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After your purchase, a woodburning fire pit, look at some of these Wood Fire Pit Accessories for a solution. Making taking care of your woodpile, fire pit, or burning fire a more enjoyable process.

A few things that have to take place to have a proper wood fire, you need wood that will burn, you will need a place to burn this wood, and you will need a way to move the wood as it burns to keep the fire burning properly.

In this article, we will go over some of the things I think would make your outdoor heating go smoother and protect your wood and fire pit investment.

Sun Joe Cast wood burning fire pit
Hammered Country Home log rack
Wood rack with Finial design

Wood Fire Pit Accessories

Curved wood rack

Fire wood storage

Having a place to store the firewood that you will need for a season's worth of fires is important unless you purchase the $10 rack of wood outside of the convenience store when you need a fire.

I burn in a fireplace, camping, and at the lake, so I burn a lot of wood each year. I have a place in the far back yard where I keep wood that has been cut into 16 to 24-inch lengths. I also have a log splitter by this pile of wood. When the wood is split, I store it in a dry area on a rack with a cover.

Your wood storage place may be different than mine and your wood must have a dry spot to sit when you are ready for a fire. The worst thing that can happen is that you schedule a party for the wood fire and your wood is wet.

A lot of these wood racks will come with a weather cover included. You will have to decide what your needs are for a wood rack. I have several ideas in my articles on wood storage here.

Wood rack with tools

Tools for fire pit

Having tools to move your wood to keep the fire going easily and clean up after the fire is better than the forked poker that most fire pits come with.

Most of the smaller racks that can be placed next to your burn area come with matching poker, broom, and dustpan. These will help with keeping the fire going well and help clean up the ashes after the fire.

They will also hold about enough wood to have an evening's worth of burn.

This is a premium upgrade for an outside wood fire pit, it can add to your outdoor decor and give some of your guests something to talk about.

To see more of my small storage and fire pit tools, use this link to my information.


Fire wood caddy

I have a wood caddy to move my firewood from my wood racks to my burn area, I have a wood-burning fireplace and fire pit so my firewood needs an easy way to be moved.

The wood caddy comes in two different styles, I did look at them and write an article on the current wood caddies available here. There is a big-wheeled model and the smaller wheeled model is shown in the image to the right.

I own the one in the image. I find it easy to use and goes up the four steps from my garage to the house with a load of wood without much strain. It does hold enough wood for an evening's burn and can be left by the fire pit to make your wood easy to reach and out of the way of your seating.

If your wood storage is any distance away from your burn area, you need an easy way to move your firewood without a lot of work or you will not want to use your fire pit much.

Mainstays Greyson with poly cover installed

Weather protection for fire pit

Your investment in a wood-burning fire pit will not be cheap. Most will not see the inside of a garage or shed for most of the cooler months. Having a weather cover that fits properly and protects your fire pit is important.

Most poly covers that come with fire pits will not last more than a couple of years outside with the wind and extreme weather conditions.

I would recommend if you leave your fire pit outside all the time is to get a premium cover built for your fire pit. I have an article that will get you a cover for your fire pit that fits and will last. See my post on replacement patio furniture covers here, they will cover fire pit covers also.

Fire starter wood

Fire starters

When you are ready to have a fire outside in your wood-burning fire pit, you will need a way to get it going. If you are a smoker, you will have a way to light your smoke, if not you will have to get a way to start a fire.

I would recommend a long lighter or long match to keep all the hairs on the back of your fingers safe. This will keep your hands away from the fire as far as possible.

Having smaller wood that will help get the fire going is also helpful. Many stores will sell little packages of starter wood that will not damage your fire pit. The bigger logs that last 2 to 4 hours are not recommended by most manufacturers of fire pits.

The other method for getting your fire going is to have small pieces of wood and some paper media that can help start your fire going.

Why do you need these items

You can have an evening's fire without any of these items. Each of these items will help if you have more than one fire per year. I have an inside and outside fire at least several times a month during the cooler months. When it is really cold I will use the fireplace indoors.

Each of these items will help with the storage, movement, keep your firewood burning in the fire pit, and help with cleanup and storage. You will have to look at your needs and purchase what will be needed for your wood-burning fire pit needs.

If you have any questions or comments for me, just use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.