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In this article I will review some ideas for your outdoor living area. This information is my own ideas from years of looking at spaces and furniture designs.

Each person will have a different idea of what will look great and fit in their outdoor space, even married people will come up with different plans. Talk it out, write it down, and look at other examples.



Transforming Your Patio: The Concept of Outdoor Living Rooms

  • Introduction to the concept of outdoor living rooms

Having an outdoor space that you can use like your indoor space will make your home feel bigger with little expense and work.

Depending on the size of your space will determine the amount of seating and accessories that will fit comfortably.

  • Benefits of having an outdoor living space

The biggest benefit to having outdoor living space is an additional seating area for you and your guests. Most people will like to spend some time outdoors when the weather permits.

Having a weather cover, a roof or umbrella, will make your space usable during light rains.

  • How to envision your patio as an extension of your indoor living space

Having easy access to your patio area will make your space a little more useable and people will be more likely to use it.

Seeing a vision on how your chairs and other seating will fit will give you an idea of what type of furniture will work for you.

  • Integrating nature without compromising comfort

Having trees for shade and shrubs for the border of your outdoor space will allow you to use the surrounding nature to your advantage.

Inter-grating the color choice of patio furniture with you outdoor surroundings will make it fit in better.

Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Patio Living Room

Mainstays Sanza 4-Piece Wicker Conversation Set
  • Materials matter: Choosing weather-resistant and durable furniture

Having a rust resistant metal will make your furniture more durable in your patio area. Powder-coated finishes last very well in outdoor conditions today.

A resin wicker finish will last very well in any outdoor weather condition. It is also good for the environment as most are made from recycled material.

Cushions or any fabric material will need some kind of storage to make it last more than a couple of years. Some materials are better than others, the sun and rain will take its toll quickly if not protected.

  • Style meets functionality: Balancing aesthetic appeal with practical use

Your style will draw you to certain looks. If it is modern look like a straight steel frame or the look of the resin wicker with very curvy lines, the cushions will give you your ultimate comfort while sitting.

Make sure that you space includes a place to sit your drinks and snacks as your guests will not want to hold a glass all night.

Shade is also an important factor to consider. You guest will not want to sit in the hot sun for very long. If your outdoor area is in the sun, you may want to consider an Off-set umbrella for shade.

  • Seating solutions: Couches, chairs, and benches for comfort and conversation

What will fit in your outdoor space will determine what style of patio furniture set you purchase.

An 8 x 8 or 10 x 10 space will fit most conversation sets in todays market. A larger space will lend itself to the sets with sofas or sectional pieces.

Smaller space will be better off with smaller seating like a bench, bistro set, or a swing.

  • Accessorize with purpose: Rugs, throw pillows, and lighting

Like your indoor space, adding accessories to your patio area will give you color, comfort, and light after dark.

Color can be added with outdoor rugs, pillows, or shade. You can also give color with plants around your seating area.

Comfort can be added with a heating or cooling solution for your seating area. Heat can be added with a wood burning fire pit or a gas fire pit. They can even come in a small table top version for smaller spaces.

Cooing can be added with a fan in most outdoor spaces. If you have a solid ceiling you can add a fan in the top or you can use one that is on a stand for cooling.

Lighting is the biggest way that you can add your style to your outdoor space. Outdoor table lamps, string lights, lights in an umbrella, landscape lights, or a fire pit.

  • Space planning: Furniture arrangements that optimize patio space

Developing you theme or center piece for your patio space will determine the layout of your space. Size of your space will also determine the layout of your furniture.

Where entrances are and wall will give you some idea of how you will layout your furniture. You do not want to block doorways or paths. Walls are a good place to put the back of your seating.

Creative Design Ideas to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Room

Urbanna Premium Wicker Collection
  • Theme inspirations: From coastal charm to modern minimalism

Having one theme in your outdoor space will help you define it. Too many ideas will not give your space an identity. This is the time to call in some help with a professional if you cannot decide on one theme.

What is your style, look at your indoor space to decide on what you like. You do not have to match any indoor decor with your outdoor decor, it could be a place where you get away from your indoor setting.

  • Color palettes and patterns to enhance your outdoor ambiance

This is the fun part of planning a outdoor patio area. You can match your homes decor or you can make your patio are a oasis that takes you away from your home when you use it.

Area rugs that are made for outdoors is a great way to change the color palette of your patio area for a small amount of money.

  • Incorporating greenery: The role of plants in your patio design

Plants can add to any outdoor decor. I have several potted plants around my side deck to add to the color and attract different birds to watch. I think plants give life to any outdoor space.

Trees can add some shade and comfort during the summer months. Making sure that they are trimmed up so that you do not have debris or limbs blocking your patio.

  • Multi-functional furniture pieces for limited space solutions

Some tables can be used as ottomans when they have a cushion included. Even though they have cushions some cannot support the weight of a regular sized adult.

Gas fire pits will sometimes come with an included cover to use them as a side table. This will allow you to keep it out during the warmer months of the season.

  • DIY vs. professional consultation: When to seek advice for your patio design

Smaller spaces will be easy to set up, larger spaces may need the help of a professional to help with the layout and number of seats that you can use.

If you are looking to match a style or color pallet, you may want to consider a professional to keep your project on tract. With the many styles and color choices, you could spend a lot of time just looking at your choices.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Living Room Furniture

Teak 4 piece conversation set
  • Regular cleaning tips and tricks for outdoor furniture upkeep

Taking care of your investment will take a small amount of your time. Most minor stains can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

The big thing for most people will be that you cannot use any cleaners on the painted surfaces. The powder-coated paints will start to peal and discolor when hit with any cleaners even window cleaner. If you have a glass top using a wet cloth will be the best thing to clean it with.

  • Protecting your investment: Covers, sealants, and storage solutions

I have always stated on this site that keeping your cushions out of the weather when not in use will keep them around for more than a couple of years.

Getting a proper cover for your patio set will make it last longer. Some sets will come with covers for when your set is not in use for any length of time.

Wooden furniture sets will need a coat of sealant once a year. The hardwoods will last longer than houses if taken care of properly.

  • Handling wear and tear: When to repair and when to replace

Painted surfaces will need to be watched for scratches as they will tend to rust quickly. Watching weld points will be needed also as this is the most stressed area of the painted surfaces.

Resin wicker furniture can be repaired if the woven material gets damaged. There are a few companies that sell replacement material that you can replace an area that is damaged.


  • Seasonal considerations: Preparing your outdoor living room for different weathers

During the colder months that you do not normally use your patio furniture, inside storage or a good poly cover is recommended.

When severe weather is forecasted, making sure that your umbrellas are down and all of your furniture is secured from high winds.



Rush Valley section set by Emptynesters

These are some of my ideas to help you in your search for the best outdoor living room furniture for your patio.

Your patio area style will define you when you have guests and parties. Having the best fitting style for you and comfort for your guests will be what you are looking for.

For more of my ideas look around my website or follow some of the links here. If you have any questions or comments use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.