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When looking for seating and a gas fire pit in one set, the Kingsfield Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Set will give you a great-looking set and a lower fire pit with the remote tank table.

The seating will include two chairs and a love seat designed for two. This will give seating for four average-sized adults. The firepit will be much larger than most at 52 inches long. The seating comfort will be provided by the square seating cushions and pillow-type back cushions for each sitting position.

The lower 19-inch height will make a remote tank table a place to hide the propane tank from view. A 70-inch gas hose with a regulator will connect the tank to the fire pit.

For just the quick details of this patio furniture set, use the table below. For more details about this Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Set use the Table of Contents below to go to each section. To get to the current pricing of the Kingsfield Wicker Chat Set with Fire Pit use the link below.

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MaterialsSeating-Steel frames with resin wicker accents
Cushions- All Polyester
Fire pit-Steel frames lightweight concrete finish
Tank table-All steel construction
Chair size27.75 inches deep
28.25 inches wide
32.75 inches tall
Love seat size28 inches deep
49 inches wide
32.75 Inches tall
Fire Pit size26.2 inches deep
56.1 inches long
19.1 inches tall
Tank table size15.75 inches across the top
22 inches tall
Fire bowl mediaLava Rocks
My rating8.5 Out of 10
Conversation Set with a Fire Pit-Kingsfield love seat and chairs with fire pit

Conversation Set with a Fire Pit

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts

Conversation Set with a Fire Pit-Kingsfield Rectangular Gas Fire Pit

Features and construction

This conversation set will have five pieces, two chairs, a love seat, a long fire pit, and a fire pit tank table. The seating will allow 4 people to sit around the fire pit to enjoy the heat produced by the flames.

The seating pieces will have polyester cushions for all seat and back positions. The seat cushions are square cornered and the back cushions are more of the pillow type. The good thing is that they should be easy to replace if you do not store them to extend their outdoor life.

Each piece of this patio furniture set will have a little different construction. I will go into the details of each piece below.

The seating pieces will have steel frames with a woven resin wicker finish over all surfaces. The legs have a gentle curve with it being a lot wider at the top. Arched arms will give you a comfortable place to rest your arms while sitting.

The fire pit will have a steel frame with a lightweight concrete finish that will look like weathered wood. A control panel will be on one long side with a control knob and an igniter button.

The height of the fire pit is only 19 inches, it would be hard to fit an 18-inch tall propane tank under the top. The solution for this patio set is to have a remote tank table.

The remote tank table will be made of all-steel construction with a black finish. The top will be on a hinge so that it can be lifted to change the tank or grab the gas hose to connect to the fire pit.

Conversation Set with a Fire Pit-Kingsfield Love Seat

Size and special options

The big difference in this set from others is the remote tank table. This table can be used for a side table when you do not need to change the tank or grab the gas hose. The gas hose is only 70 inches long, it can be replaced with a longer hose if you need to move your table father away from your fire pit.

The chairs will be 28.25 inches wide, 27.75 inches deep, and 32.25 inches tall. The love seat is 49 inches wide with the same other dimensions. Seats will be 21.5 inches square for the chairs and 42.75 inches wide for the love seat. The seat will be 13.75 inches off the floor.

The fire pit will be larger than most at 56.1 inches long, 26.2 inches deep, and 19.1 inches tall. The fire bowl will be 38 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 3.75 inches deep. It will be filled with lava rocks for fire media.

The side table that the 20-pound tank (not included) will sit under the top that is hinged. The side that opens has a small opening at the top to allow the gas hose to hang out. The gas hose is only 70 inches long, this will determine the distance between the side table and fire pit. The table will be 15.75 inches across the top and 22 inches tall.

Conversation Set with a Fire Pit-Kingsfield square side table propane tank storage

Assembly and/or care

This patio furniture set will require a little assembly of the seating pieces and side table. A small amount of assembly for the fire pit will be adding the lava rocks before your first fire.

The seating pieces will need the seat and back attached with the included hardware and then attach each arm. Final tightening of all hardware should be done with the furniture sitting on its legs on a level surface for the best results. Add cushions and you are ready to enjoy your set.

Care of your patio furniture set will be to keep all spots and stains cleaned up with a damp rag, do not use any cleaning compounds as they may damage any painted surfaces.

Cushions should be stored out of the weather when not in use to prolong their outdoor life. See some of my storage solutions here.

Conversation Set with a Fire Pit-Kingsfield Back of seating wicker design

Pros cons of the Kingsfield Conversation Set with a Fire Pit


  • Cushions or comfort
    • The thick polyester cushions for both the seats and back of all sitting location will give you extra comfort for long term sitting.
  • Larger fire pit
    • The larger fire pit will allow for a longer burn bowl. The long fire bowl will five out a larger flame. This will cut down on the amount of time this fire pit will burn as compared to a smaller fire pit with a round fire ring.
  • Remote tank
    • The remote tank will allow for a lower fire pit. At 19.1 inches tall it will be about the same height as a regular coffee table.


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
    • I recommend a storage solution for and outdoor cushions to make them last more than a couple of seasons. See some of my storage ideas here.
  • Lava rocks not as good as glass rocks
    • Lava rocks can give off dust that can block some of the holes in your burner. The glass rocks will be an extra cost. The glass rocks can add to the flame image with the different colors and reflections.
  • No motion in the seating
    • All of the seating will have straight legs and no motion. The seating comfort comes from the thick cushions.
MF Studio Spring chairs with fire pit
MF Studio Spring Chairs

Similar products to look at

If you are looking for a patio set with a fire pit, the following list with links to my articles should help. I still like the MF Studios Spring Chairs set for the prices and movement in the chairs.

  1. Bexley
  2. Hanover Orleans
  3. MF Studios Spring Chairs
  4. Tuscon
  5. Leiyani
  6. MF Studios Sectional Set

Final thoughts on the Kingsfield Conversation Set with a Fire Pit

Those who like a lower profile in a fire pit and like the extra side table will enjoy the Kingsfield design. The seating is a little different with the two chairs and love seat, more like a regular conversation set for your deck.

The gas hose should be a little longer for the remote tank, it is hardly long enough to get the side table away from the fire pit. A ten-foot hose will get you a little distance to keep your side table away from your fire pit.

If you have any questions or concerns about this information, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Kingsfield Chat Set with Fire Pit


Easy Assembly


Wicker finish


Seat cushions



  • Cushions
  • Large firepit
  • Remote tank


  • Cushion will need storage solution
  • Lava Rocks
  • No Motion in seating