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When looking for patio furniture for long-term sitting and relaxing outside, The Davenport Sofa Lounger with two Acacia Wood Tables will work for bigger spaces.

With a 3-seat sofa, ottoman, and two side tables, you will get seating for four and someplace to sit your drinks and snacks while relaxing after work.

A place that is at least 10 feet square will be needed for this set to fit and be arranged the way you want it. You can use the ottoman for extra seating or just someplace to prop your feet when relaxing on your sofa.

Use the chart below for the quick details of this patio furniture set. To look at the expanded details, use the table of contents below to go directly to that information.

MaterialsSeating frames-Steel with powder-coated finish
Seat finish-Woven resin wicker
Side tables-Acacia wood
Cushions-Olefin fabric covers over foam
Size of seating72.5 inches wide
29 inches deep
26inches tall
Size of ottoman24.5 inches square
18 inches tall
Size of table20 inches across
18 inches tall
Price at the time of the article$597
Better Homes & Gardens Davenport Sofa Lounger with Two Acacia Wood Tables

Davenport Sofa Lounger with Two Acacia Wood Tables

Table of contents

  1. Features and Construction
  2. Size and Special Options
  3. Assembly and Care
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Similar Products 
  6. Final Thoughts
Better Homes & Gardens Davenport Ottoman

Features and construction

The big feature of this set will be the 3-seat sofa that can convert to a two-seat chair and a one-armed chair. An ottoman will provide extra seating or just someplace to rest your feet. When I sit and relax, I like to prop my feet up to rest them after a long day at work.

The two side tables will be made from acacia wood, one of the best for use in outdoor furniture. Proper care will make it last for generations of use.

The Acacia wood frames on the seating will have a tan woven resin wicker finish. This is different from the past Davenport models as they had darker wicker.

Light-colored cushions will give seating comfort to all four seating positions for both seats and backs on the sofa and the seat of the ottoman. The material for the cushion covers is an Olefin fabric. This is one of the best fabrics for outdoor weather durability. Cushion covers will have zippers for removal while cleaning.

Better Homes & Gardens Davenport Sofa Resin Wicker Details

Size and special options

The sofa section will come in 2 pieces. one seat with an arm and 2 seats with an arm on the other side. You can place them together or just make 2 pieces with them. The ottoman will allow for another seat or just a place to prop your feet.

The single-seat chair will be 24.5inches wide with the two-seat chair being 48 inches wide. Each chair will be 29 inches deep and 26 inches tall. The ottoman will be 29 inches by 23.5 inches on the top and 18 inches tall with the cushion installed.

The side tables will be 20 inches across both ways and 18 inches tall. The side tables put together will be the size of a regular coffee table for most sets.

Better Homes & Gardens Davenport Acacia wood Side Table

Assembly and care

The assembly should only take less than an hour for most people if they have a little bit of skill in assembly.

The side tables will require the legs to be attached to the top and then the lower support attached to the legs. Make sure it is sitting on the legs for the final tightening of the hardware on a level surface for the best results.

The seating pieces will only need the resin wicker seats to be attached to the wood frames. The addition of the cushions will finish the seating and ottomans.

Taking care of this or any other patio furniture should be done with a damp cloth and mild soap and water. Any harsh chemicals can damage the wood or fabric material. The acacia wood should be cleaned and sealed once a year for the best results.

Pros cons of the Davenport Sofa Lounger with Two Acacia Wood Tables


  • Olefin fabric covers for cushions
  • Acacia wood side tables
  • Ottoman for seating or foot comfort


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • Need bigger space
  • Tables are shorter than most side tables

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks

Similar products to look at

If you like the look of resin wicker patio furniture, the following list of conversation sets will be similar to the Davenport sofa set with seating for four.

The most popular for my readers for last year was the River Oaks Set (shown at right), follow the links below to look at my information on each set.

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Final thoughts on the Davenport Sofa Lounger patio furniture

This is a continuation of last year's Davenport patio furniture from Walmart. The seating is a little different and the color of the resin wicker is lighter. The style of furniture will match, just not the color of the wicker.

The seating will be very comfortable for long-term enjoyment, it will not be long enough to lay and take a nap for most adults. I find the side tables a little short for most people, they are just as tall as a coffee table, most side tables are at least 24 inches tall, enough to reach your drink over the arm.

At this time it is only a pickup at stores that have it in stock. Please check the link above or your local store for this years Davenport Sofa Lounger set.

If you have any questions or comments on this post or any other on this site, leave me a note with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.