they could damage the finished surfaces.

The cushions should be stored when not in use to protect them from the sun and weather to prolong their outdoor life.

All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture-Vineego seat base frame

Pros and cons of the Vineero patio conversation set


  • Resin wicker finish
    • Every piece will have a full resin wicker finish on all sides with the side panels that go almost all the way to the floor.
  • The table can be used without the glass top
    • With a full woven wicker top on the coffee table, it can hold your drinks and snacks if the glass top gets broken or is not in use.
  • Tempered glass top
    • The top just sits on top of the table on suction cups. If broken it would be easy to replace.


  • Feet are not adjustable
    • The feet are just extensions on the bottom of each piece. They do not screw in or out for adjustment.
  • Cushions will need a storage solution
    • Any outdoor cushions should be stored when not in use to prolong their outdoor usefulness. Sun and weather will
  • Boxy look
    • Some like the boxy contemporary look, not everyone likes the straight lines and boxy look.

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks

Similar All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture to look at

I have a list below of similar wicker conversation sets. The list is in not real order, the River Oaks set seams to sell out quickly each year.

  1. Goplus 5 piece wicker set.
  2. Mainstays Tuscany Ridge
  3. Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks
  4. Prospect Hill with ottomans
  5. Easy Care white wicker

To purchase this or similar conversation sets, use the following link.

Vineego wicker patio furniture

Final thoughts on the Vineego wicker conversation set

For just under $450 you can get an All Weather Wicker Patio Conversation Set that will seat four people very well. I will hold a larger weight capacity than most sets in this price range. If you like the squared-off look of this set it may be just what you are looking for.

The three color combinations that are available in the cushions and wicker colors can let you match a lot of outdoor decors. The cushions will make long-term sitting very comfortable also, the big drawback here is that you need to store the cushions when not in use.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly